Believe it or not, your friendly neighborhood cheater is no longer the public enemy number one. Players who faked their GPS location were hated, disregarded, ignored and now, after a few weeks of reading, increasingly called for.

We ran a poll on Twitter yesterday, asking players to express how they feel about spoofers, after the Raids have become a thing. We gave our readers three very distinct options:

  • “Air support <3” representing the pro-spoofers
  • “I hate them” representing the anti-spoofers
  • “Not sure honestly” representing everyone in the middle

And vote they did, 12000 of them, making this the biggest poll we ever ran on Twitter. The results we got completely surprised us. We did not expect these results, heck, we were sure that nothing has changed and people still hate spoofers.

Turns out, we were wrong. Here are result of more than 12 000 voters:

For comparison, the last time we ran a similar poll, around 78% of voters were strictly against GPS spoofers. That’s quite a change in perception, especially given how passionate the community is against spoofing.

What happened? Game design happened, that’s what.

The miracle of game design

You are probably very angry with Niantic for a number of reasons. It’s okay, so are we.

But there is one thing we are not angry about: they still know how to bring players together. Only weeks after the raiding scene has emerged, Niantic has managed to motivate players to work together, across Teams, cities, play styles and their stance on cheating.

And it all happened right in front of our eyes, completely transparent for everyone to see. Let’s go step by step.

1. The PokeCoin change

Back in the day, spoofers were notorious for perpetually holding gyms and claiming daily bonuses, while the rest of us struggled to collect the scraps. Now, we are all fighting for scraps, essentially, but at least we are all on equal footing. Every single player can easily get his or hers 50 Coins per day, no matter how mobile or strong they are.

By severely reducing the PokeCoin gain and changing the PokeCoin mechanics to have an easily obtainable daily cap (50 Coins), they completely removed the concept of hold gyms for days and weeks.

Sure, the system isn’t perfect and you are depending on someone else to get Coins, but it’s far superior to what was in place before.

2. The Motivation and the Remote Berry

What’s the best way to stop cheaters from cheating? Make cheating a part of your game. The option to feed Pokemon at remote Gyms is a direct answer to the most common advantage spoofers had over regular players.

Essentially, we can all spoof now and upkeep our Gyms without moving from the living room.

Don’t forget, the newly patched motivation system decimates defenders on an hourly basis, making Gym turnover a breeze for everyone.

  • Josh Hack

    To be honest, they aren’t a problem for many as a lot of rural players (like me) actively seek them out to help in raids. I am part of a local player group, and about 1/4 of them spoof. Is it a problem? Not to me. They helped me get my Articuno, and the community aspect is still there as well. At the end of the day, a game is played to entertain you and shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

    • Lorddacc

      So, you are in favor of spoofers because they work as an utility tool. As long as it works in your favor, it’s all fine, the moment they start working against your favor, then it’s all bad.

      • Josh Hack

        They don’t work against you most of the time. Maybe you
        lose a gym to them. What most don’t realise is that the strong Pokémon are essentially useless and gyms change hands in a matter of minutes. The day that they do something horrible, like hack my account is when I will start to hate them.

        • Robdebobrob

          Im pretty sure every player has noticed by now that strong pokemon are useless in gyms.. And its ridiculous.

        • Lorddacc

          It’s not about hating them, it’s about people trying to reach a result by an easier way than they should. It’s not a bad thing just because it doesn’t affect YOU? What about morals? What will they do when it comes to the real world? Won’t they try to cheat their way to success? The best argument they come up with is “oh it’s just a game, nothing important”. If they feel the need to cheat on something with so little importance such as a game, what will they do when it comes to things that are important? As soon as they face any difficulty, they will cheat, that’s theit mentality, their education.

  • Alysson Medeiros

    Are you insane, GoHub? They’re still the main issue on the game, it’s unfair how good pokemon they get and use on gyms and it will be worse when PvP is released, almost 90% of raids I’ve participated were with exclusive presencial players and I don’t even live in a huge city. It’s unfair game and Niantic should do something about it. How can I compete against someone sitting comfortably at home sniping all great pokemon while I’m on the street under sun and rain catching regular pokemon?

    • Anders Wester

      Totaly agree!

    • slick

      My position on spoofing has weakened considerably of late. PKMgo is what you make it. Spoofers have it easier obviously, but no spoofing provides a greater challenge.

      Do you use trackers? They are cheating too, but indispensable if you want anything other than pidgeys.

      • Davide Tormene

        Not only trackers but also Every single iv checking method is cheating. Have you ever logged in with another account to catch/raid for someone else? Have u ever used the telephone/account of someone else or even worse do you have multiple accounts? That’s cheating too. The line can be blurry or very strict, but I totally agree with gohub. With the new gymsystem every one has a chance of getting coins, even if far less… niantic higher the coins limit!

        • Hell2Pay

          I often take my wife’s phone across the street at night to spin stops or place our ‘mons in a gym. She stays with the kiddos, not one single care given. Other people see me with two phones, nobody cares, and often will get a “well that’s nice of you!”

    • huffi666

      this game was never fair to begin with! as a rural legit player you have no chance in getting a legendary pokemon or any other rare pokemon.. i understand both the legit players and the spoofers but this game was never fair in the start.

