this post could get a lot of controversy, so we hope you will stand with us if it comes to that.

Recently, we’ve received a huge number of complaints and inquiries about one particular Youtube channel and the truthfulness of content presented there. Of course, we are talking about FsuAtl, a Pokémon GO YouTuber that commonly promotes spoofing, hacking and cheating.

Over the past few months, FsuAtl has published a number of videos that cover the following topics, all of which are against the in-game Terms of Service:

  • GPS Spoofing
  • Botting
  • “Coin Hacks”
  • General cheating tips

Aside from this, FsuAtl is guilty of sharing a ludicrous number of videos that can’t be interpreted as anything else as fake news. Here’s a short list of misleading, mistaken, or simply fake video titles we gathered just following his channel for a couple of weeks:

  • “YOU CAN BREED IN POKEMON GO? NEW POKEMON GO UPDATE BREEDING NEWS!” – there have been no breeding news in a while.

This is a true Public Service Announcement, if we ever published one. Stay away from these videos and spend your time elsewhere, there is nothing to see FsuAtl’s channel beside fake news, click bait and generally low quality content. How FsuAtl managed to get 600k subscribers is beyond us.

There are better, more prominent and more interesting Pokémon GO YouTube channels out there. We recommend the following channels:

Stay smart, stay safe.

  • GeckoZRule

    Thank you

  • Elizabeth Marie Mowry

    I also like Theinfamousjj527 he does some now and than mostly just answering questions from his facebook page.

  • Heydavid17

    Meh… I prefer to come here anyways, rather than watch any PoGo youtube videos.

    Since this site is straight to the point, and always have correct information.

    As much as I don’t mind the content that Mystic7, TrainerTips & Reversal create, then the videos are way to long, considering it’s a simple mobile game.

    But yeah… fuck those cheating youtubers who makes money out of all this. FsuAtl is 1 of the reasons, why I gave up on trying to follow up on PoGo content.

    • GO Hub Admin

      Thank you for kind words, we try to be accurate, but sometimes we also make mistakes 🙂 at least we acknowledge them later on!

    • you are lame dude. just play the game if you like it. who cares if people cheat or if he cheats get over it.

      • Joel Jensen

        its the fact that he is breaking terms of service, lying, clickbaiting, which btw is against youtubes term of service, tries to get people to hack, and is promoting lies.

        • And? Why do you care so much about it? Are you the internet police? Are you a legit player? Who cares what the dude does. I don’t even follow the dude and I can tell you he’s just trying to attract the younger generation. He’s doing it for money.

          • Matthew John Cline

            Cheating can get people banned from Pokemon go. By trying to ruin it for others and not play legitimately like it’s supposed to be played he’s not making money from it. YouTube doesn’t pay you to make videos either.

          • Seem like you don’t know anything about YouTube. YouTube pays him. He has a partnership with them. Yeah YouTube doesn’t pay you to make videos but they pay you based on video views within a partnership. Cheating does not get people ban. That’s 100% confirmed. Botting will get you banned. I have done both methods. Still spoofing with no problems on my main.

          • Matthew John Cline

            Botting is still cheating, dude

          • Well duh. You think I didn’t know that….haha

          • Malcolm Hale

            Honestly if niantic implemented there own system of GPS displacement we wouldn’t be sitting here with this problem

          • Bjellanda Havro

            Hacking is a big problem in pgo, any promotion of this like fsuatl does, attracts more people to use unlegit methods instead of playing the actual game. Spoofing is a huge problem in my town. Just minutes after i conquer a gym, some hacker spoofs his way to my gym and takes it down. Compere it to aimbot and other hacks beeing legal in competitive games like csgo. Whats the point in playing if you now it will be for not ting?

          • Joel Jensen

            its the fact that it can be considered illegal. breaking a trademarked companys terms of service is technically considered a cyber crime, which can land you in prison.

          • Joel Jensen

            you as a human being agree to the terms of service that you will obey what they have set out for you to obey, and breaking in such rules can land you in a federal prison.

          • Joel Jensen

            and its also the fact that there are so many spoofers and people that buy accounts, like for instance in my town pretty much every team instinct player has bought an account, for 1 because they take gyms when they arent even there, like in a park i take a gym and it gets taken out of no where, people popped up the launch of gen in gyms with heracross and corsola, the day after launch of pokemon go people popped up with pokemon like farfetched and mr mime, and even kangaskhan popping up in gyms, also one player having multiple shiny gyarados and multiple shiny magikarp in multiple gyms at once, and not to mention people at level 34 popping out of nowhere. I could go on for hours, dude, but whatever, if you wanna ruin the game for everyone else, be my fucking guest. its not cool, and its illegal.

          • Joel Jensen

            I just looked it up, its not illegal if the company is not an internet company, but if you are hacking, spoofing, etc., it is illegal.

      • Heydavid17

        Yeah, you know what, why do I care?
        1) Probably because it bothers me to know that I and others who play it the way it’s supposed to be played, try to achieve the different goals within the game. Why bother when there is disgusting cheaters, which makes it impossible for the real players to stand a chance.

