this morning we’ve observed several reports on Twitter indicating that players have been receiving warnings to stop using unauthorized third party apps with Pokémon GO.

After the initial panic settled, we are able to confirm that several third party IV checkers  and trackers were the cause of this. It’s mostly old applications that required access to your Pokémon GO account (both PTC and Google login seems affected).

Are GPS spoofers affected?

Curiously, none of our throwaway accounts used as research dummies in “In 2017, GPS Spoofing is the real bane of Pokémon GO” have been affected. Although we used several GPS spoofing apps as research basis for the article, none of the accounts received this warning.

With that in mind, we can’t confirm that this warning message has anything to do with Niantic fighting GPS spoofers.

Clarification and conclusions

Some reports indicate that the users of IV Go and similar overlay based IV checkers could be the cause of players getting warnings, but we were not able to confirm or deny these claims.

As far as the warning goes, there is no reason to panic if you’ve stopped using trackers and old login based IV checkers. Here’s the warning message in question:

TheSilphRoad came to the same conclusion, noting the following:

We’ve verified this is a legitimate in-game message, travelers.

If you see this message, it is strongly recommended to change your password (if you sign in via PTC) or ensure no unwanted 3rd party apps are authorized to use your Google account (here).

It is possible that you authorized a 3rd party (map, iv checker, etc) in the early days of PoGo that is now using your account for nefarious purposes.

We tend to agree – it’s seems that Niantic has decided to take a course of action against third party apps written directly to benefit Pokémon GO players:

  • IV Checkers
  • Pokémon trackers
  • Mass evolution helpers
  • etc…

We are still trying hard to stably reproduce and provoke this warning message, but so far we had no luck.

No bans were handed out yet, so that’s off the table at least for the moment. Stay tuned for updates.

  • DeWayne Holloway

    I’d be less inclined to use them if I had a fair shake at all the Pokemon so far. As far as gen 1 goes there are three mon which I don’t have, Porygon, Onix and Dragonite. I have encountered two Dragonites and the game has froze both times. As far as the others I’ve never seen them sans in gyms and it’s getting a little ridiculous. I’ve been playing since a week after the game came out and while I play daily and put time in the fact that I have 53 of the new gen 2 series and haven’t even seen all of the first gens in the wild, well it’s a bit of a bummer and has frustrated me to the point where I play much less than I did.

    • arik100

      didn’t quite get what that has to do with the article…
      porygon had a special event, you didn’t catch him in that event?!

      • Bill Eaken

        Porygon did not show up anywhere near me during that event.

        • Monica Matos

          I only got to hatch one.

      • GonzoI

        While I don’t condone the flimsy excuse DeWayne is making, the event you’re referring to increased spawn rates where the pokemon already were. For those of us not in Porygon’s territory, it never spawned. Chansey did spawn in still-rarer-than-Snorlax numbers in parking lots here, and Lickitung was reasonably common. It didn’t really give opportunities to the people who needed them, it just gave more candy to those who already had it.

        • Nick Stockbridge

          I was really hoping it would be like the holloween event as far as increased spawns

          • Lead Crow

            it was. they were everywhere.

        • Fraser Higgins


      • Joseph Oliveira

        A special event? Huh?

        I’m still missing a Chansey and a Machamp for Gen 1. There are hardly any Machops around.

        • GonzoI

          Same here. Your only solution for Chansey is a lot of walking. I’ve walked more since Pokemon GO came out than I think I have cumulatively since I graduated college the first time. Machop nests, so you can wait for a nest to show up (or travel to one) or hatch them too. It’s probably just as well you didn’t have Machamp before. Now it has a moveset that’s not garbage.

        • Xone

          Chansey is rather common in some parts of California, of course I’m not gonna travel out of state (or country) just for a virtual creature. I also did not see any Chansey during the Valentine’s event. I did hatch one a few days ago and an S Rank one at that.

          No Porygon during the event, haven’t been lucky enough to hatch or really even see one “nearby”.

          As for Machamp, if you live near gyms, ACTUAL fitness gyms not game gyms, beaches, or even Post Offices/Shipping Businesses these are frequent Machop spawns around these. Sometimes “Close” means a mile or so away from them. The majority of Machops I’ve caught have been near where I live since there’s a gym less than a minute walk out the door and 3-4 more within a few miles. My highest ranking Machop though was from the post office a little over a mile from my home, I literally lol’d on this one since in the games you would see Machop(choke, champ) In post offices or near shipping companies and docks for heavy lifting. 😛 Just some thoughts. Also, don’t pay attention to the tracker unless it’s for a PS at one of those locations. PS’s that are nearby will often not display them.

