According to a growing number of reports on reddit and our official Twitter page, a lot of trainers received three evolution items on their 7th day, with some reporting the same increase on random PokéStop spins.

We’ve pulled the latest GAME_MASTER file from our device and it shows the file was updated on May 09, indicating a new server side build went live on Niantic’s servers!

The timestamp of the new build is Tuesday May 09, 2017 03:00:34 (am, UTC)!

According to our research and the change in the GAME_MASTER file, the reports are correct. This change was applied a few hours ago, probably end of workday in Niantic’s San Francisco office.

What is the GAME_MASTER file?

The GAME_MASTER (GM in the rest of the article) is a configuration file for Pokémon GO. It’s downloaded from the Pokémon GO servers and saved onto your Android or iPhone device.

Previous research

Previously, our research showed that Evolution Items have a 0.03% chance of dropping per PokéStop spin. It seems that these chances are no longer relevant, as the increase in drop rates (if permanent) is significant enough to invalidate that research.

This is how item drops looked like before this change:

% of Drops
Balls 15324 64.66%
Pokéball 11462 48.36%
Greatball 3302 13.93%
Ultraball 560 2.36%
Potions 3744 15.80%
Potion 2321 9.79%
Super Potion 968 4.08%
Hyper Potion 388 1.64%
Max Potion 67 0.28%
Berries 3395 14.32%
Razz Berry 1810 7.64%
Nanab Berry 833 3.51%
Pinap Berry 752 3.17%
Evolution items 33 0.14%
Sun Stone 8 0.03%
King’s Rock 6 0.03%
Dragon Scale 4 0.02%
Upgrade 6 0.03%
Metal Coat 9 0.04%
Other 1205 5.08%
Revive 935 3.94%
Max Revive 74 0.31%
(not correct % due to egg cap!!)
196 0.83%

We will be collecting data to figure out the drop rates soon, so stay tuned.

  • jstaylor62

    I received three items in a series of about 25 stops yesterday.

    • MLG


  • Vickie Rain Massie-Kiefer

    When are they going to give us out in the rural pokemon? I never get any… I have to drive 7 miles to town to get stops and gyms and pokemons

    • ^ this is why I don’t care when ppl use a joystick in POGO.

  • Lillemor Strömberg

    No less than 8 evolve items dropped when grinding in the night (CET). 170 spinns. But I also received more evolve items since before the weekend. Two random on one day, then the sevendaystreak, next day another random. This is ridicolous. I have no need for a dozen Steelix & Scizor. Potion, on the other hand, I do need and get precious little of it!!

    • MLG

      The thing is, I’m kinda the same with evo items, but I am legit broke on candies to evolve these pokemon, like scyther, I haven’t seen one in the wild and I only got one from a 2KM egg at Eggscavenganza (or whatever) and onix I hanven’t seen but only hatched 🙁 Tell me man where do you find all the good spawn areas 🙁 You must be at level 30-ish -35-ish if you get tht many evo items

      • AMDG

        The evo items are frustratingly infrequent in my experience, too (playing a couple of hours every day, about 20 pokestops and 35 pokemon daily). By far my biggest gripe, though, is how I go months at a time without finding a pokemon whose CP/HP numbers are likely to evolve into anything worth keeping. There are several species for which I have candies out the wazoo, but haven’t seen a pokemon worth using those candies to evolve. I’m level 33 now, and haven’t noticed the CP of wild pokemon increasing since I was about level 20.
        I’m ready to declare it a waste of time to play any more.

        • Chris26

          Wild Pokémon’ CP stops going up once you hit level 30

          • AMDG

            Thanks for the tip…

        • MLG

          I’ve seen them increasing (ish)

      • Lillemor Strömberg

        I live in northern Sweden, Umeå. I’m lvl 37 and my backpacker medal is 35.000+ 🙂 Our town is built on either side of a river with great paths for bikes & walking. There is also some artwork aka stops and gyms here. So we have biome of water and grass, and some great cluster spawn points 🙂 A couple of weeks we got Onix. The scyther. Now It’s Rhyhorn. They spawn 2-5 at a time, most of them good only for candy. I got one great scyther IV 91 cp 2090 evolved and I love the Scizor. But I haven’ got a dozen. Or dust to go with it.

        • MLG

          Damn your place must be packed, in England, Birmingham I only get good pokemon in my city centre 🙁

  • Henk_DeVriezer

    Got 5 evolution items in 8 days! 1st, 3th, 5th, 7th and yesterday on the 1st of my new streak.

  • Jared Dyche

    What they need to do is drastically increase potion/revive drop rates. Potions have become a rarity now, and being the type that battles gyms, potions are a vital item in the game. I have almost 30 Evo items now since I never find the pokemon that require them to evolve, while more than half of all my pokemon are fainted due to the complete and utter lack of potions and revives. Fix this ASAP!

    • Rillan

      lol what ? Revive drops from every 3rd pokestop, and potions except blue ones drop from every pokestop.

      • Jared Dyche

        I can burn through 50 spins and only get a grand total of 12 potions. It’s ridiculous.

        • Pimp

          I also get a ton of potions/revives. I have about 400 max potions cause I have to use about 60 other potions daily to be efficient. I also have like 70 max revives and constantly throw away revives now as compared to a drought I had 2 months ago

    • Bryan Drumm

      You know if your pokemon can be powered up with dust and candy it will revive a few hp will be added and then you just need a potion. Its a nice trick i learned.

    • MLG

      Lol you suffer because you don’t have many pokestops, I go to my city centre and I get all my pokeballs, potions etc. there and I come home with a smile on my face (not really)

      • Jared Dyche

        I actually have a very large mass of pokestops at about a 5 minute walk away.

        • MLG

          How many? I have 7 close by that I rotate and 2 gyms

  • Bonnie Aleta Brooks

    I received 13 items yesterday .. one for my 7 day streak and then 12 more over a 9 hour period

    • AMDG

      Rub it in, why don’t you…

  • Haakon Hovde

    I live in Norway. Had a 7-day spin today, and have been spinning pokestops all day. Result: 1 sunstone ?

    • MLG

      🙁 I know how you feel, I’m still waiting for my dragon scale I got like 4 king rock, 4 metal jacket, 2(?) upgrades, 2 sunstones, 0 dragon scale 🙁

  • Now I get At least 2 evolution items per week… one random and one on the 7th day streak… sometimes it goes up to 5 per week!