      • Austin Tang

        If the game was never fair then why have you been playing it? Also why are you on this site if PoGo is unfair?

        • 구루미

          Even it is unfair, it’s funny.
          That’s all.

      • Alaska Stark

        You sure about this? I am a regular non-cheating player and I have legendaries and some rare Pokemon (except the regional – but Safari Events are coming).. so what’s unfair about that?

        • Martin Vrba

          The unfair part is that you must rely on someone else to achieve something (tier 3+ raid), do something outside the game to achieve it (organize with others). Before raids everything was achievable by solo player and in the game itself. If spoofers are now welcome help, that it is even more unfair.

          • Aida Ramic

            But if you are part of several groups you can check if they are planning something and if one is willing to spare few hours on their day off to go into the city and raid with a big group for legendaries, tiers 3 and 4 they can do that. Many groups that I am in do this…

      • Lorddacc

        Yet, probably half of the spoofers worldwide, live in cities with plenty of pokestops and gyms, and just cheat because they are too lazy to walk.

        • Shailie Kat

          Not to say I’m a spoofer because I wouldn’t even know how to do that BUT it could also be people like me with littles who can’t just pack up and go out all day long. Just saying there is more reasons for sitting on your butt at home (or in this case not sit on your butt but still be stuck a home lol)

          • Robdebobrob

            Well this may sound harsh, but isnt that just something you have to deal with? Some people have jobs or studys that sucks up almost all their time. Does that allow them to cheat? Some have a pokestop or gym right on their front door. I envy them, but does it mean i should spoof to my nearest gym or stop just to get even? Not everyone gets the same things in life. Why should a game based on real life locations be any different. Right now i myself am working night shifts. When im done i can choose between getting a good night sleep or go out and do raids all day. If i choose the latter my job will suffer from it and i will suffer consequently. Alot of people cant just go out and abandon their lives to play a game, that doesnt justify cheating.

          • Lorddacc

            That’s beyond my point, but simply put, many spoofers just do it for laziness. No one can blame a game for not being playable to 100% of the people worldwide. If we could, then we shall also blame the time of day the football match plays in, or why the sky gets darker or whatever, just because it doesn’t fit our convenience. People have to understand this, not everything can benefit everyone. Blaming Niantic or whoever, for the bad weather, or you having kids, or someone else having a job won’t give him a chance to play, is absurd. People shouldn’t get used to cheat their way through life.

      • Mike Moore

        You wanna talk about rural? I don’t even have internet options where I live except satellite. But I travel to get my legendaries. This game wasn’t built so you can sit on your butt, do no work and become the best. It was built to get out there, move, explore, make friends. I love to hear a better explaination of how it’s “unfair”

    • Rillan

      U are dummy or just pretending ? Im playing like 2 months overall and i got 3k cp dragonite, gyarados, vaporeon, 2600 alakazam and arcanine, others are lower. And im lvl 29. Its not even close hard to get any strong pokemon. Just walk walk walk and catch as much pokemon as u can. Just in 3 hours walking u can catch like 100-200 pokemons. Only thing that makes me bored about this game is balance issues and dust, im always nill on dust cause single update costs 5k dust + 4 candies.

      • Biga173rd

        The dust is a major issue just to power up your mon. They ask for so much dust and candy and give you such a short amount of level up.

    • Hakan Buğra Can

      There are still idiots who think they will come to PvP 🙂

    • notquiterocketwildbokan

      Next time, say that after you’ve tried, and failed, to catch a raid boss with no one around.

  • Michal Husak

    I still believe the spoolers should find some other game than pokemon go … Without the “go” they play a different game …

  • Jeffrey Stevens

    I wonder how much of the change is attributed to the phrasing of the polling options. “Air Support <3" is easily the most clever/entertaining answer. I'd be willing to venture many clicked on it partially because spoofers are exactly that and because it made them chuckle.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      It’d be interesting to know how many self-proclaimed spoofers voted in that poll.

  • Jeremy

    Also people love it for Legendary raids so when spoofers show up wanting to catch it they need to help everyone battle it just so that they can have a shot of trying to catch it.

  • DevilxDan

    this is only for people who live in major cities like chicago and san francisco where spoofers only go. where i live (suburbs) only Legit players. all spoofers are only in few areas. i hate spoofers

  • lazarusrevives

    I would actually love some spoofers around here for raids. In my small town we are only able to get about 4 people together at a time and that is on a lucky day. If spoofers helped out we would actually be able to try a legendary raid and get a chance to catch one. It sucks that there aren’t enough people for this, so we have to resort to driving about an hour away to have a chance if we’re lucky. I don’t like spoofers in general, but in the raid context…I do.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      So you’re an advocate of cheating when it directly benefits yourself and the repercussions are not yours to bare?

      • hkmaly

        Let me guess, you are radically against cheating, because you are from big city and don’t have problem getting big enough group. Pokemon Go is basically broken outside cities. If only spoofers were limited to rural areas …

        • Partysaurus Rex

          I’m against cheating because I’m not blind to the fact that it is precisely because of the spoofers that development was delayed, gyms monopolized, and many players leaving the game. I’m not about to make them my champions so I can ride their coat tails.

      • Walther Ppk

        There’s a difference in advocating for cheating and accepting that they are there and wishing they would be around to help you out while they do their nefarious activities.

