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Blast Burn and Smack Down stats revealed in the Game Master file

Trainers, as previously hinted in various data mines and leaks, two new moves are coming to Pokémon GO:

  • Smack Down, a Rock type fast move, expected to make an appearance during the upcoming Adventure Day event in May.
  • Blast Burn, a Fire type charge move, confirmed as Charizard’s exclusive Community Day

Today, stats for both moves have appeared in the Game Master file, bringing clarity and some disappointments along the way. Here are the stats for both moves (code excerpts attached below):

Name Smack Down Blast Burn
Type Rock Fire
Duration 900ms 3300ms
Damage start 500ms 2750ms
Damage end 800ms 3200ms
Energy delta 7 -50

Evidently, the biggest looser here is Charizard, as Blast Burn was expected to be a wonderful move on par with Frenzy Plant. Instead, Blast Burn in it’s current iteration, as a comparison of sorts, is more akin to a move such as Outrage, but with a different typing, involving similarly high damage but long cooldowns and cast time. As for Smack Down, it currently appears to be a carbon copy of Rock Throw, except it is expected to be available to a higher number of Pokémon than Rock Throw. What does all of this mean for poor old Charizard? We don’t know yet, we’re recalculating all rankings and simulation outcomes, but it suffices to say that we’re not super optimistic.

In any case, we’re preparing a full on analysis of its meta performance soon, penned by Kratos and (luckily) not published before stats became available. Stay tuned for that article.

Raw code excerpts

We know you love these. It’s OK, so do we, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Smack down

item_templates {
  template_id: "V0297_MOVE_SMACK_DOWN_FAST"
  move_settings {
    movement_id: 297
    animation_id: 4
    pokemon_type: POKEMON_TYPE_ROCK
    power: 12
    accuracy_chance: 1
    stamina_loss_scalar: 0.01
    trainer_level_min: 1
    trainer_level_max: 100
    vfx_name: "smack_down_fast"
    duration_ms: 900
    damage_window_start_ms: 500
    damage_window_end_ms: 800
    energy_delta: 7

Blast Burn

item_templates {
  template_id: "V0298_MOVE_BLAST_BURN"
  move_settings {
    movement_id: 298
    animation_id: 4
    pokemon_type: POKEMON_TYPE_FIRE
    power: 110
    accuracy_chance: 1
    stamina_loss_scalar: 0.01
    trainer_level_min: 1
    trainer_level_max: 100
    vfx_name: "blast_burn"
    duration_ms: 3300
    damage_window_start_ms: 2750
    damage_window_end_ms: 3200
    energy_delta: -50
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