Earlier this month, Niantic has announced the Pokémon GO Week, the first official Korean Pokémon GO event, lasting for an entire week from November 4 to November 12.

Pokémon GO Week is a part of the wider Pokémon Festa event in Korea, which includes pop-up shops, stamp rallies for the new movie etc. The event is nationwide with a series of legendary bird encounters taking place only in Seoul.

Today we’re bringing you a short report from the Soul Event and the sheer in-game madness that followed it.

Rare spawns everywhere and Legendary bird raids

We’ve seen the Safari Zone events. We’ve seen how the spawns worked at GO Fest. Hell, we’ve event observed the Unibail event spawns. However, never have we’ve seen such a ludicrous amount of rare spawns during an event.

There are literary Lapras, Chansey, Snorlax, Mareep, Larvitar, Machop, Rhyhorn, Eevee, Magikarp, Vulpix, Pikachu and Starters are spawning all over Seoul right now. This includes Shiny Pokemon also, with players reporting a large number of shiny Magikarp and Pikachu encounters.

Don’t believe us? Check out these screenshots:

The fabled double Lapras spawn
Lapras, Pikachu, Eevee, Machop and Miltank in one place? What kind of madness is this?
Double Chansey and Snorlax on the radar.

Additionally, all of the Legendary Birds were available for Raids, with most of them having an one hour raid timer.

Lugia Raids also

Unown spawns spell out Seoul

5 Unown letters are appearing in Korea, spelling out S-E-O-U-L. Unfortunately, all of these letters were released during past events. Check out our Unown –  Letters released on Pokémon GO events so far guide.


Mr. Mime everywhere

As if Rares, Unowns and Legendary birds are not enough, Mr. Mime is also visiting Korea in large numbers. Check the picture below and ask yourself: “Why did I not buy a ticket to Korea”?

Mr. Mimery
  • Antonio Mercurio

    This is a great event!
    Should have been worldwide but its ok, the game only loses 10% of its players whenever their is an event outside of their city!

    • Marco De Freitas

      You’re right 10%…
      Those people are stupid, and you’re the King.

    • mcfilmmakers

      So by your logic there are no more players left by now

      • NN

        I disagree if you first have 1000 players and 10% quit, you have 900 left, then another 10% quit => 810, 729, 656 etc etc, until in a long time only 1 is left

        • mcfilmmakers

          hoe many cities are there around the world? Last event was in Seoul. So that’s 10% less players times the number of cities that are not SEOUL. Instant 0 player base buddy.

    • Chris Seals

      WOT?!? Those are some stinky numbers you pulled out of your a….

  • Hank

    They’re making it to easy to catch Pokémon’s. Nothing is hard in this game.

    • Maverick

      for spoofers maybe…. i just recently evolve my first chansey and i dont have tyranitar yet… and so many more…… and i’m lvl 36 and playing since the game was launched… AAAH and mewtwo, there were only 7 players with me, so we could not defeat it… :/

      • Chris Denton

        Chancey is rare in eggs but ttar only requires 2 minutes of tapping if you live in a city. Not exactly difficult you just need to be in a city.

        I just got ttar last week. Just need the birds an Raikou and Regionals(prob won’t happen).

        • awlagfare

          Lol what? Not in Holland, still haven’t seen any.

          • peponzio

            He means Tyranitar raids in cities. You just get a few people and tap for about two minutes to defeat the boss then you capture Tyranitar.

            Actually I have four of them from raids, and I found 1 larvitar wild and got 2 from eggs during a double candy event (not Halloween, was it Easter maybe?). Had about 95 candies from the event but couldn’t evolve until I defeated the bosses.

          • Chris Denton

            Do a ttar raid. Takes 2 minutes and you have the chance to catch afterwards. If you have gyms, you have ttar raids.

          • awlagfare

            AHh ok get it.
            I have a couple of ttars from 10k eggs. Stil to see the first wild larvitar..

          • Chris Denton

            I have only hatched larvitar from special 2km eggs. I’ve caught 1 wild and only have 77 candy. Luckily, I was in a city when a ttar raid came up last week.

    • Victor Lai

      Hard when you’re in other parts of the world, “lesser known” Asian countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and all who isn’t in Niantic’s events radar… Air tickets are pretty pricey, so chances of us getting Mr. Mime, Tauros and Heracross….tough luck.

  • stagno29

    All the fly GPS players in my city (italy) just fled to Seoul and now have tons of chansey and all the other good stuff. The game here is just non sense. Niantic should be more careful

    • ono1113

      yeah… its crap… same spoofers in my city…… and im just here catching nidorans or similar crap….