        I live in a town of about 6,000 people. Less than 20 play Pokemon GO and we have 6 gyms and 18 pokestops. I created a FB group to organize and even with that, we are lucky to get 7-9 together for a raid because of schedules of everyone’s lives. We don’t have hundreds or thousands of players that are willing to travel around the city to battle raids all day. For that I have to drive 40 minutes and use a discord group to coordinate.

        I am less than 800k XP from level 39. I have 32 mon over 3000CP. I have 39 species of Pokemon with at least 1 100% IV. I don’t spoof, I don’t condone spoofing, I don’t recommend spoofing and if I know you spoof you will hear it from me. But I accept the fact that they are there and there will always be spoofers because Niantic stands to lose too much by getting rid of them. Because of that, it would be nice to have a little help from them when you need it because there just aren’t enough legit players in the area to beat the raid boss.

  • Partysaurus Rex

    1. I don’t know about anyone else, but as a working class individual pre-gym rework I had a few days when I may have collected from 10+ gyms equating to 100+ coins, but I probably averaged 3 gyms per day, and 1 by the weekend… so 10-30 coins per day. Realistically 50 per day is probably an increase for most people. For my wife who had limited to no available gyms she probably averaged 10 coins per day. (only 1-2 levels behind me 30+)

    Also given that the title of article is about spoofers, yet you have managed to rope in a conversation about the negative aspects of gyms/coins. I am gonna take a shot in the dark and say the author is/was a spoofer?

    2. Lets be real. No spoofer is/was feeding pokemon, and given how easy it is to collect 50 coins, why would you a trainer (legitimate or not) need remote access to feed your pokemon?

    How do you down rate an article?… this is terrible.

    • Justin C. Smith

      That’s actually just not true. There are a lot of spoofers who feed pokemon.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        But spoofing for the sole purpose of feeding pokemon… not buying it. Its a stupid argument from a stupid article, based on a stupid poll.

        • Justin C. Smith

          I happen to spoof to raid and feed all Pokemon at the gyms and every person I know that spoofs does the same. And yes, most of them just randomly spoof back to gyms solely to feed since you get stardust and sometimes candies for feeding gym pokemon.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Why even bother respond 2 months later? You can already remote feed Pokemon in gyms…. so again, as you have admitted, nobody spoofed SOLELY to feed their Pokemon. Your time will come… be sure to head here and tell your sob story when it happens. I’m dying to hear it.

          • Justin C. Smith

            I responded because it just gave me the notification. As for your “your time will come” commemt, I doubt it. Spoofers have yet to be stopped, slowed, or banned. More legit players have been banned than actual spoofers. Botters are the ones that keep getting banned. And yeah, a lot of people spoofed solely to feed Pokemon because it is an easy way to get stardust and candies as well as get rid of all those crappy razzberries the game gives out so much.

    • Dan

      Remote access is great for if you take a gym down, say, 10 minutes ago and someone comes along and starts attacking it. You can keep it longer.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        But is counterproductive to the goal of getting you off your butt and out into the world. I am still not understanding what makes you or anyone else think you are entitled to that theoretical gym? Why is your take down, more important and worthy of a boost, than say this “someone” you have to walk up to said location to battle… you should have to walk up to said location to defend. I am not seeing the logic behind giving some kind of bonus to defenders. IF there were any change I could get behind it would the decay of CP and subsequent power level being removed. i.e. Gym “decay” is just a flat timer… and battling a 2500 Charizard… will always be at 2500 regardless of how many times you battle it. Battling it simply reduces the “timer” faster/larger increments. Though I don’t foresee that having a significant impact on the takedown of a gym.

        • David Shuer

          Daniel Browning why the negativity? The point of the article is that while spoofing may still exist, the game updates have significantly decreased the negative effects of spoofer activity on fair-players. The game isn’t built for you- it is built for the masses. It cannot be perfect for all of us, but Niantic has done a damn good job at making it an enjoyable experience for millions of players, regardless of game style. Nobody is forcing you to play- nobody forced you to read this “stupid argument from a stupid article.” If you don’t like it then quit, and refrain from spreading your pessimistic views.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Reading comprehension is your friend. The game is/was built for the masses and spoofers play for themselves regardless of what it does to the game or to the people that play it. Spoofing allows players to circumvent design intent. I have been enjoying the game since day in spite of its many shortcomings. Taking a hard stance on spoofing (cheating) is not a “pessimistic” view. You can stop pretending they are victims at any time.

  • JStar Pav

    This article is part of the problem of the game once again advocating the use of cheating as a way to beat cheating. This is similar to how more guns does not solve the gun problem, there are still guns in the hands of people that abuse that right. Cheaters will abuse their access as long as they aren’t banned. Besides the act of being able to “catch from their couch”, they also have the ability to take over gyms in late hours of the night/morning so that the next day an entire area will change a color so that the morning raids are all from their gym color. This is a few extra balls and sometimes the difference between catching your boss or not. They also can go out and get poke stops, “walk around” and hatch eggs, and the more access to Pokemon they can catch means more stardust to powerup their power up.

    It’s also frustrating to be sitting at a gym you took over and watch it get taken right back and you are the only one there. This isn’t benefiting anyone but the cheater when that happens and it needs to be stopped.

