Several players have reported that their usual Hunting Grounds now spawn different Pokemon. Recently, we observed that Pokemon GO Nests have migrated, and it seems that Spawn Points changed last night.

BiggaThanLife, reddit user reported that his house is now a breeding ground for Dratinis, Ghastlys and Nidorinos, which is a nice upgrade from the regular Pidgey & Ratata duet. Multiple users in the comment section of the original post have also reported changes – some dramatic, some minor.

We’ve tried data mining the GAME_MASTER file, but it discovered nothing new as it hasn’t changed in a while. Our local resident area (Split, Croatia) also started spawning new species, but the change was observed just this morning – we are yet to confirm how big the change really is.

Currently, the reports were mostly positive and indicated that new spawns are considered rare in their local area.

Houston and Melbourne reported the same

We’ve enquired Facebook users from Melbourne, Australia and Houston, USA if they’ve observed the change also. Multiple users reported positive change, increase in rare spawns and changes during the night time.

Did your local spawn change also? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I just started seeing water Pokémon, in which I know only spawns at the river a few kilometers away, near my area! Exciting 😀

  • Yeah seeing vulpix and geododes spawn right in my house now,

  • Anonymous

    More Eevee’s where I only was getting EKans and Rattata’a….also haven’t confirmed but seems to be a new bulbasaur’s nest where there was no sightings before…will post once confirmed- from AZ

  • Lucinda

    I’m getting dratini rather than my usual ponyta spawns.

    • Prakash

      where are you getting dratini?

  • Anonymousguy

    At my park outside of Richmond, VA they changed from magikarps to slowpokes

  • I suspect this is the same pattern as last cycle; each week the spawns get better for 3 weeks, then the nests change and then spawns reset back to low level commons.

  • Mdphaur

    yes there is now a pokemon nest near our house and yesterday A porygon and a Victribel popped out . 🙂

  • harrythehazard

    Yes I can confirm this. A spawn I visited on the weekend allowed me to capture 4 Magmars. Now, after one day’s difference, there is only a Jinx nest there. Hasn’t been one Magmar appear all day long. There has also been an increase in bug and water types around me.

  • None

    @rsmalec, that’s what I’ve noticed as well. After last rotation my home area spit out ultra rare frequently. I caught 3 blastoise, 4 aerodactyl, 2 chansey and roughly 12 snorlax in the past 2 weeks. Not to mention hitmonlee/chan spawning every few days, and 8-14 dratini a day! It was pogo heaven! But the past 2 days have been 1 or 2 rare all day when 4-5 used to spawn at the same time. After midnight tonight, however, showed promise spawning muk, porygon, vaporeon, rapidash, 2 worturtle and eggecutor within 2 hours..

    • Jeramy

      where do you live? I want to come visit!

  • Brian Alexander

    I usually only get rattata and pidgey by my house but I’ve caught 3 tauros by my house in two days! And enough nidoran to get a nidoqueen and nidoking!

  • The Peerless Pokémon Hunter

    Here in the central part of Alabama (USA), I have noticed quite a few different Pokémon spawning in my area. Instead of the usual Pinsir’s, Paras’, Oddish’s, Tauros’, Eevee’s, Pidgey’s, Weedle’s, Venonat’s, Ekan’s, and Rattata’s… I’ve caught a Charmander, a Geodude, a Rhyhorn, a Ghastly, a couple Vulpix’s, a few Onix’s, a couple Tangela’s, a few Psyduck’s, a few Horsea’s, a few Tentacool’s, and a couple Clefairy’s. Although there are still a hell of a lot of Pidgey’s, Rattata’s, and Eevee’s around. I just really hope these changes keep happening every so often.

    • The Peerless Pokémon Hunter

      Shortly after I posted my last message I had two Snorlax’s appear in short succession. One was 361 CP and the other was 1216 CP! I also just caught a Slowpoke and a Drowzee for the first time ever, but what I REALLY, REALLY want is a Porygon. I am now a firm believer that these spawning areas are changing.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but in addition, I believe a Charmander nest near me has COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED.

    • anon

      where are you located? I know there was a Charmander nest in Longview, TX

  • Emperor Megas

    I’ve caught 3 Pikachus in the last few days with casual play. 2 were in an area near my job, and 1 was found block from my house. The ones in the town where I work have never spawned there before (that I’ve seen), however there used to be Pikachus spawning near my home about a month ago, but they were brief. It seems like ever 3 or 4 weeks they rotate certain Pokémon for a little while.

  • Resaille

    Can’t confirm. At least no changes for my town in germany. Last time it didn’t change too. We still have a pidgey farm place everywhere…

  • Marcelo Arauz

    This morning a Snorlax spawned in an area that nothing ever pops up… I live in Panama city, central America.

  • Annoyed county boy

    Pokemon go really needs to change up the idea of Pokemon (wild animals) living in the city.. I do realize thats were the majority of the players are but here in the middle of forests, corn, and bean field were I actually see a multitude of wild animals I have ZERO Pokemon. That’s even with decent cell reception. If I’m lucky I might have a pidgey, rattat, and eevee pop up a few MILES from my house. Only Pokemon I ever see are the ones I hatch from all the walking I do.

    And by the way I don’t consider the deer living in city parks as “wild”. You can parctically touch them before they run away.

  • magmar

    i noticed this change in santa clarita california

  • B

    Kangastans keep appearing in our area and never previously. This is nice to see them changing it up ?

  • Travis

    Found Snorlax in Baton Rouge La, and Another one in Gonzales La, which is right next to Baton Rouge. A friend said he found 2 also in Baton Rouge La at a park. So come on down to Louisiana and hunt for that Snorlax!

  • Matt

    In Boston, MA the Boston Commons park in July was a spawn nest for Jigglypuff. In late August, it switched to Vulpix and has remained a Vulpix spawning nest still. The other smaller nests around Boston have remained the same.

    • Matt

      Correction, late July it changed from Jigglypuff to Vulpix and has remained a Vulpix nest throughout August into September

  • Matt

    There is a Pinsir nest in another small park in the Boston suburb of Roslindale that changed briefly to an Electrobuzz nest for a few weeks in early August but has since changed back to a Pinsir nest by late August. There is another park in the city of Somerville, MA that was an Eevee nest in July that switched to a Kabuto nest in late July/early August and has remained the same. So far I haven’t seen any changes from late August to early September in any of the usual spawning areas. Still have not seen a single Doduo throughout most of Boston,MA and other cities/towns nearby in two months.

    • Garv

      @Matt you’ll find a lot of Doduo in Southie near castle island

  • Mathew

    If you live in perth australia bell tower spawns dratini more at night time tho also i got 4 dragonair’s on Sunday night in the city/belltower