          Example: You have 2 stops on an entertainment facility such as a large gaming center, bowling alley ect. Right across the parking lot from said location you have a fitness gym (with no PS), coffee shop stop, and another stop or two. You will almost never see the machop located at the other stops even though they are all concentrated in that location.

        • arik100

          try thesilthroad atlas…
          search for nests…

    • Kenneth

      Pls…. Make some pokestop in are village and give some rare Pokemon in are village it located in Maquinalo Mondragon Northern Samar… Thanks

      • vision33r

        They didn’t build the game so you can enjoy, they created the game so they can make money from businesses that would pay them for a Pokestop.

        • ziilverr

          agreed, Niantic completely missed the mark of what a game is supposed to be, “fun”

        • mxochihua

          Actually, businesses contacted Niantic to set up partnerships, not the other way around.

    • Casey

      Of course you are entitled to complete your Pokedex with the amount of effort you see fit.

      • Master Sundown

        You aren’t “entitled” to anything. You get what you pay for, which is nothing. It’s a free app. If you pay for in game items, that’s your problem, but until there is an item you can buy that teleports you to other regions (p.s. never gonna happen) then it’s cheating.

        • Casey

          Just to make sure, I was being sarcastic.

    • Ralazar

      How did you get the region specific ones? Did you travel to those regions or use other means?

      • Donald Ebert

        Check out the Facebook group POKEMON GO Universal Trading Group Unlock The Regionals. It’s a little scary but you can find trustworthy people in other regions who will use your account to catch the regionals for you. Watch it for a few days to see how it works. Unless you’re able to do a lot of traveling, it’s the only way to get them.

      • FireWulf

        You Travel to those Countries/region to catch them.. Examples are Tauros = North America (USA mainly), Far’Fetched = Japan/South Korea, Mr. Mime = Europe, Kangaskhan = Australia

    • Master Sundown

      Cool story. You have a fair shake at all of them. Walk around.

      Your options are play fair, or cheat to spoof location. If you choose the latter, you deserve to be banned.

      Terms of service that you agreed to when playing originally are important. Read them.

      • FireWulf

        Spoofers aren’t getting banned though. Only people that use bots, mods, and tracking apps but not spoofing apps

        • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

          And some that are not using anything ..

    • Randall Tolentino

      I agree it’s unfair because you can’t catch mr mime,kanghask,Farfetched or Gen 2 pokemon Corsola ,Heracross which are region locked. If you don’t live in a certain place you can’t gain access to certain pokemon isn’t fair to other players .What’s worse is only 10 pokemon different of gen 2 show up in your city nothing else but there are 85 new pokemon how are supposed to catch them ?

      • Joseph Oliveira

        Corsola is not region locked. Who told you that? I’ve found a few near beaches.

        • Rillan

          She is regional pokemon. Look at map.

          • Joseph Oliveira

            Really? Because you should go to Florida where they pop up.

          • GonzoI

            It’s region locked to the tropics. You have to travel south (or north if you’re in the southern hemisphere) for it. Taurus is locked to part of the US above the tropics, Heracross is in the Americas from the tropics and South America. You’re just in the zone where the three overlap.

            I do plan on traveling someday for Corsola and Heracross, but only because I plan to watch the next manned launch, whenever NASA or SpaceX get around to it. Driving/flying 1,200 miles for just 2 pokemon isn’t remotely reasonable.

          • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

            Not everyone is rich enough to travel around the globe to get the region locked ones as well as the rare ones. Total miss..

    • drmom5

      Yeah and rural people are screwed every day.

    • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

      Plus they have the regional Pokemons and the spanning areas are so far away it us impossible to complete the Pokedex. Going to quit playing it now I think this is just to much. Got the warning and I have not used any of the applications which are in violation. My friend got it as well all she did waa borrow my phone as hers broke.

  • Aylmer Or

    So what does having this message mean ? Are u on some flagged list waiting to be banned ?

    Is there a way to get rid of it ?
    I login to one ages ago , but stop using it for a long time , but seemed they caught it.

    • Zenamez

      You aren’t going to be banned but it’s a warning, which may lead to a ban in the future if you keep using the tools which caused that message to appear in the first place.

      Overlay IV checkers are 100% safe (the article is wrong) as it does not interact with Go in anyway. IV checkers which LOG IN to your account (IVstats) CAN cause this message to appear because of the login it needs.

      To get rid of it, most post I’ve read said that changing your password gets rid of it (else it’ll keep popping up).

      • Jdc Amane

        niantic purposely gave us time to learn what is IV, checker, GPS…, now they want us to stop using them, so they can make more $ again!! ?