    • Paul

      You have a lot of disabled people in your country that can’t go out of his/her home. Its to bad %(

      • Claudio Marques Ceb

        disabled people shouldnt play pokemon go period.

        • venom526

          It is for everyone,disabled or not.Must hurt to be as stupid and ignorant as you.

  • Jay

    I’m in Seoul, and a lot of Pikachu, Lapras, Snorlax, Chansey, Larvitar, Dratini, Machop, Miltank, Eevee, Geodude, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Vulpix, etc in Everywhere in Korea! Mr. Mine and Unown is only available in Jamsil Lotte World, Seoul. It will be end soon!

  • venom526

    How about doing these kind of spawns in the USA,not everyone has the time or money to travel the world.

    • Koen

      What about the people who don’t live in the USA, they don’t have time or money to travel around the world either. Your comment makes literally no sense

      • venom526

        No your comment literally makes no sense.I live in the USA and know plenty of people who can’t travel.My comment applies for anywhere that does not have these kind of events.Why should only a select few countries get these kind of events and spawns?

        • ono1113

          wtf…. you have fooking event every month almost, big cities everywhere and nice spawns….. tarded spoiled kid

          • venom526

            No we do not have events like this you fooking tarded spoiled 3rd world shyt

    • Claudio Marques Ceb


      • venom526

        You must be stupid.

        • awlagfare

          I’ve studied this convo.
          and fully agree:-)

    • Tablekiller

      No, there were never events in the USA… (Cauch…Birthday event…Cauch…) You never had or will have events in the USA, so you have to travel around the world…
      Bullshit! Wait a little bit and you will have soon another event in a near spot….

      • venom526

        What is a cauch?No we do not get these kind of spawns at the 2 events we had.The Philly event there was nothing there not even unknown.You people need to stop sticking your foot in your mouth because you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Drahoslav Horvath

      Playing in US cities is like playing on easy mode 🙂

      • venom526

        Again foot in mouth,you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Gursimar cool

      Why only USA ? They should do such events global for like once in a month or so !

      • venom526

        I live in the USA and I did not say just the USA,I suggested doing spanws not events like this in the USA because I live here.Yes,the whole world should get a chance at every pokemon.

  • Joel Jensen

    This is complete bullcrap on Niantic’s part!!

  • Vegaz Da Professional

    Wish they supplied a different regional during PoGo Fest. Heracross is just a good road trip to Texas or Florida. How about Farfetch’d ? Why is Mr. Mime so well traveled?

    But really I wished they didn’t move the regionals around… I like them being regionals. I work in the airline industry and I don’t have the regionals. But I will sometime. My Pokedex isn’t complete either… I don’t evolve unless I already caught or hatched it. Just caught a Blissey on Friday. I didn’t get my first Star until the raids. Hoping to do a Nidoqueen and Victreebel raids to add those to my pokedex. Its the only way I can keep the game going for me on a daily basis.

    I agree with Victor Lai, that all of Asia needs to have the regional. Including India.

    Plus making YT vids are hard with no content. So hunting I go!!!

  • Michal Hušák

    Pokemons + candy are not a critical resouce now. Evrybody have better pokemons from eggs + raids than can be obtained during events. What counts is stardust ….

  • Leigha

    It would be nice if Canada got some cool events.
    In fact, it would be nice if Niantic would include a bunch of events in different countries. You basically have to live in Asia or Europe to take advantage of them…
    Tis quite sad 🙁

  • Anders Behring Breitfart

    It’s great. Just please keep doing this everywhere except in rural areas. Keep farmers off Pokemon Go.

  • Drahoslav Horvath

    All these event are just heaven for spoofers… Nientic destorying local comunity with events like this. Nobody want to go on local raids, because 90%of people are spoofed in Seoul!
    It will be great if events like this will never happen again.

  • Biga173rd

    A lot of butthurt going around lol.

  • Chris Denton

    Still picking and choosing who gets the good stuff. I am here with an open wallet waiting for a safari zone IAP.

    Could be a special incense that drops only these Pokémon for 24 hours.

  • Lars Einar Tvedt Honstad

    Niantic keep making this game more and more unfair! Spoofers are back in the game aften a few days if they are caught, so playing fair is Just stupid, its lik gong to tour de Frans White out doping… You never win
    And yes, they keep all the pokémon the got by spoofing. Way to go niantic!