we have some breaking news to share! It seems Niantic is actively testing Promotional codes we data mined before.

UPDATE: We created a subsection for promo codes on the Hub. Bookmark it, we’ll be updating it with promo codes as they come out.

We have reports that Android users have observed a new Promo code section in the store!

This comes as little surprise, as we’re expecting an update to come this week, and the current testing could be a sign of update preparations in progress.

Here’s how the feature looks for us, we have no promo codes to share:

We first encountered redeemable codes in our 0.59.1 data mine, detailing how redeemable codes are written. We also know what redeemable codes can reward: Items, Avatar Swag, Candy, Stardust and PokéCoins.

With 0.61.0 we learned a few new things:

  • redeemable codes are tested and ready to release!
  • codes are redeemed via the in game shop
  • there are two or more types of redeemable codes (promotional, etc)

Have you figured out any codes yet?

  • GonzoI

    I don’t think I’m going to go trying for random codes. Other games have closed accounts of people probing for functional codes.

    • Pimp

      And supposedly they are anti spoofing/cheating… yet GO Hub is the first to promote code probing, what a hypocrisy. Might as well be like all the other cheaters that fill their content with free pokecoin clickbait.

      • Sean

        Niantic is smart enough to code the system so that a code can only be used once per account and the go hub is encouraging people to share their findings with the rest of the pokemon go community so all players will have an equal chance at getting the redeemable codes

        • Pimp

          Thats encouraging to know as these kind of features are a first for me and it seems like every Pokemon go feature is hackable. In regards to GO Hub, they may have good intentions all I’m saying is that reporting findings is a whole different meaning to “Try to crack it,” should someone “crack” it then everyone will try to redeem the same code even though they were not given it you know? All in all I’m just saying they should watch for accidentally encouraging cheating cause the same can be said about pokecoins or pokemon spoofing… someone realized they’re available and they wanted to “crack” the system to obtain them as fast as possible. It should also be noted that Mystic7 already probing cause Go Hub told him to haha

    • Pimp

      You know what I take back the last comment about calling GO Hub hypocrites because after all, they might just not know what this means for pokemon go. IF promo codes do give stardust as they suggest… IMAGINE CHEATERS HAVING UNLIMITED STARDUST AT THEIR DISPOSAL… this could break the game completely. GO Hub can be the first to tell people not to try and get free stardust, not to spoof and get free pokemon or to hack and get free pokecoins. They are the information suppliers for all of us regular players, and even second hand information suppliers like Trnrtips or Mystic7, SO IF THEY PROMOTE PROBING SO WILL EVERYONE ELSE and soon cheaters will no longer have to grind for pokemon like everyone else.

      • GonzoI

        You need to think through the grand disaster you are anticipating a bit further. This is far from the first game to implement a code system And yet it still is in common use. No games have abandoned it because of the problem you describe.

        The reason is simple – it’s incredibly easy to control. If accounts use a code before it’s released, you can easily identify and punish them if you want. When you do release a code, it only works for a set amount of time and once per account. The number of functioning codes and prize totals wouldn’t add up to enough to make someone brute forcing the codes through dummy accounts come out ahead. The unique or highly limited prizes can even be account or region specific so using them on the wrong IP or account wouldn’t work. A lot of in person events require using the event WIFI to use codes obtained at the event. This is a solved problem.

        • Pimp

          Thanks for the detailed information, again it is encouraging when stated but if niantic was so secure we would also imagine spoofing and coin hacking would be near impossible yet it is not. Hopefully you’re right and they’re finally doing things right but it’s just a pain in the butt to have to have all the work i’ve done go for nothing when hackers come in and as you can tell I’m of the mindset to expect the worst to prevent any further cheating i.e. GO Hub being more careful about telling people to crack the code.

          • GonzoI

            Codes are an internally sourced, limited system, where spoofing is an externally sourced, unlimited system. Codes are only as insecure as you let them be, GPS data is impossible to fully secure and challenging to limit exploitation. As for coin hacking, I’m honestly not sure what form of exploit is being done to accomplish it, so I won’t weigh in on that one.

            I would agree, though, on GO Hub not telling people to intentionally try to break the system. It normalizes the behavior that causes problems for everyone playing, puts those who follow what they’re told at risk, and discourages Niantic from treating fan sites respectfully.

  • Update: for now only on Android.

    As said by /u/The_possum
    “Apple insists on collecting it’s 30% fee on EVERY transaction on iOS — even when that transaction occurred offline.”

  • Nick

    Since this is a server-based game, promo codes should only be usable when Niantic decides to. These are similar to the Pokémon 20 Promo Codes from 2016; they can only be used within a certain time interval

  • Sandra Zollo

    Its on the pokemon go website. It just doesn’t say hw to get the codes yet

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I cant wait for these..But how will these be incorporated into the game??