    For those benefiting from “air support”, shame on you because it means you aren’t playing the game as the new raid system was designed which is to go out and communicate with those in your community, build relationships, plan, and cooperate in order to be successful in raids.

    Who knows in the future what type of advantage this ridiculous spoofing trick will continue to give to players who are obviously cheating and benefiting from it. I don’t use any help and am a level 34 player with multiple high level pokemon with near perfect stats. It takes time and dedication to play the game and compete with these cheaters but when the day comes that they will be banned from spoofing is the day I’ll rejoice in hearing them cry about spending money on gas and not being able to go out passed their bed time for the dragonite down the street. Suck it spoofers, your day will come.

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    There is NO EXCUSE for cheating, no matter how annoying or helpful it is. End of story.

    • boyjorge

      my excuse is that I don’t put myself at risk. there have been more than 55 deaths due to this, and last year over 110,000 traffic accidents.

      100% safe sitting at home

      • Dan

        The game loading screen says “Pay attention to your surroundings”. Don’t walk in the street, play in parks. Boom, no traffic accident.

        • boyjorge

          theres also a warning from the surgeon general about cancer on all cigarette packages but you don’t see people stop smoking…. people who play PoGo arent the smartest out there… that’s why they play video games instead of doing something productive with their intelligence.

          • James

            and yet here you are.

          • David Shuer

            Rickkity rekt boyjorge

      • Robdebobrob

        That is what we call natural selection, and its here not 1 minute to late.

  • DevilxDan

    this is false pokemon go hub. air support and i hate them were pretty much the same 37%-36% and probably a lot who voted air support were spoofers THEMSELVES. i hope Pokemon go hub is against spoofing cos this is stupid

  • DevilxDan

    go hub do u realise how much better and popular pokemon go would be without spoofers. this is the only thing i HATE about the game. fsuatl and the scum

    • Greg Smith

      You’d think Niantic would have found a way to determine that if you fought at one gym and then two minutes later, fought at another gym five miles away, then you either fly a helicopter or you spoof

      • Zapmeister

        This is in fact the criteria they use to punish spoofers by slashing their pokemon, but I don’t know how effective it’s been. Probably better than the slashing would be to simply disable pokestops and gyms that are outside the walking distance/time from the last one that you interacted with.

        • Higher_Ground

          there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to drive from one spot to the next, or rather ride as a passenger.

          But jumping 10 miles in 1 minute is obvious spoofing. It just needs to be a threshold large enough to not catch innocent people.

  • DevilxDan

    spoofers to me are like team rocket and fsuatl is giovanni😂 they use Pokemon in evil purposes

    • Robdebobrob

      Who is fsuatl?

  • Mandy Kota

    In my town, there are over 200 people in a single facebook messenger chat. As they all go about playing, they report what gyms have what raid bosses on them. Others can then say “I’m meeting up at this one” or “I want to participate in that one”, making it possible for sufficiently sized groups to defeat and catch raid bosses. As much as i hate the Facebook messenger app, it has been the difference between me catching Lugia and Articuno or not.

  • Zapmeister

    Yes, spoofing spoiled the old game. But the old game had something to spoil. And if spoofers really are welcome in raids, then why not do what they did with berries, letting anyone participate in raids remotely?

    But this whole thing is contrary to the original concept of a game that gets you outside and walking around. To get back to that, spoofing has to be eliminated.

    • Greg Smith

      So does driving around to catch pokemons or to hit a bunch of pokestops! Or driving to raids for that matter. Or for using maps to locate the best raids or to find the best pokemons.

      • Zapmeister

        I walk myself, but that said, driving cars in no way compares to spoofing. Spoofers can move between all sites in a city very rapidly, taking back gyms within a few minutes of losing them. With botting, they don’t even have to do it manually. In a car, it takes a LOT more time and energy. If spoofing was eliminated, but ppl still played in their cars, I’d be more than happy with that.

  • Zapmeister

    “Don’t forget, the newly patched motivation system decimates defenders on
    an hourly basis, making Gym turnover a breeze for everyone.”

    And a challenge for no-one. Does no-one at Niantic understand game design?

    • Greg Smith

      Strong pokemon aren’t that important anymore. Except for raids that is. How often do we see 3000+ pokemon in gyms now? It used to be that everything seemed to be 2500+ Now we have people filling gyms with baby mons, pink mons, Eevee and its evolutions… People just don’t feel the need to leave big pokemons at the gyms anymore.

      • Higher_Ground

        and the game is all the more better for it IMO. Variety is the spice of life after all.

        • Robdebobrob

          Variety yes, but this new gym system defeats the purpose of powering up defenders and a slap in the face to high level players who walked miles and put tons of stardus in their blisseys and such to max their CP.

          • Higher_Ground

            Respectfully, I guess I just disagree. I’ve got a 96 iv Lugia and I plan to drop a lot of candy & stardust to level it up. This despite not even being able to use it in gyms.

          • Robdebobrob

            And no where did i ever say that you shouldnt. I said there is no point in upgrading defenders.. Lugia is nog a Defender. I have 1 at 93% and im gonna upgrade it aswell if i dont get a higher one when he dissapears.

          • Higher_Ground

            There’s no point in differentiating between attackers and defenders, though.

