Pokémon Sleep: Bug Fixes Version 1.0.7


Pokémon Sleep has a new version update, version 1.0.7, with a variety of bug fixes and updates to help players enjoy the game.

Just a reminder, the Good Sleep Event will take place again in September, around the full moon which is September 29th, so plan your gameplay accordingly! It is a monthly reoccurring event, and a great time to use your incenses and make massive gains.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Adjustments to display the pop-up that says “Synchronize with your Pokémon GO Plus + to receive sleep data?” while transitioning from the title screen to the home screen even when a new week begins.
  • Difficulty giving biscuits to a Pokémon when its friendship point gauge overlapped with another Pokémon during snack time. We assume there is a fix for this coming, because it is a problem, but the update doesn’t actually mention a fix.
  • Adjustments to make it possible to open the bag from the “Bag Capacity Reached” pop-up when a player with a full item pocket tries to claim mission rewards. Players get this message when a Pokémon wants to activate a skill that rewards ingredients that cannot be claimed due to a full bag. A great quality of life update!

Bugs to be Fixed

  • Players being unable to edit their teams on some devices.
  •  The app becoming unable to proceed if the player exchanged sleep points for items when their bag’s items pocket was full.
  • Help contents from the special Pikachu that appears when players pair a Pokémon GO Plus+ sometimes not changing even when its friendship increased.
  • Energy gained from cooking not being reflected in sleep reports if a player cooked immediately after moving sites when a new week began, closed the app, and tracked their sleep with their Pokémon GO Plus+. 

Fixed Bugs

  • Bedtimes on the Pokémon GO Plus+ not matching the set bedtimes (in countries with Daylight Saving Time) has now been fixed.
  • A huge amount of bugs were also fixed in the version 1.0.6 maintenance and downtime.

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