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New Trainer Battle Minigames Are Live!

Trainers, it’s here! Along with the new Appraisal System, the recently announced update to Trainer Battle minigames is now live! Together with this update, the Pokémon used by Team Leaders in Training mode have been updated. Let’s take a look at what’s new, shall we?

New Trainer Battle Minigames

No more tapping like a mad-man when you want to fire off a Charge Move Trainers! With this new swiping technique, performing a Charge Move now requires more skill while creating more dynamic gameplay. Every Type has its own swipe pattern, which means there are 18 different minigame patterns. Depending on how accurate you trace the pattern, you’ll perform a NiceGreat, or Excellent Charge Move, which translates into more damage. Below you can find screenshots of all the new Charge Move minigames freshly introduced to Pokémon GO Trainer Battles.

Dark – Fighting – Bug
Electric – Flying – Normal
Grass – Fire – Water
Poison – Psychic – Fairy
Steel – Dragon – Ghost
Ground – Rock – Ice

Be on the lookout for a full guide on these new Trainer Battle minigames soon!

New Team Leader Teams

Not only did the new Trainer Battle minigames went live, but the Team Leaders – Blanche, Candela, and Spark – finally got a new team of Pokémon to battle while in Training mode. Also, the Team Leaders now actually use their Protect Shields, which also adds a new dimension into the Training mode of Trainer Battles. It’s nice to see Niantic didn’t forget about our favorite Team Leaders!

Let’s take a look at the new teams:

Team Leader Blanche
Great League Team
Sneasel Sealeo Castform (Snow)
Ultra League Team
Glaceon Empoleon Mamoswine
Master League Team
Suicune Metagross Articuno


Team Leader Candela
Great League Team
Combusken Magcargo Castform (Sun)
Ultra League Team
Flareon Typhlosion Magmortar
Master League Team
Entei Salamence Moltres


Team Leader Spark
Great League Team
Plusle Electrode Castform (Rain)
Ultra League Team
Jolteon Luxray Magnezone
Master League Team
Raikou Tyranitar Zapdos

Do you like the new update to Trainer Battle mechanics? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! Let’s do some swiping, Trainers!


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