        2) I’m literally fucking sick and disgusted over the kind of people, that gets money for making shit content on youtube, it’s full of people who are desperate to get attention and money.
        While someone like me, who takes my time and just try to make enjoyable content on the site, doesn’t get shit.

        I totally love the idea of working my ass off for nothing, while disgusting scammers and lazy shitheads gets all the credit.
        Even you should realise, that with a disgusting scammer like FsuAtl around, that causes even trouble for this website, where the people on this site work on their freetime, to gather info about the game, for others for free.

        • Joel Jensen

          same with me, i make truthful content, and only have 434 subscribers, and i dont lie nor clickbait, but then there is people like leafy, who bullies children for money and views, and people like fsuatl who clickbait for money and views who get all of the attention and big bucks, and who also get people to edit for them, but then us smaller youtubers who are working are asses off trying to provide content for people who in reality, give no fucks, get paid nothing and get absolutely no recognition at all, which in my mind is complete and total fucking bullshit and it pisses me the fuck off.

          • Heydavid17

            Exactly, just like I said, so don’t worry, we share the same problems.

            By any chance, are you from Denmark? I’m guessing on your name.

  • Doug Yeager

    Don’t forget Ali-A. He hasn’t had much Pokémon Go content recently, but he’s still one of my favorites, along with Mystic7 and Trainer Tips.

    • Joel Jensen

      ali-a clickbaits half of the time with pokemon go. but hey, at least he doesnt hack

  • TheoPembo

    I think you’re missing out one of the most clickbait video titles he’s made, plus it’s recent: ‘SECRET POKEMON GO UPDATE LEAKED! “FIRE FESTIVAL”‘… Now spoofing is finally being dealt with you can tell he’s getting desperate for ideas on content.

    • Joel Jensen

      yup lol

  • Butplug Maximus

    No mystery how Fsuatl gets subs. He “gives away” level 30+ accounts on his channel. To win, you gotta sub his channel, like and comment the video and the poor schmuck who is most active, wins. It’s the same scam Beavis and Butthead (XtremeGamers) used on their channel.

    • Joel Jensen

      he probably sub bots and view bots

    • Vincent Richard Veneracion

      Giving away bot accounts should earn a perma ban to delete botted accounts and prevent unfair gameplay

  • Bjellanda Havro

    I could not agree more. Dont worry about possible fsuatl fans attacking you. 98% of them just wants one of those accounts he always gives away.

    • Joel Jensen

      omg so true

  • omg! bees?!

    ‘don’t watch this youtubers videos which we helpfully linked to in the post!’ lol

  • Greg Kwiecien

    They need to get Apple ( i-phone ) to do what Google did about GPS

    • Joel Jensen


  • Poke-Fan5

    There are also a lot of smaller Pokémon Go youtubers who produce great content. Brandorkian, Big Daddy Red, Hybrid Mongoose, Jay Kim, and Dilz Online just to name a few. Everyone who watches Pokémon Go on YouTube already know the big guys. Maybe do an article on the smaller ones.

    • Gian-Franco

      Jtgily is also another pretty alright Pokemon Go Youtuber

  • Reals26 Gaming

    I hate him in every way

    • Joel Jensen

      bro same

  • Joel Jensen

    lets start a gofundm to get youtube to bann fsuatl an to get pokemon go to ip adress ban him

    • Joel Jensen


    • Matthew John Cline

      Not going to work. The easiest way to get FSUATL off YouTube is to report his account.

      • Joel Jensen

        ya true.

  • Matthew John Cline

    I totally agree with this. I’m thinking about unfollowing him on twitter and unsubscribing on YouTube. He actually wants people to buy from Flame Accounts which has level 30+ accounts. What he’s doing is just wrong. This is way worse than me getting used for love.

    • Joel Jensen

      dude why were you following him and subscribed to him in the first place? just saying..

      • Matthew John Cline

        How was I supposed to know he was spoofing? I don’t know everything about him.

    • MLG

      Tbh the website probably just accepts the money and doesn’t give you the account at all

  • Amy Wessel

    I think those youtubers make the game more interesting and fun aside from FsuAtl whom I dont watch anyway because he promotes cheating and it makes the game boring. AliA’s pokemon Go channel is fun to watch as well

    • fredling

      Ali a is an absolute abomination!

      • Matthew John Cline

        Not really. Ali A doesn’t spoof. Watch his videos

        • Joel Jensen

          yea but he clickbates half of the time.

        • Joel Jensen

          correction *clickbaits*

  • fredling

    I support the disclaim to cheaters active on youtube, but find it ironic when promoted here since this site has in previous articles promoted cheating through map-tracking!

  • Jeff C.

    Love this! The only sad thing is there is no such thing as bad publicity. His number of subscribers will likely go up.

    • Karbyde97

      I had never even heard of him until today and the result? I watched some of his vids. Don’t look down! what’s the first thing you do? ….look down

  • omg! bees?!

    why was my comment removed?

