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Big Heritage hosting a special Niantic partnered event in Chester August 11/12

Trainers, Big Heritage is hosting a special event during the upcoming Eevee Community Day event (August 11/12 2018) in Chester, similar to last year’s Chester Pokemon GO event series. Attendees can collect limited, event exclusive, rewards and enjoy in Chester’s  wonderful historical sights.

In 2017, Big Heritage partnered with Niantic to connect Pokemon GO and Chester’s history, and in the process created an event which yielded over 120 Heritage PokeStops and a two-day festival that attracted over 16,000 people!

This year, they’re going even bigger. In order to celebrate a year of partnership with Niantic, and two years since the launch of Pokemon GO, the event features exclusive limited edition rewards:

  • attendees will be given a limited edition 2nd year Pokemon GO anniversary posters (given out at the Within These Walls museum)
  • a limited number of official enamel Chester Gym Badges will be given out throughout the weekend

Last year, we interviewed Dean Paton, founder of Big Heritage, to hear about his experience working with Niantic, and got some interesting answers out of him:

How does it feel to work with Niantic?

It’s a real privilege. We have worked quite closely with a few of their team, and they are all friendly, down-to-earth and very happy to listen to my mad ideas! I met John for coffee in London a few months back, and we spent more time talking about historic maps and the history of Roman Britain than anything else.

We hope Chester will repeat last year’s success and grow even better, as this event has inspired multiple similar initiatives around tho globe. A true grassroots movement! We’re concluding this article with last year’s pictures from Chester:

Big Heritage, the organization behind the event
Huge Pokémon GO Crowd at Chester Heritage Festival
Pokémon GO blends with history during the Chester Heritage Festival

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