we’re observing a raising number of reports that the PTC login is down in the following areas around the world:

  • Central Europe
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • Portugal
  • Venezuela
  • Various states in USA

We are not aware if the outage is worldwide or just centralized in the areas mentioned above, but we were able to test the web based login successfully.

  • John Jorgensen

    I don’t personally have a PTC login, but I saw this over at the Silph Road and thought I’d share here in case this is someone’s only place for PoGo info.

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Oh god. One of the local raiders (real nice people) are gonna do an EX Raid for me cuz I have school and if it goes off in Hawaii at the time of the raid I’m gonna hate Niantic even more.

    They’re already stupid enough to make ex raids during the day. I say, have 2 scheduled raids. An afternoon one and an evening one and you can go to either one. I know people that have night shifts but many people also have day shifts so it would be helpful for 2 ex raids that you can pick and choose a time to attend based on your schedule!

  • Higher_Ground

    still up for me (South Carolina, USA)


    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      Yeah. Hoping they don’t target us! I’m in Hawaii. Small state means small chance is what I’m hoping

  • Sandy Slominski

    From Houston,Tx have not been able to sign in since 12/10/17 very frustrating

  • Coltonandgen

    Thank god I use Google

    • Joel Jensen

      Same lol

  • Vitor Duzarte

    I live in Portugal and it’s up for me

  • Groucho (nurse)

    Working in Malaysia KL, at 03.29 on 19 Dec

  • Johnny D.

    People, please. Do you really have to complain??? Did you think about the detrimental effects your complaints will have on your fellow players? Let’s remain positive and try and keep Niantic happy, please. I don’t want this game to get shut down.

    • Felipe Bauer

      Do you have a problem? You make it sound like Niantic is some sort of emperor that we have to please.

  • yuififf

    In one year later and 4 months same problemoms in this stupid game. STOP I GO PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGGENDS OR DAUNTLESS.

    • Chanderule

      Still only one generation, still the stupid gym system that heavily favors spofers, still overpowered Vaporeon and useless Gyarados, stupid game

      • Test Test

        Um, Gen Three is out. If you didn’t know that then why are you posting on Go Hub?

        • Karl Sangster

          it was sarcasm, everything he listed was how things were a year ago and everything listed is now fixed/changed…

  • Cheng Dai

    Australia too.

  • Jhony Kenis Xavier Reny

    Brazil too, some accounts – Gmail and PTC – could not participate of Ex Raid.

  • Alex Kong

    suck to be a ptc user…..

  • Peter van der Holst

    Went down just as my wife was about to do a Mewtwo EX-raid.
    Anyone know where we can sent the email to, we want a new EX-raid pass.
    Another friend of mine got the error just as he was about to try and catch Mewtwo, couldn’t log in for 2 hours and missed his Mewtwo chance also

  • B.T.P.H

    Anyone having issues with revives…?
    Got none from over 100 poke-stops today