    ‘don’t watch this youtubers videos which we helpfully linked to in the post!’ lol

  • Yourmyboy Blue

    I care if people cheat. I live around 30 mins drive from any place to play or get descent creatures. I started to play to help me get out of the room since i am disabled and fell like major crap all the time. So many family members got me to start this game and i used to love it. I spent many hundreds of dollars on this to be able to compete with CHEATERS and i used to be able to before cheating became so wide spread. It used to be a fight between valor and mystic for longest time in all areas i play in but no longer. All my friends and family quite playing do to mass cheating and i am alone know so when i take out all lvl 10 mystic gyms in middletown, hamilton, franklion, oxford, gratis, Ohio i am the lone valor in gym for about a hour at most before a spoofer takes them all back and lvls them back to 10. This game has helped me from going crazy while going months without proper medical treatment because gov ins sucks. Its no fun playing a game of competition when you have no chance to win against bullys that just love to own others but dont like the effort to do it. If it was a single player game who cares but your screwing with ALL legit players who used to enjoy the game, but have quite because of people like you.

    The point: why play a game were i have to drive for a 30 min to and from then hours between to take gym’s just to have it all taken away before i get home and never get to collect coins. So i say screw the game i wont spend more money on it and i started to play ingress hoping the dont cheat as much there.

  • Daniel

    Hmm hoe hij speelt moet hij zelf weten, mijn keuze
    zal het niet zijn ik ga voor eerlijk spelen maar iedereen is vrij om de game
    te spelen zoals hij wil.
    Hij heeft wel een probleem met thumbnail/clickbait vind ik
    maar dat is een hele andere dicsusie die vooral over het gebruikt van een
    YouTube account gaat en niet over Pokemon Go.

  • Ethan Bonardel

    Umm I think this is a paid advertisement against spoofing in general botting in general and work around in general. Simply someone doesn’t want these practices to gain traction in a culture where mindlessness is a key trait. I play pokemon everyday, grind hard, and don’t cheat. Not because I am against these hilarious tactics, but because who am I really cheating out of the experience of participating? It would be myself. It wont be very hard to spot the people who cheat, and most will quit or either become legit. Why don’t we just let the cheaters sign up as Team Rocket and just play how they want to. Let them cheat in a two tiered system. one tier for legit players and another tier(Team Rocket) for players who choose to ‘cheat’. If someone is found cheating they get moved to team Rocket, or they also have the option themselves to acknowledge that what they want is to be on the cheating team. We can still play with them and they can have their mega accounts but it will be a side note on their account that they used other methods to acquire their collection. It would be easy and still allow other peoples to play and enjoy other ways. This would solve the legit players woes and allow them to compete with knowledge of who they are going up against.

  • Joseph Parquette

    I have to agree with your assessment of his videos. They are pure and utter tripe. The content is not engaging, it lacks any real gameplay substance, and the only reason he gets so many view is because of the obviously lame contests he offers (eg. Apple and Google Play cards and game accounts).

    • Concerned Pogo Player

      Accounts ands cards he never gives out…

  • Kiaan Mudaly

    FsuAtl used to do clash of clan and clash royale videos and had about 150k subs but he learnt that pokemon go videos brought in views and subs. He used to play legit until he saw that spoofing videos bring in more money and then he got the flameaccounts sponsorship.

    • Matthew John Cline

      He should’ve just stuck with CoC instead of spoofing. Look at Ben Timm’s videos. He mixes it up.

  • MLG

    Uhm pokemon GO hub I know how you hate FsuAlt and his thing but isn’t the thumbnail a bit extreme, like I’m pretty sure there’s young people here who could pick up bad things about this but oh well I don’t mind myself but yeah

  • Maren Spoerl

    Tweet @nianticsupport to get their lawyers on his butt. They have the power to make Youtube takedown his videos showing how to spoof, they just need to do it.
    So please tweet or DM them on Twitter @nianticsupport!

  • Shubham Khamaru

    Even i am against what fsuatl is doing, i still watch his videos for news and updates(even if most are not real…i enjoy watching them)…cuz i cannot bear with the shitty long vlogs done by mystic 7 and trainer tips while they catch pokemon.

  • Steven Dobson

    It baffles me how Niantic hasnt taken action and having his content removed from Youtube. He breaches both Pokemon Go’s terms of service,4 rules at least, as well as Youtube’s ToS with misleading thumbnails. Don’t even type that waste of skins’ Youtube handle, as even that will give him more publicity and probability of someone stumbling upon his cancerous content.

  • Jiuzhen He

    chill, it just a game.

  • I have reported him a few times now…I don’t understand how he’s not banned yet…

  • When he’s giving away, I think he’s doing some infringement at YouTube policy.

  • ygaming

    Thanks to Niantic, Mr. Spoof (fsu) cant go spoof spoof anymore. I remember when MYSTIC7 did a video on how spoofing is annoying he mentioned how FSU has so many clickbaity hacking videos and all the fsu fans complained about it on the comments.

  • Alton

    I came upon his videos in YouTube just by being subscribed to TrainerTips, Reversal & Mystic7. I like Nic’s videos best. YouTube kind of auto suggest videos based on our usual preference.
    Hence, it’s actually best up to Niantic and YouTube to resolve this. I actually followed to see when he’s going to be banned, or at least restrained.