in general, we do not approve of trackers, bots, maps and other tools that violate the in game Terms of Service. Our stance is that you should always play the game as it is, using only tools provided by the developers.

However, due to incredible number of bugs introduced in the last app update, many of which interrupt the usage and functionality of the in game tracker (Sightings tab going blank), we decided to cover PokéHuntr!

Introducing PokéHuntr, a real time working tracker

PokéHuntr is a standard Pokémon GO tracker, enabling you to scan an area of the world map in search of Pokémon. It’s fairly simple to use, however it does come with some caveats.

We didn’t like slow scans, nor did we like that it limits you to scan every 90 seconds. We did like that it caches and shows other players’ scans. In other words, if you scan with a group of friends, it gets significantly faster and better to use.

On the flip side, the results are always 100% correct and it also shows IV values of scanned Pokémon, which is neat. It doesn’t require you to login, nor does it use excessive amounts of mobile data, making it ideal for usage while your Sightings tab is broken.

FastPokeMap developer shares final words after closing down the service

For those of you who remember FastPokéMap, this is a rather similar alternative. Sure, FPM was much faster to scan, but the fundamentals are here. For those who do not remember the FPM saga, make sure you read through it here.

PokéHuntr is developed by the same guys who wrote GymHuntr, an amazing website to track state of gyms in your area and to plan your offensive. We give both tools 10/10 for their utility, 8/10 for speed and reliability and 10/10 for usage safety.

Give it a try when Sightings goes blank, the link is here:

  • fredling

    C mon!
    Why advertise this… cheating is such a big problem in the game, i like this page, now its just sad!

    • Heydavid17

      Why not? Sites like these, are the reason why the Pokemon Go youtubers still play, and it’s not anything near as bad, as cheaters who use bots and such.

      • fredling

        The argument to cheat because of cheaters, is probably the most stupid one!

        • Heydavid17

          Well, that’s not the point of the argument either.
          This is rather just a safe tool, I normally check on TheSilphRoad if people find nests close to where I live, and then I can use a website like this one, to verify if someone has indeed found a nest or if they have reported something untrue.
          It kinda sucks that someone says, there is a nest of a specific pokemon, and you don’t have anything that can confirm it.

          Other than that, sites like these back in the beginning, helped people staying connected to the game. Instead of just scanning and using a bot to get everything for you, then people actually walked outside to catch the different kinds.

          It also depends on where you live, cause trust me, there is barely anywhere in the world, where you even stand a chance to capture all the pokemons there is.
          We might hear most of the time, about those amazing places, where all kinds of pokemons spawns all the time, but there is barely any spots like that in the world.

          Here in Denmark, one of our malls just got 20 pokestops, inside the mall alone. Even with all those stops, there is only useless pokemons that spawns.

          Then at least, this tracking site, is at least a good way to counter other cheaters, until Niantic solves something, to ban players who are using bots.

        • Matt Burke

          If you hate tracker sites and tracker apps so much then why are you looking at articles promoting the use of trackers? You said you wanted to look at the facts. Know your audience. No one on this article blog cares about your moral high ground judgements on using trackers. Btw, not using a tracker because a Ash in the show didn’t have one is stupid. Ash didn’t have to catch a Pokemon for the Pokedex to fully register it, whereas in this game you have to catch the Pokemon to register it. Furthermore, the show is fantasy, and this is reality. Pokemon players have jobs and lives, whereas the characters in the show had their lives solely based around catching Pokemon. So stop dishing out your dumb judgements on those who use trackers. If you think using a tracker is the exact same thing as spoofing your GPS, then you’re absolutely ridiculous.

          • fredling

            So in your world, when something is wrong, you should never read about it. Oh, this just get more and more ridiculous. This is the facts, map-tracking is cheating, thats all there is to it. Arguments like comparing this to Ash in previous games is just childish and weird.

            Denial is hard to det out of, but i really hope that Niantic will kill the trackers so that this game can be played on equal terms! 28 mars 2017 21:35:28 +02:00, skrev Disqus :

    • Rillan

      Bots is cheating, Fighting gyms via spoofing is cheating. Anything else is not. As a pokemon trainer (good one) u are interested in finding pokemons and those programms helps u. Otherwise what’s the point of playing if u cant gather them all or gather those u like to? Play like Ash used to be ? Well Ash is complete idiot i prefer to associate myself with Garry – smart, knows what he wants and gets it.
      I have 201 different pokemon caught so far and i still have no dragonite/lapras/blissey/snorlax only fighting pokemon is machamp and only half gen2. Someday i will catch them and this app will help me. And i dont see anything bad about it. In Pokemon world i would do same thing.

