How to obtain and use three free Raid Passes in one day

    By using clever planning and a bit of timezone trickery, you can get three free Raid Passes in one day. The method we’re describing in this guide makes it possible for free-to-play Trainers to do chain raids, but it results in a “one day raiding lockout”. Original idea by rstonex (TheSilphRoad)

    Disclaimer: this method can result in soft bans and is questionable if it violates ToS.

    There are three raid passes you can use in one day:

    Yesterday’s raid pass – by saving it in your inventory. The pass will be consumed on your next raid and make you eligible to obtain a fresh one for the day. Although we’re calling it “yesterday’s” raid pass, it’s actually an existing raid pass you picked up before “today”.

    Today’s raid pass – after spending your previously saved raid pass, visiting a gym will reward you with a new free raid pass. This is your normal raid pass, nothing unusual or strange with it.

    Tomorrow’s raid pass – in order for this to work, you need to spend your “today’s raid pass” first. In order to get your “tomorrow’s raid pass”, you need to change your phone’s time zone to a zone that’s on the other side of the International Date Line. The International Date Line, established in 1884, defines the boundary between calendar dates – cross to the west and it’s one day later, cross to the east and you’ve “gone back in time”.

    International date line, credits to

    Unfortunately, doing this will prevent you from obtaining a free raid pass in your own timezone – you’re not really gaining anything extra, you’re just borrowing a raid pass from the future. Kinda cool.

    When to use this? Well, use it if you know that you won’t be able to raid tomorrow or if you really want to do an additional raid today. The author of this article uses his Monday’s raid pass almost every Sunday, as it’s almost impossible to skip Monday meetings and sneak out to raid.