New Quality of Life Update: Ready Button for Single Player Lobbies, Revive All Button and More

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A huge quality of life update seems to have dropped recently. During Summer of last year we finally saw the introduction of the ‘Ready’ button in raid lobbies, but one thing was missing… the ability to ready up in a single player lobby.

Trainers, it seems the day has come! Reddit user Merlion4ek posted the following screenshot to reddit:

It seems that after 30 seconds of waiting in the lobby on your own, the Ready to Raid button becomes available! Gone are the days of waiting for the full lobby timer to defeat a raid on your own. This is HUGE particularly for rural trainers, who solo raid a lot of the time as they cannot rally a lobby together. It’ll also save valuable time in the cold winter months so we don’t end up standing around getting cold for too long!

This has been confirmed for Tier 1 and Tier 3 raids so far, and seems to be only available to some Trainers at this stage… so keep your eye out for this to roll out to you!

Some other notable QoL updates

Revive/Heal All Option

There are reports of a new ‘Revive all’ or ‘Heal all’ button when healing up your Pokémon being live globally. This will save lots of time clicking through them individually.

TGR Grunt Weaknesses Help Button

When selecting your team to defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt, a little help icon on the right hand side of the screen tells you what types the Grunt will be weak to. A great addition especially to beginners of the game.

New Visual Changes

Niantic has also started testing new visual changes that we discuss in more detail here. Testing seems to be happening in New Zealand, so NZ trainers, please report your findings!

Quick Treat just got even quicker!

The quick treat button has moved to the buddy page, just below the ‘Play!’ button. Now, when you click on quick treat it does not launch the camera, but has a white background which loads noticeably faster. It functions the same as the old quick treat mechanic, where you can only feed your buddy to get them walking with you on the map – no other interaction such as playing with your buddy or taking a snapshot is available. You can only use Quick treat when your buddy is not on the map.

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