Niantic finally shared more information on PokéStop submission and reviews. @NianticHelp tweeted that “they’re working on a way to enable submissions in the future”:

Following up on the success of Ingress Portal review tool (OPR, Open Portal Recon) it’s fairly safe to assume that Niantic could release a similar tool for Pokémon GO, targeting high level Pokémon GO players.

Don’t take our word for granted, as Niantic is known to delay infrastructural changes for quite a while, plus, OPR has influenced both Ingress and Pokémon GO.

However, OPR has proven as a solid, well tested tool, that managed to significantly reduce the backlog of previously submitted Ingress portals. Despite that, Niantic still doesn’t allow submitting new Ingress portals, but it has been announced that portal submissions should be coming back in the months to come.

It’s safe to assume that Pokémon GO could follow a similar pattern to Ingress:

  1. OPR gets rebranded in something aligned with the Pokémon brand
  2. High level players are granted access (39+ is a fair estimate)
  3. OPR-like tool helps Niantic clear out the immense backlog and review future submissions
  4. A few months later, PokéStop submissions become available again

Community has reacted cautiously to this Tweet, mostly due to previous experience with Niantic’s approach to portals/PokéStops:

As others have said, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting. However, hopefully they are actually actively working and working on a robust system. I’m hoping they implement the Portal Recon for POGO, have a limited number of refreshing submissions for every player, and increase the refresh rate for active Portal Recon contributors in good standing (ie. not just accepting/denying everything they come across). Example. every player gets 1 submission a month, by participating in reviews you can bump this up to 5. – source

How Ingress OPR works

Problems of player submitted PokéStops

Those who have access to Ingress OPR tool know how bad submissions can be. Players tend to invent stories, take pictures of themselves, their dogs and their gardens, all in hope of getting a portal next to their house.

However, as portals (and PokéStops) need to be publicly available, none of these will ever be approved.

  • Karl Sangster

    level 39+ ?? behave! level 25+ more like

    • Antonius Naumann

      Level 25+ is almost every player so level 35+ would be the minimum.

      • Karl Sangster

        Ingress is only level 16+ account’s right?

        • Antonius Naumann

          Correct and level 16 is maximum in Ingress being harder​ to achieve than level 40 in Pokemon Go

          • KarloVranjes

            Level 14 here.Started playing Ingress since January 2017.No cheating in any kind of way.

  • Michal Husak

    Most 39+ players are cheaters … Good save POGO … I thing 35+ give sense becosue this can be achieved legally …

    • Aflexx1

      I walk everyday 1.5 hours started august. I am lvl 33. Never cheated

      • Akbaalia Jones

        Same here… just hit level 35 last week … I take advantage of the special events with double xp and use lucky eggs to evolve my whole stash of pidgeys during those events … that technique levels you up super fast … that is 4000 xp per pidgey …. remember the double candy event … pair that up with pinap berry when you capture them and you have plenty of candies to evolve them…

    • magmus89

      what evidence supports 39+ players being cheaters?

      • Michal Husak

        If you calculate time required to get 39+ level legally, you will get nonsense number. This is work for automatic boot, not for human. I play a few hours daily in a city full of pokemo, getting resources from 10 gyms and I am hard on 34 level …

        • magmus89

          I am 39 legally. No bots etc. My rural town has a small park with 5 stops and a couple of spawns. Rest of the town has maybe 1-3 scattered pokestops. The game launched in July 2016, and I started the 2nd week of launch. You have to factor in special events, double xp, lucky eggs, curved great/excellent throws, pokemon go plus use, mass evolving, gyms etc. I travel irregularly to other places to play.

          • KarloVranjes

            And let me guess.You use scanners?

          • magmus89

            Don’t know how a scanner could help. We mostly get sentret, rattata, pidgey, hoothoot, and snubbul. It is a desert biome. I have hatched several good pokemon though. I got lucky with maybe a handful catches.

    • Bboom Bap

      Somones salty they suck. Lol I’m 39 and never botted or spoofed. I took full advantage of the double xp events and did one 12 hour day at FDR in DC that has about 10 lures and another two 8 hour days both events, lucky eggs running every second. Combine that with hoarding Pidgey candy to mass evolve at least once a week and you could easily be 40 by now.

  • Michal Husak

    What to do with existing pokestops witch are on public non-accessible areas ? I know at least 3 such one …

  • Elusive7

    They need to have more layers to their submission levels. If each level X+ pokemon player registered to a limited area, the any new pokestop/gym submissions could first be sent to other players within that area for their approval. Only once a submission gets approval from a set number of other players would the submission then get advanced to the next level of review.

    That would hopefully reduce considerably the number of bogus submissions that have to be reviewed at upper levels.

    • Aleš Podržaj

      That’s what they plan to do with Ingress. You register your home town and any other town that that you want to submit portals of.

    • Achi

      I don’t like it….In this system small villages never will get any pokestops….

      • Elusive7

        Yes they would as long as the set number of players is a percentage of players registered in an area, not a number. So small village areas would then have a lower threshold to meet, levelling the playing field.

  • Jack Blaze

    Hope niantic can focus on the more rural parts of the world, countries (States). And the lvl cap should the least be 25+ that way they might bring back type 2 & 3 players type 1 being hardcore players {reference from go hub post}. I my self have reached 23 lvl just this month.

  • Jack Blaze

    Since I live in India (North East India) I got the game on mid of December as official release, meaning approx 5 months of Pokemon and exp. lost. And to further handicap the situation not even a single gym and pokestop were placed bcoz “ingress portals were never placed”. Don’t know how many quit the game bcoz of that reason mostly… I love the game, I’m a fan of Pokemon from childhood, so I want to play the game in its complete value. Don’t know why I’m the only 1 from my region in India the only 1 complaining about it.

  • Marko Koplan

    I’d like to see lvl 39+ rural player

    • magmus89

      Raises hand

    • Phalguni Sakha Swain

      You will have to wait for at least a century for that lol

  • Cynthia Cory

    I am in rural Appalacha with four pokestops in town and several pokestops scattered across the county. Our only gym is 8 miles out of town and luckily only a mile from my house. I started late in July and have been level 35 for several weeks now. It has taken a solid two hours a day to get to this point with lots of pidgeys and lucky eggs.