As we previously reported, Niantic has been on a hunt for third party tracking apps like Pokémap, PokéAlert and similar. An hour ago, PokéAlert announced on their Facebook page that they are closing down all operations.

This news comes in as no surprise, as third party trackers were under constant pressure from Niantic to stop using their servers and reverse engineering the game’s API in order to provide their services.

Unfortunately, the decline in tracking apps means a number of players just lost a huge aspect of the gameplay. It was always questionable if using third party trackers should be considered cheating and game abuse, but for many rural players the trackers were a useful utility.

Interestingly, the developer behind PokéAlert agreed and previously removed all Pokémon Company related intellectual property from the app. As explained on discord, he has little power to stop players from using the app, but the app will provide reduced services and little to no value to users:

Here’s the original Facebook post in question:

The End

Tuesday January 24h 2017 PokeAlert received a Cease and Desist letter from The Pokemon Company International.

This Cease and Desist Letter included the request to remove The Pokemon Company International, Inc copyrighted images which I have now complied with but unfortunately this was not enough for me to continue maintaining PokeAlert.

So…I regret to inform you that I will have to shutdown PokeAlert today.

A big thank you to everyone for having chosen PokeAlert for your Pokemon quest endeavour, hope you guys enjoyed the app!

  • Kyosagii

    Dead game

  • mAm

    I just wish that Niantic would implement a website where I could see the Pokemon Go universe. I’m going away for a week and I would like to do some pre-trip reconnaissance to know where PokeStops and Gyms are.

    • AzzAlane

      The Silph Road is still up.

      • mAm

        Unless I’m missing something, Silph Road only has information about possible spawning nests. There are no “pushpins” on the map that designate PokeStops or Gyms.

        • AzzAlane

          Haha. I should have read better. I thought you wanted something similar to the one that shut down. Try or Google.

          • mAm

            Excellent!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for! Is that a “bootleg” site or an official one? If the former, I hope it doesn’t get shut down.

          • AzzAlane

            It isn’t official. ?