          • Robdebobrob

            There are alot of posts and stats that say there is.. Attacking a lugia with a maxed blissey is ok cause you survive long, but attacking it with a Tyranitar will do alot more damage. If there is no point in differentiating then why do we have so many different pokemon. Exactly because they have different stats and specialities makes it that you differentiate between attackers and defenders.

          • Higher_Ground

            That’s all basically moot thanks to the gym motivation, which is what I thought initiated this conversation.

            You can attack or defend with whatever you like. The stats are different but not significantly so and vary between individual pokemon to begin with.
            Variety doesn’t exist just for strategy.

            The game allows plenty of freedom to choose how you want to play – even more so due to the gym changes.

          • Robdebobrob

            But attackers are still important for raids arent they. Defenders however arent really that usefull. I agree, attack anything in a gym that is degraded low enough with whatver you want cause it wont matter, but it just makes more sense to put stardust in attackers.

          • Higher_Ground

            Yeah, I agree. That’s what I’m spending it on too.

  • Paulo Cruz

    I say this is total crap! Go write about something that we give two shitzzzz about! Spoofers suck sny way you look at it over 70 Legendary Raids done always private group no air support!!!!!!! Tks!

    • AJ Knitter

      Same. We use private groups when we have the numbers.

    • Michael Hogan

      If you think that why did you even read the article?

      • Paulo Cruz

        Are you seriously asking me that question? For à spoofer you have some gull asking me why I would read an article that talks about cheaters that are destroying a game so many of us enjoy!

        I read it with the hopes that it would end with something they have finally found a way to trap these cheaters but instead this crap article talks about you (Spoofers) like we legit players need you to take down a Legendary give me a break!!! Never in any of my Raids will you capture one! Thank you PRIVATE RAID!

        • Michael Hogan

          Chill dude was just asking a simple question and I do not spoof thank you very much don’t even know how to do it and I would appreciate it if you would apologize for insulting me

          • Paulo Cruz

            Oh come on why would you be insulted unless you were a spoofer?

        • boyjorge

          most spoofers arent going to local areas to wait for your to hope that can piggy back of your raids… why help people like you get the raid anyway. We have specific locations to use to help ourselves get 20 people raids anytime of the day.

          • Dan

            Why would you admit to spoofing on a site that Niantic definitely checks?

          • boyjorge

            yea because my user names and accounts are all tied to this small website.

          • Dan

            You, sir or madam, is everything that is wrong with this game. Stop cheating.

          • David Shuer

            Lmao boyjorge and Paulo Cruz you are both children. Spoofers are not ruining the game anymore than you are by spreading negative sentiments.

          • Paulo Cruz

            Good for you you fat lazy F**** we don’t want you in our raids now go back into mommys basement and enjoy the raids all the raids you like from your dungeon!

    • JPaulBeaubier
  • Mat Barber

    I was always against people cheating at the game but my opinion has only changed for legendary’s. It’s unfair that raids is the only way to get them, the raids finish too early at night so I miss most of them whilst at work, when you do see a raid its somewhere with no one around so you have no chance of beating it anyway, we don’t all have the freedom to take the day off and find a populated location to try and catch one, as a result I now have to miss out on more pokemon just because of the stupid hours of raids and lack of other people, hence why I support spoofers but only for the catching of legendary’s.

    Maybe if Niantic was smart and actually allowed you to re-battle a raid (using another raid pass) if you beat it but didn’t catch it. They would make more money and I would happilly stand there for two hours re-trying until i caught the legendary

    • Amandy Marie

      They do. I worked with a group and we didn’t defeat a lugia so everyone got back in without having to purchase another

      • Mat Barber

        You misunderstand what I said. I am saying that when you BEAT a raid boss, you then proceed to the bonus challenge to catch it, when you run out of balls and can’t catch it, it runs, the gym is then locked out for you until the raid ends as you have already won the raid however you didn’t catch the pokemon,

        What I am saying is that if you WIN the raid but fail to catch it in the bonus challenge, they should let you attempt to raid and catch it again, using another raid pass.

  • Nightmare

    I’ve been in a various Incursions, and meet the people that is fighting with you side by side is so cool! I have never ask or wanted the help of spoofers and I will never do it.

  • Zapmeister

    As DevilxDan points out below, the 37% pro-spoofing vote would be WHOLLY accounted for by players who are themselves spoofers. In fact, an estimate of 37% of the playerbase being spoofers sounds a bit low to me.

    So, the result of the poll “completely surprised” the pollsters by revealing that spoofers support spoofing and non-spoofers don’t. It’s not the result that’s surprising, it’s the surprise.

  • Jason

    I don’t like cheaters in any game.. my opinion the biggest reason it isn’t hated as much is simply the raids.. if you want to raid to do high level raids spoofers actually help you defeat the raid boss when you don’t have a big group with you which most people don’t.. maybe a couple of friends and that’s it for most people.. And my opinion I liked the old rewards system better.. collect manually and get stardust as well.. Only 20 stardust per berry is hard to get stardust now.. and in rural areas like where I live I am stuck in a gym for days getting no stardust or coins.. the new gyms do look awesome and I like the feature of feeding them and obviously no duplicates I think everyone likes that and motivation is cool I think.. just hate the rewards system but I don’t see them changing it soon cause people are getting way less coins so probably buying more from Niantic..