        • Master Sundown

          No they just want people to stop using third party apps to gain unfair advantages to others who choose not to use them. If they say it’s not welcome, and a ban able offense to continue doing so, then either stop or enjoy your ban. Has nothing to do with money.

          • Jerry Oliver

            Someone is pretty naive.

          • Rillan

            How naive u are, like in kindergarden. U rly think Niantic cares about u ? It’s all about money and always was. Every single company cares only about money. More u invest happier they are.

          • David Myers

            Happier the average player, the more the company gets from the average player in the long run. Outliers exist everywhere, but unless they’ve suddenly started catering to the disaffected super-rich, then, yeah… they kinda do have to “care” about the player.

            That having been said, I think the obvious counter-argument to MS is this: IVs exist in-game in an invisible capacity, mirroring the original handheld series. Players of the handheld series used every method available to determine the cause and efficiency of these values and to determine how best to train with them in mind. If Niantic expected IV checking sites and tools to somehow not exist, then they’re fooling only themselves, and as for the “advantage” argument: same could be said of the handheld IVers, and of min-maxers in any game. Unless a game rolls out with an on-board wikia and a suite of calculators, any game with any substantial play concept literally cannot be played, competitively, as a standalone; anyone who tries to do so is only going to end up falling behind, and any company that tries to force their game to be so is only going to end up ostracizing a large chunk of their playerbase–and their own wallets–in the long run.

        • Jdc Amane

          Just look at N CEO’s attitude towards players’ complains. I believe a lot of players using the 3rd party apps are due to N never to border players complaining about the game bugs issues.
          Now N has to ‘enjoy’ the consequences what they didn’t border/care in the past.

          • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

            I am thinking of quiting totally. They have crappy support that never helps with issues in fact they don’t even answer players inquiries.

      • GonzoI

        I’m not too familiar with the overlay IV checkers (I’ve only seen 2 being used), but overlay is a display mechanism. It’s entirely likely that some of the rule breaking apps used an overlay.

        • Zenamez

          Since they don’t interfere with the game directly (unlike checkers which logged into your account) that doesn’t seem to be the case.

          It’s also nigh impossible to detect an overlay, and/or what it’s doing (it could be something like screen recording or even FB messenger for example) so it’s definitely skewed more towards apps which used your login.

          • GonzoI

            Again: Overlay is a display type. You can just as easily make one that does log into your account overlay as you can one that screen reads.

            As for detecting overlay, there are ways of doing it, but the rule violation is letting the app use your login, not in using a tool to calculate IVs.

      • Phil Swift

        Is it the pokie go password you have to change?

      • Aylmer Or

        Thanks for your reply Zenamez.

        I have gotten rid of old APKS or apps that I logged into to a long time ago but the message still appears.. I have also changed my password as suggested before, but no can do.

        Is there a way to get rid of the message? or just dont’ use those tools and eventually it will go away?

      • Joseph Oliveira

        There was a site that required you to login. It was popular for less than 2 days and than it’s been banned.

      • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

        Nope it doesn’t I changed my password due to getting it after my husband used something with his account on my devise and it is still there.

        • Jayne Guy

          I did too but it still there

      • Jayne Guy

        Changing password doesn’t get rid of it have had message this morning n changed Google password makes no difference

  • joshlsmith

    Seems a bit lame that they go after the small fry. Spoofers completely ruin the game in my town, with instances such as a guy holding a gym with 8 botted accounts, all with very minor differences in name and rare pokemon not likely to show up in our area, training it up the second a person has the nerve to touch it.

    But no, you’re right, People getting a better idea of which pokemon they should evolve is the real problem.

  • vision33r

    Just a warning that you need to installer newer ones. They’re too small a company to be micro-managing the game. Even Blizzard that has employees 100x their size couldn’t manage their own online games properly.

  • LeeAnne Hill

    IV stats can be calculated on various web sites but you have to enter all the data manually. The iv stats apps performed this function within a few seconds and was much more convenient. That’s the only advantage. If Niantic would improve their appraisal system to include IV’s, the apps nor the websites would be necessary. Too bad they spend more time trying to ban players than they do in developing/improving their game.

    • Karl Ramstedt

      Yeah, this shit is ridiculous.
      “Oh, players like using maps to see where pokemon spawn? Let’s give them a tracker that only shows 9 pokemon near pokestops, with no filtering system, and frequently says “The pokemon has fled” when it hasn’t.”
      “Oh, players like using IV checkers to see which pokemon to keep? Let’s give them a slow, cryptic way to check it in 20% chunks. Then let’s ban everyone that still uses them.”

