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Announcing Global Photo Atlas Project #3: Mareep Community Day

Trainers, the Kanto event is in full swing, bringing double candies for each catch / transfer and 50% buddy walking distance, which will run through this month’s Mareep round-up Community Day. With all those great bonuses and the incentive of reduced egg hatching distance, it is easy to see why we are all so excited for this month’s Community Day!

You can read our guide on the best ways to prepare for this month’s event here.

The Hub is once again reaching out to all of our amazing readers and community to share their experiences with the world. Last month, the Hub received an astounding number of responses that we added to the Global Photo Atlas, and we’re hoping that this month the project will grow even larger!

Our goal is to eventually have the entire map covered in Community Day photos and testimonies from around the world.

How to get involved

During or after the event, take a couple pictures of your local Pokemon Go Trainer community! Send those pictures / stories to us on Discord using the #community-day-april channel, or on Facebook / Twitter using the #PokemonGoCommunityDay and #ForTheHub hashtags. Make sure you include your location with all submissions to ensure that all contributions are placed in the correct places on the map!

We are looking for pictures of the actual members of the community, not game screenshots!

Here is an example of what we’re looking for from last month’s Community Day:

The cotton candy colored Mareep will be a beautiful new addition the game. We, at the Hub, are excited to see its appearance as well as all the amazing members of our Global Community again this month!

Artwork credit goes to Josh Provines of the Hub Team. 

How does the map look like now?

You tell us!

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