  • Eskimo Joe

    Really, this is like a political poll that is completely wrong!!
    Please poll again with more professional answers and more voters!!

    Spoofers are still hated except in rural raids!

  • Lorddacc

    There’s no point in making this sort of comparisons. 37% voted in favor because they either are spoofers or people who benefit from them. The moment an opinion based poll has options that take into account what’s convenient to each individual, the results become redundant. Let’s make a poll about “Are you in favor of stealing money?” with options like “Yes, as long I get half of it”, “No, it’s not correct” and “Not sure, what’s the cut I get?”, and you’ll see the results.
    No, spoofers are a bad thing, they’re the ones preventing features like trading of ever reaching the game, which would be extremely useful for players who can’t get all or any legendary.

    • BigDaddy422

      Do you use an iv checker? Tracker? Multiple accounts? Guess what, you are cheating. So you are just as bad as those spoofers. They play their way, I play mine. No matter what game you play on any system there will always be cheaters. End of story. I can’t stand the self righteous that condemn one type and yet exploit others.

      • Dan

        Let me ask you a question: can you greatly change the dynamic of the gym and raid meta by using an IV checker? What about a tracker? No? Then don’t compare it to spoofing.

        • BigDaddy422

          Cheating is cheating. You can’t condemn one without the other without being a hypocrite. I don’t spoof, none of my friends do either, but I can see the appeal. All of it is against their terms and conditions so if you use any of them you are in fact cheating. So if I robbed a bank it should be allowed since it wont greatly change the dynamic of the bank or their clients right? I mean, the insurance covers it. It wouldn’t personally effect you or anyone that you know.

          • Zapmeister

            Cheating is cheating if it adversely affects the other players. Otherwise, its not cheating (unless you arbitrarily say it is).

          • BigDaddy422

            So then if someone can spoof and catch the legendary birds how does it adversely affect other players? They aren’t allowed in gyms, there is no PvP, so they are utterly useless other than for personal gain with raids and pokedex entries. Your argument is invalid.

          • Zapmeister

            Someone spoofing to catch the legendaries does not adversely affect others (as far as I can see) so why would anyone care if they do that? It’s not cheating and my argument is valid.

            Spoofing is a problem because of its impact on the competitive side of the game, i.e. gyms (not raids)

          • bokshilyi

            If the App Store had 2 versions of Pokemon Go… One legit and the other joystick, most or all would gravitate towards joystick. In reality most people who don’t spoof don’t know how or are terrified to lose their account.

          • Dan

            You used the wrong analogy. Banks aren’t covered by insurance for lost money due to a robbery (at least in the US). It does greatly change the dynamic of the bank or their clients in ways you have no idea that they do (I work in a bank). Robbing a bank is a federal felony anyway because you’re stealing government property (all printed bills in the US are property of the Treasury, and they can take it all back, or make it worthless, at any point in time; we’re simply borrowing the bills).

            The analogy you want is physical assault (like a punch) vs murder. Spoofing is like murder in this case, while IV checking and tracking is like a punch. Which one does more harm?

      • Lorddacc

        I have one account, I don’t use trackers, and I check IVs. Checking IVs is not cheating, if it was Niantic would ban all the websites that calculate IVs, like they did with trackers. Your argument is already flawed, thank you. Having two accounts is against the terms of use, so yeah also cheating.
        Yeah, I’m such a mean person to figure out if my pokemon is an 82% or an 89… something that I captured legitimately, by walking and randomly encountering it in the wild.
        I guess we found a butthurt spoofer boys.
        Oh yeah, I exploit so much by checking IVs… it’s almost like I see a pokemon and check their IV before catching it…
        Once again, your whole argument is invalid the moment you are accusing someone of using said cheating tools, when that person doesn’t use them. Then your morals are questionable. Let’s not judge anyone, even if they pratice cannibalism, racism, robbery, whatever, because “it’s their way to live their life, and I live mine my way”. See how that potato logic works? It doesn’t.

        • BigDaddy422

          Are you using 3rd party software to access them? Yes you are, which is against the terms of service so yes, yes you are in fact cheating. Suck it up buttercup and perhaps you should read their TOS

          • Lorddacc

            I do not use any software. There’s a site (well, two or three of them) where you can manually incert the appraise of your pokemon and the stats that matter (cp, hp, stard). I do the hardwork, I take my time to write all the data to the website, to get a value or an estimate of it’s real IV. No apps, no print screen the pokemon and post it in another app to get an IV. Nothing. It’s like just asking an opinion.
            If by going on a website I’m cheating, then anyone who checks websites to known type effectiveness, which is a better attacker, a better defender, etc. One thing is searching for knowledge you don’t have. Another is using apps to make your job easier, to get you good spawns, snipes, and so on.
            It’s hillarious how you compare me checking an iv or whatever question I have about the game, with spoofing and using trackers.
            Atleast I take time and effort when I search for what are the best movesets, counters, ivs, while other have one app that does everything for them, and even tells people what the ivs/movesets/cp a pokemon has before they catch it.

