A few minutes ago, Pokémon Direct finished airing on Nintendo’s official website and Twitch channel, with breaking news for every Pokémon lover out there. Expectations before the event were sky high and Nintendo hasn’t left the viewers disappointed.

In short, the Pokémon franchise is in for an awesome time this year, as Nintendo has announced a whole suite of new games, remakes and changes coming to Nintendo Switch!

Firstly, Pokémon Sun and Moon are getting sequels called Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, coming on November 17th 2017 to Nintendo 3DS.

The sequels offer an alternative story set in the Sun and Moon world and new Ultra Variants of existing Pokémon (Solgaleo and Lunala featured in the trailer). More Pokémon will be available also.

Secondly, a new Pokémon game is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 22 2017, called Pokkén Tournament DX! Pokkén Tournament DX is a fighting style game, allowing two player fights on the go by using Joy Cons on the same device.

The game will feature five new Pokémon and several different modes of game play:

  • 3v3 team battles
  • Ranked matches
  • Group Matches
  • Friendly Matches
Pokkén Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch

A full trailer that features both Pokkén Tournament DX and Ultra Sun/Moon is available on Youtube:

Thirdly, Gold and Silver are coming to the 3DS virtual console with improved visuals and interaction brought up to speed with the current era of gaming.

Gold and Silver for the Virtual Console will be compatible with the Pokémon Bank and all modern 3DS features. The games will be 2D, with no access to 3D mode.

  • Chris

    “breaking news for every Pokémon lover out there”

    Unless of course you are just a Pokemon Go lover. Then, nothing for you.

    • meh

      bruh, common be truthful. pogo’s battling aspect is what has scared of millions of users. just getting one ability per mon and only being able to use 5 different mon competitively that are hard af to get unless you spoof is definitely not worth it. this games competitive aspect looks wayyy more fun than the garbage we have but its too bad they aren’t focusing on putting out high quality mobile games which is what got them this much money. heck they could release their retro games on mobile devices and ask for like $5 or whatever and I bet it would make them way more dough than what 3ds would make cause everyone has a phone but very little people like to carry around a chunky portable console especially to buy old games for it. the problem is that old people run the pokemon company and fail to see the potential in multi device friendly mobile games even after hitting the jackpot with a game they had no idea would blow up as much as it has.