an official Niantic representative confirmed to Pokémon GO Hub that their new Twitter support channel is alive and kicking!

@NianticHelp is an official Twitter account dedicated to bug reports, help enquiries and providing general technical support. The account is used both for Ingress and Pokémon GO support, but it is still unclear what types of questions this Twitter account will handle (source).

Digging through the previous tweets on this account, we were able to dig up some exciting news, namely that Niantic is working on new functionality to stop GPS spoofing.

Here’s the Tweet in question:

We discovered more tidbits of information in their previous Tweets:

  • A new Troubleshooting Guide is now live on the official support website (source)
  • Niantic is working on improving the time needed to respond to existing Help Center tickets (source)
  • More in-depth change logs could be coming for future updates (source)
  • Transferring your Pokémon GO account between different e-mails is being considered (source)

Currently, it seems there are two Niantic employees behind this Twitter account, only known by their initials “EP” and “TR”. Every Tweet is signed by one of the two employees at the end (“^TR”), indicating who answered your Tweet.

We are working hard to find out who are these two employees, but if you have any info on that, pass it along on our official Twitter or in the comments.

  • Joe

    Just think about how many players niantic are going to lose doing this all the people that wont be able to play because they cant walk or leave the house.

    • GonzoI

      This argument has been debunked numerous times. You are abusing the disabled as a shield to protect the cheating you do. They have said numerous times that they do not want your kind of “support”.

      • Joe

        I dont cheat i go outside and play it im just saying about the people that wont be able to when this comes to be

        • Akbaalia Jones

          Those people can just play a different version of pokemon … shouldn’t be playing pokemonGO if you can’t GO!!!

          • Jakub Piasecki

            Different versions aren’t free and that is the case.

          • GonzoI

            There are free games available that are in the same genre (and if you’re unethical enough to spoof, I’m betting you have no problem with illegal ROMs), but that isn’t the point. You don’t give someone a race car because they can’t run in a footrace. Any excuse for spoofing needs to address this factor.

            As for the people who can’t do the going that GO involves, they have answered this question already. Most do not play games. Those who do, often play GO just fine without spoofing. Several care facilities have reported a lot of success with patients playing it inside the facility.

            All the “but what about…” fake concern in the world won’t justify spoofing.

            More importantly, as I said above, the disabled community has said that they do NOT want you “defending” them in this way. You are using them as a wedge to get what you want, putting them in the crossfire of arguments for your own benefit.

        • Edmund

          Those people who cheat also probably don’t spend any money. Getting read of them won’t hurt the game at all.
          If anything spoofers stop lots of people from wanting to play or buy anything in their shop.

        • GonzoI

          Might be a little more believable if you didn’t continue using the disabled as a tool right after I point it out to you that they don’t appreciate it.

      • Josh Hack

        THIS is the problem. I am actually unable to walk at the moment and yet I still try and play normally.

    • Edmund

      Spoofers also probably don’t spend any money. Getting read of them won’t hurt the game at all.
      If anything spoofers stop lots of people from wanting to play or buy anything in their shop.

  • Niantic isn’t stupid enough to stop spoofers, watch how fast that 65million player stat plummets the second they do. Lol.

  • a0923226660

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  • a0923226660

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  • a0923226660

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  • a0923226660

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