    • BigDaddy422

      Just because I am sure you are clueless how to access it here you go buttercup. Notice it says using modified or unofficial software. Now, being that niantic has yet to release an official ov checker and those of checkers are unofficial and access you account it is safe to say you are indeed cheating according to their TOS. Again, I don’t spoof. Never have and never will. I have however benefited from one helping in a raid.

      No cheating.

      Don’t do it. Play fair. Pokémon GO is meant to be played on a mobile device and get you outside to explore your world! Methods of cheating, unfortunately, are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, but include at a minimum the following: using modified or unofficial software; playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please); sharing accounts; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or selling/trading accounts.

      • Lorddacc

        I don’t use modified software, for one. I don’t use apps. Unless you count using discord to join a group of people to battle raids a method of cheating and against the terms of service. If your point is just that, then it’s clear you have no business here. Assuming I use third party apps, when I don’t, and base your whole argument around it, just shows how you fail. Nothing accesses my account. Nothing. No matter how you try to put it, never happens.
        The funny thing is, you tried so hard to defend cheaters, saying it’s the way they played, and now you come up with a copy of the TOS to be against them. You even contradict yourself.
        If the websites where a great percentage of the players check their IVs, including youtubers that are now in partnership with Niantic, was against the TOS, they would be closed down and those youtubers wouldn’t get sponsorship from Niantic. Here you go. As long as they don’t use apps, they are fine.

  • Jeff Murray

    Spoofer are nothing but cheaters. Cheaters ruin games for everyone.

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Think of it this way: how would you like it if YOU worked on a brilliant video game for YEARS, it was your life’s work! Then suddenly, your game is dominated by useless cheaters who don’t play the way it was intended, and derive you of your rightful money, as cheaters don’t have to spend any coins to get ahead! Would you be sympathetic to them THEN?

    And yes, I understand why some rural players are desperate for help in raids, and so they appreciate the help of spoofers. I totally get that. But instead of just accepting this system, we should be making recommendatnions to Niantic. Perhaps they could make a system where if you’re by yourself, it will give you bonus time to beat the boss, or put in some A.I. trainers to help, etc. There are many ways that this problem could be fixed without involving cheaters!

    • Partysaurus Rex

      Or dynamic scaling based on raid size.

    • Peg Janssens

      I fully understand, but giving more time isn’t an option, we only waste more pokemon and more potion/revives, we can’t just go on a walk and fill our bags again, 1 pokestop and 4 gyms (5 spins) isn’t enough to compensate the loss in potion/revives, especially now, all stops give always those damned pokeballs, more then it used to since the raids started, we want more potion/revives from stops!, or a cp based raid based on the people who join, with a minimum of 5 players needed, this way you can always have a change to beat the boss

      • Michal Husak

        Damned pokeballs ? You do not see the solution – catch more pokemons, get more stardust, have stronger pokemons, less potion will be needed. They way to victory is not easy …

  • Martin Vrba

    This is so ridiculous. People now love spoofers because they help them in raids. Niantic, make all raids soloable and start to do something against spoofers. That’s the way you should go further…

    • Robdebobrob

      People dont suddenly love them. In the earlier poll, 22% didnt mind them. thats 22% spoofers. Now its 15% more. Thats just people who cant do it on their own, and maybe an increase in spoofers cause some people might get tired from walking arround for a year. This article is actually just very bad. Would be better if gohub just sticks with information articles instead of these opinion based ones.

  • Peg Janssens

    I really don’t care.

    I don’t spoof, but in my area there are less then 10 players and 4 gyms, when a raid happens we can’t do it on our own, i’m level 34, i don’t even have a tyranitar, or blissey, let alone a Golem and 1 gyarados, i just barely have 70% of gen 1 and 40% of gen 2, i have over 2000 pidgey/rattata/weedle/hoothoot/natu candy’s, rest is hard to get.

    Yes, we divided the 4 gyms, 2 red, 2 blue and kick each other out daily and swap gyms for the coins.

    Nearby cities (around 20km range), only have 1 gym and 1 or 2 pokestop, some even don’t have any.

    So yes we are happy when we try a raid with 6 or 7 (max we can get togheter, someone always have to work or is not home), we are happy when we see spoofer joining in we almost all managed to get each an 1 articuno and 1 lugia (1 guy doesn’t have an articuno yet and one doesn’t have a lugia yet), max i have seen was 5 spoofers, that time we managed to beat a lugia (and except for 1 we all captured it.
    You can imagine how happy we where, we never could have managed to get one in our area. (and no some people can travvel long distances (2 sit in a wheelchair and depend on us or other people, lucky they live under a pokestop where mons pop-up regulary and the nearest gym is 10m away.

    We tried Moltres with 7 and could not beat it (nobody has decent pokemon all are lvl 30+)

    So city boys with stops and gyms around almost every corner understand that rural players are a bit discriminated, like said 4 gyms in our town is a luxery, but the downside, 1 pokestop (ok since the new gym system we now have 5 pokestops if you include the 4 gyms)

    So yes, i don’t mind spoofers anymore! thanks to them we where able to get 2 legendaries, but we haven’t have seen any spoofer yet for Moltres, so when we can come togheter, and try to beat one, we hope s poofer jumps in, if not, all we can do is try and waste potion and revives (and raid passes (yes we all bought 3x the first box to get 18 premium raid passes)

    Anyway, that’s all i have to say about it, yes, i hated spoofers, i still do in my heart, but we’re damned happy they once and awhile jump in our town for a legendary, (i think alot of rural players can understand my opinion.

