We’ve received a lot of reports via Twitter and e-mail that the mechanics of wild Pokemon encounters have changed dramatically, most likely in preparation of the release of Shiny Pokemon.

Trainers have reported that wild Pokemon no longer have the same core stats for every player that encounters them. The following stats are now unique per player and determined for that player (and his level) on entering the encounter:

  • IV
  • Moves
  • Weight
  • Height

Up to this point, when a wild Pokemon was created, it would get the same core stats (IV, moves, weight, height) for everyone. Of course, it’s Combat Power was specific to your Trainer Level.

For example, if a wild Dragonite had 89% IV for Trainer One, it would still have the same 89% of IV when encountered by Trainer Two.


There is an ongoing discussion on how are the new values distributed. We reached out to a few bot/tracker owners and this is how the system is behaving so far:

  • IV/Movesets appear to be based on level (NEW)
    • 1-24 are all different per level
    • 25+ are all the same
  • CP/LEVEL are based on level (SAME AS BEFORE)
    • 1-29 are all different per level
    • 30+ are all the same

With this change, Niantic has everything in place for a massive release of Shiny Pokemon, but it’s still not confirmed if this is a preparation for Shiny release, or a set of anti-spoofing measures they announced earlier

The new mechanism did the following:

  • Trackers (currently) do not work properly with this change
  • Spoofers can’tknow if a Pokemon is 100% or 0% of IV
  • Spoofers can’t know if a Pokemon is Shiny or not

We didn’t see this one coming, to be honest. Prepare yourself Trainers, Shiny Pokemon could be coming sooner than anyone expected. Please, use our Generation 1 and 2 Shiny Pokémon chart to avoid mistakes and share this article with your friends to avoid confusion about the new encounter.

If you encounter a Shiny Pokemon, tweet to us and you will receive eternal fame and glory!

  • Josh Hack

    This is a great lottery system niantic, especially because I have such bad luck anyway

    • MLG

      I have decent luck that comes to me gradually but I feel like crap at first because my luck is always bad at first for example if I might catch a good magikarp that turns into a ditto

      • vision33r

        Majority of magikarps have bad stats, I much rather have ditto.

    • vision33r

      This change will probably make your luck even worse. Because someone can tell you there’s a good Pokemon here but with your bad luck you’re not gonna fare better.

    • johann augustine

      I caught bazillion Karps but no shiny.. how’s that for luck.. sitting on 2k candies waiting for a shiny Lolz…

  • GeckoZRule

    Thank you for the quick news much appriciated!

  • Rillan

    So based on written nothing changed. Since we all cared about moves pokemon we evolve not catch.

  • Clovis Mello

    I don’t get why this means anything for shinies. They already had everything they needed for shinies to be released, as is evident by the fact that Magikarps were able to be shiny. They didn’t have to randomize IVs or movesets for shinies. This is clearly to combat snipers and maps/twitter feeds.

    • vision33r

      It’s a stupid way to make trackers useless. Because they need to hide shinies from trackers. Now they made the game a super grind. Shinies do not affect gameplay, it’s just a trophy item.

      • GonzoI

        It really hasn’t affected anything other than your ability to tell other players what IVs something has before they catch it.

    • GO Hub Admin

      This is in line with how Shiny Pokemon we’re introduced in the core series. Apart from that, Niantic has deployed a new server side build, with no changes to the GAME_MASTER. As per our knowledge, the anti spoofing tool they’re working on is not yet deployed as it requires client app update. (Don’t ask how we know this, we are not alone in the comment section… 😉 )

      “In Generation II, Shininess is determined by the IVs of a Pokémon. If a Pokémon’s Speed, Defense, and Special IVs are all 10, and its Attack IV is 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14 or 15, it will be Shiny.”


      • Clovis Mello

        Thanks, I did not know this. That would make it impossible to get a perfect IV shiny if they did it that way. I personally think it would be a lot more fun to just let shininess be another attribute completely separate from IVs, so you could have that rare chance to come across a 100% IV shiny.

        • GO Hub Admin

          It’s too early to say how they’ll do it with 100% accuracy, as it’s quite possible that your hidden Trainer ID will affect if a Pokemon is Shiny also.

          All in due time though!

  • vision33r

    I think the changes are negative. Because this makes catching all based on own luck. Say you and your buddy are catching Pokemons and he found a good Eevee here, you walk over and catch it and it’s a weak Eevee. Niantic essentially made it harder to catch good Pokemons. A lot of people stop playing when trackers were shutdown. If they implement this, they need to increase spawn rates so that we can catch more. Often rare Pokemons are hard to find and now their stats could become useless because of randomness. This hurts people who did not use Trackers or spoofing even more. Because those who spoof are way ahead of people that aren’t spoofing which will make it even harder for non-Spoofers to take over gyms. You will not be able to beat long-time spoofers with the epic Blissey and Tyrannitars guarding gyms.

    • johann augustine

      I’m hurting.. just got one blissey and no tyranitar yet.. but that makes even just one all that special…

  • GonzoI

    Does this imply that shinies might be the same for multiple 25+ level players? If not, there’s really nothing at all linking this to shiny pokemon.

    • GO Hub Admin

      Given that the chance of a shinny Pokemon is 1 in 8192, it’s quite possible that Niantic will reward higher level players by making it Shiny for all 25+.

  • eMike

    I just checked. We got the same pokemon with 100% identical stats with partner.

  • Ruben Villena Carrillo

    If my level is 30 and my brother’s level is 35, will the pokemon have the same iv?

  • But…
    Since the very start of the game I have experienced that every Pokemon my wife tried to catch is of a higher CP than the exact same one I try to catch as we are standing next to each other…. as she is 7 levels higher than I am…

  • XZ2017

    I think the pokemons information in PokemonGo app, will be writed like in the text frame of the image of the pokemons locations in this page. Like or hate?
    . Thats my opinion
    . Here you can see what im saying…
    … Please. It could be perfect… ^^.