although not announced before hand, a new box sale has been launched in the game’s store, featuring Super Incubators, Special and Ultra Boxes!

The following prices and contents of every box are live now:

  • Super Incubators, 200 PokéCoins each
  • Special Box, 380 PokéCoins
    • 20x Great Ball
    • 6x Lucky Egg
    • 1x Premium Raid Pass
    • 4x Lure Module
  • Ultra Box, 880 PokéCoins
    • 16x Lucky Egg
    • 4x Premium Raid Pass
    • 8x Lure Module
    • 30x Ultra Ball

We’re not completely surprised by the sale, but we’re surprised by the contents of the boxes. The sheer amount of Lucky Eggs and Lures is great, a few Raid Passes are in the mix and the Great/Ultra Balls seem like a cherry on top.

Niantic is really pushing this event to be something like a worldwide GO Fest and we’re not objecting, but a heads up would be appreciated. We recommend going for the Special box if you’re aiming to pick up some XP doubling goodness and Lures. Otherwise, man up and go for the Ultra Box.

Fun fact, Ultra Box was 1480 when the sale initially launched, but was quickly adjusted to 880 PokéCoins, bringing it back in the realm of purchasable reality.


  • Heydavid17

    Hmm… interesting, but I have the Lucky Eggs I need, and I don’t need Lures.
    But the Super Incubators being for themselves, that is indeed very tempting 😀

    I actually like, the way that Niantic has decided to go with this event, by keeping us updated, I mean they could have added the live counter or something, so we have an idea where we stand, but at least they are being active for once

    • Michal Hušák

      Live counter is on twiter.

  • Elusive7

    Thx to previous ‘sales’ I’m already sitting on 34 Lucky Eggs, 19 Raid Passes & 56 Lures… So I think I’ll give it a pass.

  • Felipe Bauer

    Finally individual super incubators
    That was the only thing I cared about the previous sales, and I ended up filling my bag with uselles lucky eggs, incenses, lure modules, and even raid passes to an extent, trying to stock up on S.I.

    • If the Super Incubators were sold for 150 coins in this sale, decision to buy would have been a no brainer.

      • Marco De Freitas

        Why would the better version cost the same price ? -_-“

        • ElectroBlade

          Because it’s not “better” enough to warrant 50 extra coins.

          • peponzio

            Considering it is 66.7% the time needed to hatch, meaning 4 hatches instead of 3 in the same amount of time, it cannot be valued the same.

            True if you have the time to hatch it will be more const efficient in coins per hatch to buy normal incubators. But if you are spending coins per hatching time then super incubators are more cost efficient.

            It is a simple priorization of resource-value. If you have time buy normal, if you want speed buy super.

            And since super incubators are basically normal with an extra bonus then they must cost additional for that bonus. Since they are 33.3% faster it is only fair they cost 33.3% more (150 to 200 pokecoins).

            That is no discount but it is accesible.

          • Sorin Stancu

            Since Black Friday is coming, they could have made some promotions!

          • peponzio

            Maybe they will. This took us sort of by surprise, maybe next monday there will be a box with incubators.

            If I buy incubators it will be normal right now, I have the time so I’ll prioritize coins

          • Higher_Ground

            That’s a fair assessment, but the bottom line for me is that they take an extra day’s worth of coins to buy and you run out of it faster than normal. I have everything I’m going to get from eggs already. The other rewards are nice but nothing to rush for.

            The super incubators really become “worth it” to me when they have special eggs for the events. In that case I need to quickly clear inventory and having some on hand works well.

          • DRF

            It takes you from 1/5 mon per km to 1.3 mon per km (for a 5k egg). 1/5/150 =
            .0013333…. 1/3/200 = .00166666… The performance ratio is .8 (it’s .89 for 10Ks). The price ratio is .75.

      • DRF

        For a 5k egg, a regular incubator gets you 1/5 mon per km. SI gets you 1/3 mon per km. 1/5/150 = .0013333…. 1/3/200 = .00166666… The super incubators get you more mon per coin but not by enough of a margin to be worth the price. Mon/km/coin ratio is .8 and the price ratio is .75. So I guess the regulars get you more bang for your buck. They work 80% as well but cost 75% as much. The ratio is 89% to 75% on 10K eggs.

  • Robdebobrob

    Still got enough lures and lucky egg’s from previous events. About 10 super incubators with 2 or 3 uses left so dont really need those either. I was hoping for a box with some more premium passes. I guess the ultra box will have to do, but the great box from last event would have been better for me personally. (aiming to do some double or triple legendary raids with a lucky egg on)

  • LaserOstriches

    While I appreciate the Super Incubators now being sold individually I wish they had given us warning so that we could have been battling and holding gyms for coins. This no warning deal makes it look like a cash grab since it’s limited time and you can’t spend days building up at least 200 free pokecoins from gyms.

    • Charter

      Well, I guess most of us try to get those 50 free coins everyday. Since there were no great deals during the last weeks, I’m at 1900 coins right now without cashing.

    • peponzio

      True, but spending is usually a gamble in the current financial system. One day you can buy a product you’ve been waiting for months to get a discount, and the next day it is half the price and you already spent the money.

      Or something better comes up and turns out to be cheaper or something. It’s always luck.

      Frugality is a blessing and a curse.

      • Higher_Ground

        THIS… I’m trying my best to bank coins for an upcoming storage sale (if they have one when gen 3 releases like last year with gen 2).

  • Pam Pam

    Fantastic love the special boxes.
    Could the order of the incubators change, my infinite incubator is always at the far right of multiple incubators meaning I have to swipe across to get it and often select a special incubator instead which is such a waste on a 2km egg. Infinite first then all the other incubators first please.

    • Brad Fisher

      The workaround for that is to click on the incubator button in the bottom right first, then scroll to the infinite, and when you click it, it let’s you pick an egg!

  • Dimas Aditya S

    I want the super incubator to be 150 coins each

    • Daniel Doiron

      HAHA , not happening unless the other one becomes 100C, but we know it won’t happen

  • Antonio Mercurio

  • Kim Eeckeleers

    Nice to see some boxes, BUT we need bag upgrade!!!
    It’s no use to throw away 58 items to buy the ultra box :/

    Niantic: Bag upgrade to 2000 would be nice!

  • Mandy Kota

    Can we please keep the super incubators in the stores after the promotions/events? Please?

  • DRF

    I ran the numbers and 200 coins for a SI gets you more mon per mile per coin (.001666666…) than 150 for a regular (.00133333….). The ratio is .08 mon/km/coin and .75 for 150/200. It’s a better deal.