the new installment in the core Pokémon games has launched worldwide. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are now available all across the globe, more features, content and better post game to the already critically acclaimed Alola region.

The following launch trailer shows the game in action:

Despite their earlier statement and despite the recent introduction of Alolan clothes in Pokémon GO, Niantic still hasn’t announced anything new for GO.

As a reminder, this was stated earlier this week on the official Niantic’s blog:

We–the Pokémon GO development team–want to say that we are 100% committed to creating an ever-changing and growing game that gets our players exploring, meeting each other, and deepening their connection to the Pokémon universe. We’re actively expanding the Pokémon GO development team to build many more amazing features in 2018. Stay tuned for an update next week on upcoming improvements to certain features.

In other news, the USUM installment seems to be one of the best additions to the core game series in a while, with critical scores in the high 90s.

Our USUM Coverage (limited, but still interesting):

If (or when) Niantic announces anything new, we’ll let you know.

  • Prinshka

    its was actually last friday they said that (not early this week).

    • Chris Denton

      I’m upset they haven’t given an announcement yet, but I doubt tpc will let them steal any thunder on the release day of a core series game. Only way I could see it happening today is if there is a tie in to US/UM.

      I hope I’m wrong. And I hope it’s more than a new hat

    • Simone Amoruso

      Yes, but they said “next week” (so monday-sunday), not “next week from now”.

      • Prinshka

        You’re right but not lot of company are working the weekend 😀

  • mcfilmmakers

    Good reviews have no correlation to “best”. From what I heard the improvements are minor. Black and white 2 are the best additions in my opinion because he story was entirely different.

    • Joel Jensen


    • ElectroBlade

      The story is entirely different in US/UM too.

      • Simone Amoruso


  • P-necio

    Believe in Niantic is like believe in Hillary Clinton.

  • Cerilla Poke

    When I open the app, the game doesn’t load.
    It’s not an internet problem.I clean the cache and is still happening.Sometimes I restart the phone and then I can play the game. In other cases when the message “try with other acount” appears, I click “restart” and the game loads. Why is this happening?

    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      You on Pokémon Trainer Club. It’s always PTC accounts. I have one and sometimes the app is locked for hours

      • Cerilla Poke

        no, mine is Gooogle account…

        • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

          Huh. That’s strange. It almost never has issues

  • Erja Mäkelä

    So dissapointed for not getting new features this week. Niantec promised! Alola clothing? Winter is coming to Helsinki. Where are my avatar’s winter jacket and boots? She is freezing!

  • William Kelly

    It’ll be closer to 20th. Die hard fans & news hounds all know it’ll be the 20th.

    • Heydavid17

      I believe so as well, however it’s still very poorly to announce these kind of things at the very last moment.
      Yet, from the news I’ve gathered, then I see a possible event starting on that date, so hopefully the news should come in during this weekend.