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Pokemon GO Rare Capture Bonus Medals

Capture Bonus Medals for Rare Pokemon Announced

Niantic published a post this morning previewing the New Capture Bonuses that increase the Odds of Catching Rare Pokemon. There is no release date...
History of Pokemon World

Pokémon Genesis: History of the Pokémon world

Genesis In the beginning there was nothing. What would eventually become the Universe consisted of a formless black mass, hovering over an endless plain of...
Pokemon GO Pikachu Guide, Tips and Tricks

Pokemon GO Pikachu Guide, Tips and Tricks

Pikachu is the most iconic Pokemon in the world, a recognisable mascot for the entire franchise. Pokemon GO Pikachu is not far off: a...
How to beat Pokemon GO Dragonite

How to beat Pokemon GO Dragonite guide

Dragonite is considered the superstar of gym defense, especially if evolved with Steel Wing as quick move. We are aware that Dragonite can be very intimidating...
Pokemon GO Tyranitar

Pokemon GO Tyranitar: the Hype is Real, a new Gym god is coming

With the recent discovery that Generation 2 has been added to the game code, we are officially hyped for what's coming up! One of...
How to find nests and Spawns

How to find Nests and possible Spawns

A reddit user called nmitch3ll created an online tool to help us find nests and spawns in your area. The tool highlights possible nests and spawns...
How to dodge in Pokemon GO

How to dodge in Pokemon GO

We get the same question all the time, by new and old players alike: "How to dodge in Pokemon GO?". The confusion behind dodging...
Pokemon GO Has Stopped

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO has stopped

Recently, Pokemon GO has started crashing for a lot of people, even if they did not open the app at all. Usually, this crash...
How to beat Pokemon GO Vaporeon guide

How to beat Pokemon GO Vaporeon guide

Vaporeon is considered to be the staple Pokemon of any gym, due to it's high health pool and good defending performance. As Pokemon GO Vaporeon is...
Pokemon GO Top 5 Rock Types

Top 5 Rock Type Pokemon

If you're a sucker for Brock and Rock types, we can't blame you! Rock types comprise some of the coolest and most iconic Pokemon...
Pokemon GO Nests

How to find and report Pokemon Nests in Europe and Asia

There seems to be a lot of confusion around Pokemon Nests, especially in Europe and Asia, where the Global Nest Atlas has not yet been widely...
Pokemon GO How to beat Lapras

How to beat Pokemon GO Lapras

Lapras is one of the more difficult gym defenders to deal with in Pokemon GO, mostly due to it's amazing Ice / Water typing. There are Pokemon...
Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium

Pokémon GO Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium | Max CP, Stats and Moves

The Curse of Grass Generation I offered very few high tier Pokémon for Grass loving trainers, with even the mighty Venusaur family line being a rather...
Ultra Beast Sun and Moon

Ultra Wormholes Guide: what Pokemon and how to navigate

A full guide to navigating and finding Pokemon in Ultra Wormholes. Be aware that this page is work in progress. Pokemon in Ultra Wormholes All legendary...
Charmander Community Day Guide

Charmander Community Day #5 Guide: May

Trainers, Niantic has just announced that Pokémon GO’s May Community Day will feature Charmander, the Generation 1 type starter "Lizard Pokémon". The fifth...

Fairy Type in Pokemon GO: present and future

Fairy type is the most recent Pokémon type added to the games, as it was introduced in October 2013 upon the release of generation...

Alolan Marowak Raid Guide

Alolan Marowak is a Tier 3 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, with a boss CP of 13525 and sporting a very cool typing of...
Gengar day

Gengar Day Guide: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Update: According to APAC Trainers, the Gengar fought appeared to be more difficult than simulations for a tier 4 Gengar should have been. While...
Pokémon GO Meltan

Field Research Encounters That Could Help You With Your Meltan Special Research

Since the "Let's Go" event ended in November, it has been very difficult for some Trainers to find the Pokémon that are required to...
Pokemon GO Dragonite

Dragonite Raid Counters Guide

Dragonite is a Dragon and Flying-type, Tier 4 raid boss introduced during the Pokémon Day 2019 Kanto-themed event. Best Dragonite counters are strong Ice...

The Rainbow Cup: Guide and Meta Analysis

The Rainbow Cup is Silph Arena's next themed global tournament for June, featuring , , , and type Pokémon. The Cup lasts from...
Team GO Rocket

Team Rocket Invasions: Everything You Need to Know

Team Rocket Invasions are upon us and in order to help fellow trainers, we collated all of the information report by our Discord members...

Generation 5 Release: Everything You Need to Know About New Unova Pokemon

Trainers, Pokemon from the Unova region are coming to Pokemon GO! Niantic has just shared a high level overview of which Generation V species...

Alolan Ninetales PvP Guide

Ninetales is a fan favorite Pokemon from the original games and series. Despite its beautiful design, Ninetales sadly hasn't had much viability for usage...
Timeless Cup Silph Arena

The Timeless Cup In-Depth Analysis

The December 2019 Silph Arena Cup focuses heavily on "Starter Pokémon" as a nostalgia trip of sorts. Battlers are able to pick a singular...
Giovanni Team GO Rocket

The Shadowy Threat Grows – March 2020 Team GO Rocket – Rescue Shadow Entei

Hello trainers, you will start this research when you finish the February's Team Go Rocket Research - A Professor's Work is Never Done. This...

Pokémon GO Solstice Event 2020 Guide

Pokémon GO Solstice Event 2020 is now live! We've created a quick guide that lists Solstice boosted spawns, raid bosses and field research. Event highlights: ...

The Feeling of Victory Special Research Tasks and Rewards

The Feeling of Victory is a Pokémon GO Special Research questline that rewards Victini. The Special Research was released on September 30 2020. This...

Legacy 40 Challenge Timed Research Tasks and Rewards

Legacy 40 Challenge is a Timed Research quest line released alongside the Pokémon GO Beyond Update, running from December 1 to December 31, 2020...
Pokemon GO Generation 2

Tips to prevent phone overheating while playing Pokemon GO

Summer is in full swing, with temperatures rising well above 30 degrees Celsius and air conditioners working overtime to keep our daily habitats nice...

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Kyogre Raid Counters Guide

Kyogre is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon Go, being a member of the Weather Trio with Groudon and Rayquaza. Best Kyogre counters...

Groudon Raid Counters Guide

Groudon is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, being a member of the Weather Trio with Rayquaza and Kyogre. The best Groudon...

Unova Celebration Event

Pokémon GO's Unova Celebration Event celebrates Pokémon first found in the Unova region. The event last from Tuesday, January 5, 2021, at 10:00 a.m....

Collection Challenges launch in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is introducing a new feature – Collection Challenges! Collection Challenges are a handy concept that tasks players with collecting Pokémon featured during...