Niantic has just published a blog post titled An update on the upcoming Pokémon GO Safari Zone Events in Europe, announcing that the Safari Zone events in August will be postponed.

These include the following:

  • August 5, Copenhagen and Prague
  • August 12, Stockholm and Amsterdam

Both events are pushed to a later date in Fall (September onward probably). The official reason for the delays is this:

“We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand that our priority is to ensure a great experience for Pokémon GO Trainers in Europe and around the world”.

However, this doesn’t mean European players are being left out! As a form of good will compensation, Niantic will be releasing “some Pokémon that are rarely seen in Europe will be appearing soon in certain European cities for a brief time.”

In other words, regional Pokemon who are not native to Europe will become available soon, probably around August 5 in select cities which include all of the cities where events were rescheduled.

The Help Center QA section says the following:

While the event is postponed – as a special surprise to players in the area – some rarely seen Pokémon will still appear in certain European cities for a brief time.

Mr. Mime, get ready for some company!

The official Help Center was also updated with a series of questions and answers in regards to the Safari Zone:

  • There are no dates for the rescheduled events
  • Only the August events are rescheduled
  • No refunds will be available for arrangements people may have made (Airbnb, flight tickets, etc)

All in all, we thinks this move is good and transparent. It’s better to wait a little bit more, than to have a bad event experience!

  • Heydavid17

    It’s good that they actually care for a good event, but then the announcement should’ve been made more earlier.
    Thinking about the people that are coming from around to world, just for this that is.

    In our case here in Copenhagen, which would’ve been the first event, then we needed tickets, which we were told. Which also would’ve been free, but were never published, so it should be good enough.

    I’m personally kinda annoyed, since I did apply to become some sort of volunteer, and I was waiting for days about more info, and sadly I had to see this.

    About the regional thing, then it does say “some Pokémon that are rarely seen in Europe”. That section makes me wonder a lot. Because “rarely” means that they should spawn, but not that often. While regional Pokemon haver never spawned in Europe. Of course I hope it’s regionals, but I’m being very careful, when it comes to the usage of spelling certain things.

    • Dan

      You guys have Mr. Mime as a Regional.

  • Larry Wicklow

    As I live in a country not supposed to host any of these events, it is a great news! I hope to take my hands on Farfetch’d 😉

    • Lorddacc

      From what I understood from the article, you will likely not get them anyway, so don’t raise your hopes.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Fingers crossed if kanga goes to europe us aussies should get Mr. Mime for sure

    • Dan

      And what for the Americans that are stuck with Tauros then? Or the Asians stuck with Farfetch’d?

      • Antonio Mercurio

        idk, they should have a regonal event tbh where they can bet captured anywhere

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Pokemon Go Hub- Are you going to do a data mine on the new update

  • Bîldescu Radu

    Same old, Same old Niatic! Rubish!

  • Peg Janssens

    Ok, this suxs


    As compensation you should do it in ALL cities over whole Europe!!!

    “However, this doesn’t mean European players are being left out! As a form of good will compensation, Niantic will be releasing “some Pokémon that are rarely seen in Europe will be appearing soon in certain European cities for a brief time.””

    We feel Europe always is left out of all fun and great pokemon go stuff!! it’s time to compensate for everything we did not get, don’t get and get f*** by PDS/PDT timelines as othe stuff, we don’t live in a certain earth circle (corsola) or other funny thing you like to do special events, we are not like American where miles don’t matter that much, every km counts, a gas for the cars are triple the price, bus/train/airplane costs us even more, to travel a distance more then 200km takes w whole day almost, we have no direct connections from major city to major city. Niantic doesn’t know sh** about Europeans and European systems,

    We get Mr. Mime shoved up our throat like they wanna get rid of it, it’s not rare at all, (try to find a phanpy or Pineco, or Snubull or Stantler or Miltank, or hitmonlee and friends, there so hard to find that some people still don’t have even one of them

    Maybe it’s time Niantic moves Regional pokemon around, Mr. Mime to Asia, Taurus to Europe, etc…. THAT would be fun again to play! That would be an AWESOME compensation!

    But for now, People just embraced pokemon go again and you push us away by changing the motiviation system and postponing Europes events!! (Ow and we also like for 1 day a 100% catch rate on Lugia, it’s not fair, some people do 15 raids and get 14/15 catches, i did 7 rates on 1 day and got 0/7 i did a total of 18 raids and still have no Lugia, i did 20+ Articuno raids and still don’t have an articuno, i wasted money on raid passes and money on coins, i’m done on wasting money, i just gonna use my daily free pass and if i don’t get it, well i don’t, but people should at least get 1 legendary every 5 raids he does, i can live with that, not 0/7 on a day and 0/18 in total

    (Yes, i’m frustrated 😛 in case you couldn’t tell)

    • David Moss


    • Dan

      I live in the US, and the closest special event was a full day’s drive away (Chicago). I only have a Heracross and Corsola because I had a weekend that I got to spend in Miami. I still had to jump on a plane and get a hotel room to get it. That’s how regional exclusives work. Shuffling them around would ruin that experience.

    • kristian

      What are you talking about? The whole of northern america didnt get 100% catch rate, so why should we in Europe get it? If you use golden razz, throw curve balls and get great throws you have just been very unfortunate. I have done around 25 articuno raids and have gotten 7 or 8 of them and probably around 12 Lugia raids and I have 4. Some pokemons are easier to find in a specific town, but you cant talk on behalf of Europe. I live in the north of Europe where we dont even get Mr.Mime, so stop complaining 🙂

  • Michal Hušák

    They cannot spawn regional pokemon now. They must keep them for the postponed events …

  • Daro.

    Why are you think that “some Pokémon that are rarely seen in Europe” are regionals? First of all they mentioned regionals from other continents as “never seen in Europe” in annoucement about Safari Zone.

  • J.C.A OM

    When in latino america?

  • Animethelover7

    While I aprreciate the chance to finally get Taurus, Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Heracross and Corsola, I hope they are gonna spawn in, or near my city and are not Capital-exclusive, cuz that’s a looooong way for me to drive just to get them.

  • Olivier Cabart

    i lost 300 Euros today because i bought a flight to Prague for the Pokemon Go event as I found out that the Prague’s event’s date has changed. Is that fair? What is the compensation? None…As for the Chicago event, All the world should have had the same opportunity as Chicago that is for sure. None of the players were responsible for the mess. Furthermore, the catch rate is bad. There is no logic and pure luck. I saw friends throwing curve balls, golden berries…for nothing. One of my friend did 17 raids with no luck…Actually I have to ask one of my friend to catch Articuno on my behalf because he is super good with throwing curving balls and I am so defeated… Some of the cheaters manage to get the 100% IV legendaries… In every raid I have done, I see many flies and they are rewarded. All the high CP legendaries I have encountered have escaped from me including a 1676 CP Articuno and a 2047 CP Lugia…So yes I have lost faith in Niantic and in the game…I believe this is a fair comment.

    • Tyler Feldmann

      theres no way a rebooking fee is 300 euros even on an international 14hr flight but nice try…

  • Leandrinho

    if switzerland is chosen they better not choose zurich but luzern, as its been shown that Luzern is the pokemon city in switzerland 😉

    • Julian Mathis

      You’r goddam right sir