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Pokemon Let’s Go news roundup: reviews, leaks, streams and icons

Trainers, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee is just around the corner, and there’s a lot of going on with these game. Being the first Nintendo Switch Pokemon title and given how controversial their initial reception was, we’re quite excited for this Friday when the games are finally available to the public.

To ease the wait, we’ve prepared a quick news roundup that summarizes everything that’s new about the Pokemon Let’s GO series.

Let’s Go Reviews are out!

Right off the bat, it seems that the embargo has been lifted for Let’s GO reviews, as a large number of professional media outlets have shared their scores and impressions of the game. On average, the reviews are in the mid 80%, which was expected for the game. A polished experience, but aimed mostly at players new to the series, Let’s Go is frequently described as a “relaxing, easy going, Kanto experience”.

Here are the average scores from Metacritic:

  • GamesRadar+: 90/100
  • Vooks: 90/100
  • Press Start Australia: 90/100
  • Hobby Consolas: 89/100
  • Wccftech: 88/100
  • Areajugones: 87/100
  • Vandal: 84/100
  • IGN: 8.3/10.0
  • 80/100
  • Nintenderos: 80/100
  • TheSixthAxis: 80/100
  • Telegraph: 80/100
  • 80/100
  • Nintendo Life: 80/100
  • Metrogamer Central: 80/100
  • Gamespot: 80/100
  • Eurogamer Italy: 80/100
  • IGN Spain: 75/100
  • Desctruoid: 75/100
  • FNintendo: 7.0/10.0

IGN’s video review nicely sums it up and showcases a few key features of the game:

Personally, we don’t have an opinion on the game yet – we think you’ll get your money’s worth for sure, especially if you want to 100% the game and collect everything in various forms (normal and shiny for example).

Pokemon Let’s Go has leaked… completely

Although it was not likely to happen, Let’s Go series have leaked online and there’s a few data miners working through the code. We won’t be posting any direct links here, but it’s fairly common knowledge at this point. Luckily, there are not really many spoilers in the leaked “stuff”, it’s mostly Pokemon stats, moves, egg moves, etc.

In any case, here’s a few leaks that we found interesting:

  • The shiny chance in Let’s Go is still the same 1 / 4096
  • There’s a new shiny chaining method which is quite easier than what was in the older games, but it works only for Pokemon that appear in the overworld
  • Hyper training is present in Pokemon Let’s GO
  • The maximum amount of Pokemon you can store is 1000
  • Almost all Pokemon are not shiny locked
  • There’s quite a few changes in move descriptions and effects

It seems that the data miners are having a field day.

Streamers getting shut down

Quite a handful of streamers tried to leak the game on Twitch, but they were quickly shut down and banned due to complaints from GAME FREAK. Although the game has leaked online, the company is making sure that you are unable to watch any of the leaked game play.

We are not surprised, but it seems that Nintendo has decided to tighten their security quite significantly.

New pixel-styled Pokemon icons

We found the new pixel-styled Pokemon icons from Pokemon Let’s Go, courtesy of KazoWAR:


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