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New in Pokemon GO 0.109.2 APK: bug fixes and almost nothing else

Trainers, a new APK has appeared on APK Mirror and several regional Google Play stores, titled 0.109.2 and addressing a few big issues with the previous release. Our regular APK tear down was completed last night by ProHitman, but as we found literally nothing new, we gave it some time to test and see what has actually been fixed.

Significant code changes:


Just two new fields have appeared, targeting encounter timeout. We are not aware where these fields are used or which issues it fixes. No changed assets were found.

Issues we noticed as fixed:

  • GO Plus / Gotcha should properly connect on most Android phones with this release. 0.109.1 fundamentally broke the connectivity on all of our test devices, and 0.109.2 restored it perfectly. We can’t say how long it stays connected, but at least it’s connecting again.
  • Friends list scrolling has been improved, not in a major way, but still quite noticeable.  The list still loads the next page upon reaching the bottom of the scroll container, and it still takes some time to load.

Things that are still not fixed or are still behaving as before:

  • First connection bug on GO Plus / Gotcha is still present. You are able to connect, but on one test device we never got it working on first try
  • GO Plus indicator still disappears when locking to a Pokemon attracted by Incense
  • Random freezes on research rewards are still a thing, we couldn’t find a pattern but we did notice that the game freezes a bit less frequently
  • Fast catch “bug” still works perfectly <3

Parting words

0.109.1 and 0.109.2 have been two minor APK releases, despite the 0.109.x version number bump. We already dubbed 0.109.1 as a disappointment in terms of new code added, and 0.109.2 follows the same pattern perfectly. Luckily, the later seemingly fixes all of the issues with the 0.109.x release family, so we strongly recommend upgrading to 0.109.2 if you’re running a lower version.

What can we expect in future releases? We’re not sure, but we expect to see more PokeStop submission code after GO Fest, big changes to the Friendship system, and hopefully, the first traces of Gen IV. PvP? We highly doubt we’ll see any traces of it in 2018, we get the feeling it’s (probably) scheduled for mid-late 2019, at least if the latest interviews with Hanke are to be believed (check the interview at Eurogamer).

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