there was another change to Wild Pokemon encounter mechanics. IV, moves and Combat Power is now random from Trainer Level 1 to Level 29.

This is an extension of the system that was set in place recently. To remind you, the following stats are now unique per player and determined for that player (and his level) on entering the encounter:

  • IV
  • Moves
  • Weight
  • Height

We reached out to a few bot/tracker owners and this is how the system is behaving so far:

  • IV/Movesets appear to be based on level (NEW)
    • 1-29 are all different per level
    • 30+ are all the same

There has been no official statement coming from Niantic, but several dozens players have reported the same observation.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    This is a great change to the game .. it may be a small update but a large affect.. This is foundation of introducing trading because spoofers cant find good iv pokemons in the wild when they tp to santa monica ect. Keep up the work niantic and for every reader to know.. i predict major update july 7th>> 🙂

  • McMemorex

    For me, from the beggining all pokemon have to be random. Random appearence, IV, Moves…

    • Stefano

      I agree, just Random Appearance, that would ruin the goal of the game (to play with friends, communicate with people). Plus, if spawns were random per player, why would I go to a park if I could just play in my house? Why would I play with my friends?

      • McMemorex

        Stefano if you play with maps and hack yes, it’s normal that you like this method. What is the goal of the game? Everybody go to the same place at same time to catch the same Dragonite?

        For me the goal of the PoGO should be a social game.

        For example:
        If in the same place spawn for me a Magikarp and for you a Dratini:

        -It’s more emotive (you can share your UNIQUE experience);
        -More funny to play with friends (you can use the egg’s opening moment as example that it’s different for everybody);
        -The trade system make more sense;
        -Much less hacks;

        Note: Of course the game should respect the spawn conditions like do actually but you speak that i can play at home instead go to the park? I already catch a Charizard without leaving my house, in my work i have a pokéstop at my range, so your logic makes no sense for me.

        • Stefano

          I’m in high school and don’t live in the us (I can’t work yet). In my house, I have caught pidgeys pidgeys and more pidgeys. That is why every weekend me and my friends go to the park. It is fun to play together, run when someone shouts “blastoise”, by adding random spawns for everyone, we loose this sense of community. Plus it could make someone really jealous if they have no luck and catch crappy Pokémon all the time. Not only this but it would ruin the whole goal of the game. To make you explore new places. Why would I go to a park with really good spawns if I could stay in my house walking around?

        • Stefano

          Plus I forgot to add, this unique experience you mention could be gained by catching a shiny, not by catching a dratini instead of a magikarp.

  • traviswrdunbar

    I always felt like the best way to shut down ‘snipers’ was to put in a bit of code that records the spawn location, and compares it to the capture location. Snipers dodge soft-ban for their actions by triggering the encounter, then teleporting back to their original spot before capturing, so the game thinks they captured it where they were already. So, if the game sees an encounter started in Central Park, but the capture was finished in Santa Monica, its not hard to guess what happened there, and take action.

    • Josh Hack

      That would be good, except spoofers can change their home location in a matter of minutes through a weird pokestop glitch

      • traviswrdunbar

        True, but one way or the other, they are getting tagged as a hacker. Either they are getting tagged as a sniper because their spawn/catch distances are too high, or they are logging too much distance between activities in too short a time, ie spinning a pokestop in NYC then one in San Francisco less than two hours later.

  • traviswrdunbar

    Heh, its not exactly what I suggested, but they actually did do part of it, tagging the pokemon by its encounter location now, instead of its capture.