On the 31st October 2017, @ChesterPokeGo will be hosting an unofficial Pokemon Go Halloween event that will give trainers the chance to win a real world prize for their ghostly in-game catches.

Trainers around the world will be encouraged to catch as many ghost pokemon as they can throughout the day and submit screenshots of their journal via DM in order to earn points. In addition, bonus points will be earnt by catching extra large ghost pokemon that exceed their average size and weight.

The trainer who earns the most points will win a Pokemon GO plus (if there is no clear winner, the trainers with the most points will go into a random draw). @ChesterPokeGo are looking to make trainers Halloween catches more competitive with more than just stardust and xp the goal.

More details will follow on the @ChesterPokeGo Twitter page soon. The initial announcement is already live on Twitter:

Cover image was taken in Chester, during the Big Heritage event. Read more about it here: Chester Calling: Lugia expected, the Bag is growin’ thin


    • TheoPembo

      This is an unofficial event setup by the Chester Pokemon go community not Niantic… lol

    • Serenity

      At least Americans had a failed one, I’m Italian and we don’t even get that

      • William Kelly

        Same as canada

      • Chris Denton

        “Americans” didn’t get an event, Chicago did.

        • mcfilmmakers

          Last I checked, Chicago is in America. Therefore Americans got an event. There is nothing innavirate with the statement made.

          • Chris Denton

            Lol 1 city qualifies as Americans getting an event? Chicago is closer to Canada than a lot of cities in America.

          • mcfilmmakers

            Yes, that’s what the phrase means. Americans got an event. No event anywhere in the world meant that all citizens in the country hosting the event got to participate. The safari zone events in Paris = the French got an event too. It doesn’t mean all French citizens got to participate. What makes Chicago and America different than Paris and fenace?

          • Chris Denton

            Nothing at all makes them different and I wouldn’t say the French got an event. I would say Paris got an event.

            It’s implied that Americans get all the goodies when it comes to pogo and that’s just not true. The game is crap for us too.

      • Bruno

        Imagine us here in South America, not even a nearby event to think about going…

      • Harsh Sharma

        And i am indian and get nothing even a Ex raid pass 😢😢

    • William Kelly

      Whats canada get? Stop complaining

    • mawgan andrew

      Most people can’t even do these events because they live too far away

      • Chris Denton

        The point isn’t to include everyone and that’s the problem with 1 city events. It’s little more than a cash grab for niantic.

        Instead of buying tickets, or waiting for an event to miraculously happen around you, make safari pass a 19.99 IAP that makes anywhere you go a safari zone.

  • Ja Go

    I like pokemon

    • stephanie

      submit screenshots of their journal via DM in order to earn points what is DM ?

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        Direct Message