Pokémon Sleep: New Features, Adjustments, and Free Items! (September 2023)


Pokémon Sleep has announced a series of new updates that they are working on, with new features and improvements coming soon. There is also a free gift for players* to say thank you, so make sure you claim it, it is a fantastic set of freebies!

Points to be added in the next update

• Pokémon recovering a small amount of Energy from sleep while inside the Pokémon Box – A great update, as currently unless Pokémon are in your Sleep Team, they don’t regain energy
• Fixes to an issue that caused the effects of Pokémon Natures not to be reflected when candies were used to give EXP – again, another big win. While many Natures aren’t ideal depending on your Pokémon, not having those with good Natures having those affected also is a big loss

This section is listed as a ‘partial list’ for the next update, so there will be other new features and quality of life updates we don’t yet know about.

Updates currently under development

• Implementing seasonal events – fingers crossed this hints towards the teased Halloween event, and maybe a Christmas event too?
• Adding new Pokémon in September and October – the first new Pokémon were added this week with Mr. Mime and Mime. Jr at Cyan Beach
• Adding new relaxing sounds and alarm sounds – I love having Pikachu sing me a lullaby to sleep as much as my husband is creeped out by it. Therefore new sounds = win win for me!

Known issues slated for improvement in the future

• Sleep tracking failing in some cases during maintenance
• Allowing the whole team to eat cooked dishes together (recovering a small bit of Energy) – if this means what I assume it means, that not only will Snorlax gain power from meals, that your team will also recover energy, that is a great quality of life update!
• Adjustments to make it easier to collect Berries and ingredients from helpers

Special Gift

As a thank you for playing Pokémon Sleep each player* is being a gift as a token of their gratitude. You can accept it by tapping on the gift box icon in the upper right of the in-app main menu. Be sure to claim this, there are fantastic premium items in here that can cost a pretty penny.

• Poké Biscuit ×10
• Sleep Point ×1,000
• Handy Candy S ×20
• Growth Incense ×1

*Players who registered before 

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