some players are reporting a noticeable increase in spawn numbers of Party Pikachu. Have you noticed a similar trend in your area? Share your observations in the comment section below.

The increase

Party Pikachu was a rare sight for most players, ourselves included. That is, up to today, as it seems. There are currently 2 threads on TheSilphRoad subreddit reporting the same, but a player named FrankieTAE went the furthest to get to the bottom of this.

His research uses real time tracker data in his city and it includes approximately 1 million recorded spawns per date. His results show a noticeable increase from 0.33% to 0.591% for the past 24 hours!

Here’s the full report in question:

A few days ago I made a post about the spawn rate of Partychu in my city based on statistics from our local tracker:

Pikachu was 0.333% of spawns for the first day of Partychu.

I checked the spawn rate for the past 24 hours and it has increased to 0.591%.

DISCLAIMER: Even though I made this abundantly clear in my last post, it was deleted because people got confused. These percentages are for my city and my city alone. This is biome-dependent. The point is, Pikachu spawn rates yesterday were almost twice as high as the first day of the event, so they have increased, though the exact numbers/percentages may vary based on your area

We can’t yet confirm this with a high degree of confidence, however, anecdotal evidence in our local hunting group says the same. The number of Party Pikachus is still low, however, it seems like there has been a change.

  • Netmilsmom

    I’ve seen none today. I’ve seen one so far.

  • arik100

    Don’t really care since this event is pretty boring and of less importance to say the least

  • Gerardo Galván

    Would be nice to see more spawning here so I hope that it is true and that they will consider increasing the spawning rates a little more so that everyone at least has a chance of getting one.

  • Max Williams

    I have seen 1 since the start..and I have traveled 35 miles west 35 miles east 15 miles north and 15 miles south …if something doesnt start happening I’m going to give it up

    seen more Christmas Pikachus then than during it event.

  • Damian Hryniewicz

    I noticed that today in Wrocław, Poland

  • the456who

    I found this one on my way back from the school run. I also came across one yesterday and 5 of my best balls and berries, all cracking shots, later it fled, I actually almost cried. This one pretty much sucks but idk, I’ve got one, now looking for at least one more so I can evolve one. It seems to be true about the increased spawn rate. I have only ever caught one normal pikachu in my area, the other 3 have been from eggs so it’s not like I live in a region where they are found easily. None of my friends have pikachu, only the Xmas version who was every where.

  • Brad

    2 x 0 = 0

  • Nico2

    Yes! I went from catching my first pikachu to now having 40 pikachu candies in 5 days! I live in Rome btw

  • GonzoI

    We have a frequent spawn point here that is Pikachu…but barely spawned any. At the time of the change, I hadn’t seen any party hate Pikachu not on that spawn point. Since the change, I’ve caught 8 that weren’t on that spawn point, including 3 in a cluster spawn the night it changed.