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New round of EX passes just went out for March 10 raid


this is not a drill, a new wave of EX Raid passes has gone out, targeting an EX Raid on March 10th! 

Curiously, Niantic has already sent out a wave of invitations for the same date, as published in our previous article published on February 24th: New wave of EX Raid invites sent out, targeting an EX Raid on March 9 and 10 2018.

This is the first time (as far as we can recall?) that the same date got two cycles of EX Raid invitations. Of course, players are already reporting situations in which they can’t make one of the two EX Raids they were invited for due to long distances and time difference between them. Some, like the image shows below, have the unfortunate situation where two raids happen at the same time:

Click for larger version

This is the second invitation wave after Niantic’s recent acknowledgement that the invitation system should work differently now, we urge all of our readers to take part in our EX Raid survey and share it afterwards, especially to players who did not get an invitation.

A few early observations:

  • Some players are reporting raiding today for the first time at the Gym where the raid is taking place
  • The system seems to be using S2 L13 cells for the invitations, but this is pending more research
  • Again, some players are reporting raiding daily, hitting the proper gym and still not getting an invitation. We don’t know why is this still happening.
  • In case you can’t attend an EX raid, reach out to Niantic’s Customer support.

In any case, check out our Mewtwo raid guide: counters, weather, capture chances, IVs and CPs, power up your Tyranitars and be prepared.


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