      Great way to treat your playerbase there Niantic..

      • Numonly

        I have 24 hours a day. After spend several hours catching the monsters, I want to make a rest, live as normal people. To spend another several hours to make decision that which one should be kept, make free space in my monster storage, is not funny. For me, the heart of the game is to go out and take some adventure, so the IV-check tool is not against that value, because we have to go out and catch the monster first, before we can use it.

  • Kellen Kittrell

    Has anyone encountered an issue that once the game loads they get a blank white square with a green background and the pokemon go logo at the top?. Ive tried everything i can think of to fix. I started up another account to see what would happen and it works fine but each time i try to sign back into my main account i get the blank screen with the green background. If anyone has a fix or knows whats up with this id love to hear it. Thanks.

    • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

      Have you tried to Uninstall and reinstall? If so contact Niantic if you dare to any how. With any luck they will answer and help you.

      • Kellen Kittrell

        Ya that was one of the first things. Ive updated, uninstalled/reinstalled,cleared data and forced stopped, and the weeird thing is i made a new account and it works fine. Niantic does have a known issue posted about some users having a blank screen after loading but thats all and no other info about it since. It sucks as thats my main account and it would seem at this rate ill never be able to us it again.

  • Kenny Honeycutt

    How is an IV checker cheating it doesn’t help you catch them. All it does is check and see if you want to keep them…This keeps up and no one will play

  • drmom5

    If Niantic were to institute an IV checker of its own, fine. if they ban me for using IV Go, I will be done with the game.

  • RKPlays

    Do you guys think the people that have deleted their hacks will still get banned?

  • 24bit

    Once you get this warning, does it go away? I guess I made a mistake of using an IV App and now I am paying for it. But, I get the warning each time I login now. Just curious if that happens to others too.

    • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

      Same here. My husband used it I didn’t as I had no clue what it was even plus I Was worried about getting banned after the work it took me to get as far as I have as well as the work to get the Pokemons, but since he he used my devise I now have the warning too

    • Xone

      I use IV GO, it’s also the only PoGo related app I use other than the game. I’ve yet to see the message… At all… I came here because I noticed some reviews mentioning “Warnings from Niantic” after the recent fixes and thought people were just being idiots lol…

      • 24bit

        I guess my account is permanently under suspicious activity. Sucks to know that I could potentially get a ban just because months ago I used an app to calculate numerical values. The warning pops up each time I log in, I’ve yet to discover anyone else who also gets it each time. Not sure if this is normal for those who had the message (meaning it only comes up once or not). Sigh. Over a week, not one straight answer even after posting elsewhere as well.

        • Jayne Guy

          I have it everyone I log in too since this morning. I can’t find anyone who can answer apart from change password which doesn’t work

  • ☠ Bonnie Rexeus ☠

    How do you gethink rid of the message? Does it go away on its own after a while? If so how many days? I have asked support and only got gge warning message as am answer.

    • Jayne Guy

      Did you find out about how to get rid of the message?

  • Jdc Amane

    Nian’s potential big customers are using those using 3rd party apps to keep themselves engaged. If Nian bans them, they are sure either losing huge income or being sued by their huge customers for … whatever. And if Nian makes Nintendo very unhappy of anyhow banning players, they are doomed (win big lose huge – facing bankruptcy maybe).

    Now Nian is stuck, stuck at taking what actions. They are now enjoying ‘never bother’ to care about their product qualities and customer issues. Congrates, Nian!! (:D

  • Ellena Hernandez-Sandoval

    What are people using to spoof for pokemon?
    Just curious, i had online buddies get me a few of each regional when they found them on their accounts (gamer)
    But my buddy just started and has nothing into the game and is willing to risk his account to get some good pokemon wuick and be done with it
    Hard starting out this late so i respect it

  • Mitch

    This really pisses me off. They plan on kicking people for using an IV calculator? I am one of those losers who has actually put money into this game. If they were to kick me for something as trivial as using an IV calculator after all the money I have given them, they should expect some bad reviews and negative feedback; I’ve half a mind to quit playing now. I mean, it was quite fun coming home after several hours of catching pokemon and seeing how good the mons you caught were. Dick move Niantic.

  • Jayne Guy

    I have the warning every time I log in too since my daughter used an iv checker was she played on my account for a short while too. Have changed Google password as some places recommend but it still hasn’t disappeared. Does anyone know how to get it to go away?

  • André Martins

    the alert keeps popping up even though i stopped using everything related to IV checkers

  • Harry Potter

    i have got this message yestrday
    but i’m playing complete legit
    can anyone tell me after how many days this warning will stop coming
    i’m worried about my account