      • fredling

        Seems pointless to argue with someone who doesn’t have a clue whats cheating and not!
        Map-tracking is cheating, stated fact, and sadly in the long run is whats going the probably kill them game when high level players fill the gym scene with ridiculously good pokemon making the casual players quit and the economic base is lost.
        Its already happening, its very sad!

        • Rillan

          And why u dont use it? Afraid to get banned? Moral fag? If u don’t like it go cry to developers and developers will ban those players. Otherwise your crying is pointless. Those casual players will quit anyway even if Noone will cheat. Know why? Cause they are casual. After realizing game needs patients and time, growing Pokémon, type knowledge and so on, they will run away. It happens in literally every game. Exceptions are games like Wow where Blizzards made game so easy that even complete idiot can play it, but I don’t think someone will pick him in raids. Another fact is calling everything Unfair or cheating. For example when casual sees strong opponent and understands how much time it takes to become like he is or he is smarter or luckier he will quit playing cause idiots being jealous want to restrict everything that use others no matter what it is. Like whatever he does its cheating cause I’m not doing as he does. App mentioned here isn’t cheating do u like it or no.

          • fredling

            Its cheating, everyone knows it, even the ones using it.
            Im not using it because i play the game fair, easy as that.
            Also, your language seems to be a bit off the grid, thus discussing this further seems pointless as i can only conclude it correlates with your general ability to absorb facts.

          • Rillan

            So it’s all based on moral. U supposed to be *good* citizen/person cause u follow the rules. And while u follow rules everything is fine. But why the fuck then it’s so important for u to restrict others? We don’t mind – follow your rules but if u are not jealous, I don’t see any other reasons to restrict others from using mentioned here website. Finding Pokémon faster shouldn’t bother u since my Pokémon don’t restrict u and your playstyle.

          • fredling

            Repetition is the key to acquiring knowledge, so here we go.
            Fact, trackers are defined as cheating.
            If you use trackers you are cheating.
            And repeat:
            If you use trackers you are cheating.

          • Rillan

            So problem is in your moral. Thank u very much for discussion . Keep being good citizen. Just don’t forget any add-ons, any website u use for help, anything u use to make process easier( no matter where games or life situations) is cheating. Don’t forget about it. Cause someone hasn’t option or just don’t want to use it.
            Sincerely, me

          • fredling

            I don’t think this really was a discussion, more like you presenting ”alternative facts”, that is, not trying hard enough to understand whats cheating in pokemon go.

            Sincerely, pokemon go t&s

        • FireWulf

          Yep its Cheating since for one Ash never used a Tracker in the series, He did what they want you to do in PoGo. Then again Playing PoGo on my computer is cheating to but you dont hear me bitching about it

          • Rillan

            Who the fuck is Ash? Idiot that has no knowledge about Pokémon and doesn’t grow mentally from season to season. He was failure in season 1 and so he is now. As I already said if I choose I would go like Garry who used everything he had and succeeded. Finally ended up as famous man.

    • aapenkilde

      I catch all pokemons I see anyway for stardust, so no need for tracking. Nearby function is all I need. Whats bothering med is how buggy Pokemon go is now. It crashes in gyms all the time and uses lots of cpu

  • Alex Daniel

    This is really obvious an add, don’t act like it’s not.

  • morrislaptop

    I made an app that does the scanning in the background and will alert you if you can get to a Pokemon in time, might be more convenient than having this scanner open..

  • Rillan

    thank u guys! apriciate this

  • Kothlim

    PokeHuntr is shit. Its showing me stuff that isn’t there. Map says Magikarp has 7 minutes till despawn, yet its not fucking here.

  • Laboratorio Modelado

    i just laughing, this guys are against the bots and cheats, and they are publiciting this page? they are the same shit as the cheaters and spoofers.

  • Legoal


    Can someone tell me why the IV is not displayed on every Pokemon

  • Ramsay Bolton

    London and Sydney has 100% accurate pogo maps. Can filter pokemon and IVs too. My game completely changed now, as only Kingdra is missing from my pokedex, I’m only looking for powerful 100% IV pokemon.

  • ThatGamerDad

    Get out and just play as you go about normal day! Its possible to “catch em all ” without these things!