    • Peg Janssens

      Right forgot, none of use even have a Snorlax or dragonite, it never poped up in times we where playing (dratini’s never seen any around)

      • Robdebobrob

        You could get snorlax and Ttar from earlier raids tough and use those against the legendaries. Its actually hard to believe for me you cant finish the legendarys with 7 people.. Ive seen it happen, and ive done it. Maybe not with the first 6 but you can just jump back in with the next 6.

    • Robert Byrne

      Fake gps and joystick and routes go in play store. I’m in the same boat as you lot by the look of it.

  • Garrett Bootz Boak

    Your survey design is garbage and your results meaningless

  • Robert Byrne


  • vision33r

    Raids make catching high IV rare Pokemons a breeze.

  • siriphong saksurasub

    I don’t actually think it’s spoofing to be blamed but it’s the way that person plays. I would say who spoofs to snap good iv pokemon is like those who have free time and money to roam around using tracker to catch pokemon! And you know what, where I live now, those who has a ridiculously high xp do like that because they have time and money to effort it. Again nothing against this style though. It’s just that they can and some of us cannot.

    Of course there’s a limit. If those persons are really greedy and want to kill the excitement of the game by keeping spoofing and snaping rare pokemon, so it’s their own business. There’s no excitement anymore when they face wild rare pokemon in person! Believe me, this is the reason why we fall in love with this game!

    I’d rather hate those who play without dignity by shaving someone out of the gym from their own team and place their own pokemon instead; spoofing or not! These persons kill the fun of the game not just to them but to all. But don’t forget, at the end of the day it’s just a game. Let’s enjoy just the way you can.

  • Higher_Ground

    I actually like the revamped motivation mechanics now. Before it just made beating a gym frustrating because you pretty much always had to do it 3x in a row. Now that you don’t always have to do it 3x in a row I’m more likely to take them down instead of leaving them to rot.

  • Dimas Aditya S

    Spoofers are helpful to take down big raid boss

  • Robdebobrob

    Today 1 of the notorious spoofers from our area (Robinus, feel free to report the scumbag) came out of his hole to finally do a raid. We only do private groups in our city cause theres usually enough players to take it down anyways so we dont give spoofers a chance. So for him to get legendarys he had to come out.. It almost ended with him going for an unvoluntary swim. No aggresive actions were taken, but we made sure to tell him what we thought about him and that hes not welcome in our raid groups. For me personally spoofers are still poison and they deserve to get their account emptied or removed.

  • bokshilyi

    I walk/jog/excercise 5 miles a day, regardless of whether or not I play this game. I’ll admit that I’ve played this game both legit and through cheating/spoofing. Playing Pokemon Go while walking is extremely dangerous. Might as well walk with blindfolds on. While playing legit, I was tempted many times to spin Pokestops while driving. If you don’t know any legit players who do that, you’re lying to yourself. Every person who’s played Pokemon Go has broken TOS one time or another. If you haven’t, well, kudos to you… but this game doesn’t give you extra rewards for having that badge of honor. I don’t mess with gyms because it’s not really worth my time anymore. All the money I save on gas goes right into Niantics pockets (incubators, raid passes, lures, etc). Niantic has done a fantastic job lately trying to level the playing field by softbanning/banning teleportation and will continue to do so.

    Not every spoofer is arrogant like FSUATL…

  • JPaulBeaubier

    Well.. since the raids began, I am spoofing.

    I wake up early, spend almost 1:30 to go to work and the same to get back home. By the time I arrive any area with gyms, raids are already closing or about to. So it leaves my lunch time to battle in a place with no pokestops nor gyms… and I am from a big city.
    TL;DR: Sorry but I am not sorry.

    But on other hand… Niantic’s Ingress is said way more restrictive with spoofers than PoGo. Which makes me wonder if Niantic does not benefit in some level with it.

  • vision33r

    All the anti-spoofing crap that Niantic says they implemented never materialized. I think Spoofing is now bigger than before. It’s not the preferred way to raid.

  • Mike Moore

    I love the poll. Looks like the “I hate spoofers” dropped… or looks like the people who voted against it before learned how to do it so now they’re all for it. Especially when Niantic isn’t doing anything about it, the figure, why not?!

  • Sam Tequianes

    i honestly think that niantic should bring back the old coin system because instead of just hurting spoofers it hurt the whole pokemon go community because only 50 coins a day is not much to begin with and after that being said your not even gaurenteed to get that you have to hope that your pokemon will get knocked out after the needed time to get 50 coins and not days after that causing you not to be able to use your pokemon and with the old system when you couldnt use your pokemon for days you knew that their was a nice insentive to it so now your forced to buy pokekoins if 50 coins a day isnt enough, to buy one incubator you have to get 50 coins for three days and and if you need an incubator for exzample the poke fest event with the eggs if you didn’t have incubators then you would have to wait three days for enough coins to buy one Incubator and then the event is almost over , plus the fact that if you have multiple pokemon get knocked out in one day when theyve been guarding The gym for multiple days each then you only get 50 coins , i love the game and it has alot of Great qualities but this issue really needs to be fixed