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Generation V release teased with Snivy silhouette

They just can’t help themselves, can they? Niantic has teased next week’s release of Generation V in Pokemon GO by sharing a silhouette of Snivy, Gen V’s iconic Grass starter Pokemon. The tweet was scheduled and shared at 1 PM PST, not a minute earlier, not a minute later – we’re likely dealing with the first teaser in a series of teasers.

Here’s what we know about Generation V so far:

  • It’s coming out during the third week of Ultra Bonus rewards. The third week rewards start next Monday, September 16
  • Likely candidates for release are Gen V starters, Patrat, Lilipup, Klink and probably a few additional Gen V species
  • Niantic shared this when the Ultra Bonus rewards were announced:
    • All your research has paid off! Professor Willow has informed us that some Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region are now appearing in the world of Pokémon GO!
    • The Gear Pokémon Klink, originally discovered in Unova, will also appear in raids. You might even encounter a Shiny Klink!
    • You may also find Shiny Patrat and Shiny Lillipup!
  • There’s going to be a forced nest migration, like it was in the past. Some spawns will go away, new ones will be introduced
  • Not all Pokemon will be available at start, but we do expect that moves and finalized stats will be shared for all of them
  • A new evolution mechanism is likely to be introduced, given that Unova Stone was discovered by data miners in v0.153.0 update.
  • We’re expecting that 0.153 or 0.153.1 will be forced throughout this week.

P.S. We guess the silhouette wasn’t a skinny Charmander after all…


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