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Mega Evolution and Gen 6 starters featured in 4th Anniversary promo poster

Niantic released a GO Fest themed commercial and an accompanying blog post today, highlighting the virtual nature of GO Fest 2020. The commercial does an excellent job at showcasing Pokémon GO’s ability to add value to the real world, but the real story here is hidden in this year’s official promotional artwork:

The official artwork is thematic to Pokémon GO’s 4th Anniversary event and features several interesting additions:

  • Generation 6 starters!
    • Fennekin hidden in Pikachu balloons
    • Chespin riding on the Red Trainer’s shoulder
    • Froakie sitting underneath the Blue Trainer
  • Mega evolved Pokémon!
    • Mega Lucario above the Blue Trainer
    • Mega Charizard in the middle
    • Mega Mewtwo Y flying alongside Reshiram and Zekrom
  • Victini!
    • Hidden in Pikachu balloons, right next to Fennekin
  • Team Rocket balloon in the background

There seems to be a heavy push for new and unreleased Pokémon in this anniversary’s poster, we’re curious to see how long before we get more information on Mega evolutions in Pokémon GO.

You can read more about GO Fest and the currently running weekly challenges here:

GO Fest 2020 Commercial

In a separate blog post, Niantic shared some details on the new GO Fest 2020 commercial published today:

  • Niantic already sold more than 700,000 tickets from more than 110 countries and regions
  • The commercial was made in collaboration with The Pokémon Company International and director Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Knives Out)
  • Rian Johnson directed the cast and crew in New Zealand from Los Angeles, and he collaborated with teams from Niantic, The Pokémon Company International and agency staff in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, London, and Tokyo.
  • Rian Johnson is a big fan of Pokémon GO

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