our data mining of 0.59.1 APK is complete! We are very excited to share our findings, but be aware that this data mining report contains spoilers for future features of Pokémon GO.

The 0.59.1 release is one of the biggest releases in a while, with multiple UI and performance improvements, bug fixes left and right and foundation for the future of Pokémon GO events.

Summary of our discoveries
  • Shiny Pokémon are now code complete!
  • A new Pokédex badge shows up if you’ve encountered a Shiny!
  • Redeemable codes introduced
  • New throw mechanic (throw grade) is being tested and introduced
  • Player nicknames can now be “blacked out”
  • Festivals (like Halloween) and Events (like Party Pikachu) are now split in the code base

For the curious ones: you can always grab the APK on APK Mirror and data mine it using this guide.

New Pokédex badges for Genders and Shiny Pokémon!

The excitement starts right here, as this version introduced new Pokédex badges for Genders and Shiny variants. Here’s the icons in question:

Our asset extracting setup broke down after exporting those, so we’ll be using TheSilphRoad’s image to show the remaining new badges (Genderless and Unown):

Shiny Pokémon are now Code complete!

We’ve been reporting on an increase of Shiny code in the APKs for months already, but it seems that they are now finally code complete and ready to launch. It wouldn’t surprise us if there was a silent release of Shinies this or next week.


We were also able to confirm that Shiny Pokémon were tested in the wild, mostly through error messages found in the APK.

We have no news to share on their release date, but we do know how they technically work and behave: Full technical breakdown of Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Redeemable codes introduced

Initially, we thought that “passcodes” in the APK refer to improved security however, we were wrong. Niantic is introducing redeemable codes, mostly for event purposes! Our current understanding is that Passcodes will be used for promotions and obtaining special items!

There are more references in the APK, however, we’re sharing only these ones for brevity:


Other notable changes

“Throw Grade” introduced and tested

A new throw mechanic was introduced, however we are not sure what it does or how it influences capturing Pokémon. At this point we know that the game grades your throw using a different mechanism than it used to do it before

Festivals and Events are now split

Apparently, Niantic is preparing it’s client side infrastructure for an upcoming series of events. We’ve observed Festivals and Events handled separately in the past, however, they have now been split in the codebase also.

Two festival types are known so far:



We’re very excited to see how and when Shiny Pokémon will start appearing in the wild. The infrastructure is there, the UI is there and everything Niantic has to do is press the magic button.

As for other features introduced in this release, it’s interesting to see how they’re carefully building the foundation for future events and features.

  • Eliecer Cherigo

    And stil… no news about stoping GPS spoofing.

    • Maria

      Really? That’s your biggest gripe? I cannot walk!! If it weren’t for GPS spoofing I couldn’t play and I wouldn’t be able to chat with my nieces and nephews who play this and encourage them on their crazy Pokémon hunts… I might not be able to run or walk with them in real life but I go the route they are going in the neighbourhood and it keeps me from feeling more left behind than usual. (I only go routes I would be able to do if I could run etc…I don’t fly to Japan and Australia and back to the UK in a day or 2…)

      My point is? It’s not all bad!

      • Dude

        if it was not for a gun and a fast driver i would be broke! get real! needing to use a wheelchair or scooter is not an excuse to cheat! all of us use adaptive equipment in order to be productive members of society in whatever ways we can, some use wheelchairs, some use buddy buttons to use the computer, some have to use a headwand to tap on a touch screen computer just to read email! I will never use any disability as a reason not to do for myself what may take a different approach then the cookie cutter society we live in. don’t buy the lie, your not disabled, you are ABLE! good luck and press on.

      • Eliecer Cherigo

        As an Oncologist, i can totally relate with human suffering… its not an excuse for cheating; Pokemon Go is not meant to be played without going out exploring. Im Sorry you are a disable person, hope everything gets better for you, still, cheating its never the way to go.

        • Maria

          And, as an oncologist, would you tell someone “I’m sorry” but I can’t treat your tumour you’re meant to have it?

          It harms NO ONE.

  • Alfonso Rivera

    stoping gps spofing shuld be the nex update… i don’t wanna see shiny Dragonite, gyrados or tyranitar on my local gyms

    • Maria

      It’s not ALL bad!
      I can’t walk.
      If I couldn’t do the route I would if I were able to run round my neighbourhood then I wouldn’t be able to play.
      I don’t do ridiculous morphing like Oz one day, Canada the next etc… I stay in my neighbourhood, but to take it away completely would be such a kick in the crotch. LOL. I probably could have worded that better but I’m sure you catch my drift… not all hackers are out to ruin things for others.

      • Steven De Voght

        Yes it is all bad .. don’t tell me you won’t spoof to a place where a shiny is spawned, even if you wouldent be able to get there in real life. Spoofing is bad and makes the game unfair for players who refuse to do it, even if you can’t walk. I’m very sorry but that is not the way the game is supposed to be played.

        • Maria

          Fair? No such thing in this world, sadly…

        • Maria

          Don’t call me a liar.
          This has ticked me off so much!
          I was trying to explain that there are other sides to every story – now you’re just showing your true colours; you’re incredibly inconsiderate.

        • Tylek T’sarran

          Please explain to the class how their pixels hurt your pixels.

  • New animation in berries

  • Simon Frith

    Not related specifically to this update, but I just got a news message saying “Get a guaranteed Evolution item on your 7-day ‘First Pokestop of the Day’ streak” when I started the game up 🙂

    • Maria

      Me too and I just got my day 7 yesterday! LOL! Figures! = )