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Special Weekend Event Comes to Korea!

Korean Trainers, we have a new one day event for you! Similar to the Special Weekend Event being held over 4 days in Japan, Korea will receive a one day event on Sunday July 29th, starting at 10:00 AM and ending at 8:00 PM local time. While the judge is still out on if this one day event should be classified as a weekend, what is clear is that any chance of nabbing that elusive Unown is a welcome treat!

For those new to this recent Niantic event, Pokemon GO Special Weekend is an in-game event that requires a Weekend Participation ticket, which can be redeemed by an official partner of the event. Tickets are available by making a purchase, completing a task for the store such as signing up for an app, or registering at the store. Tickets feature a two-dimensional QR barcode that needs to be scanned in order to check-in. Sponsored Pokestops can be used to check in, however even if a gym is sponsored, it cannot be used to check-in the day of the event.

This event appears to feature the Unown letters S, L, and T, to coincide with the partners of this event: SK Telecom, Seven-Eleven, and Lotteria. As well, the provided graphic indicates that Dratini will be making a star appearance, quite a jump in comparison to the Generation 1 Starters that are featured throughout the 4 days of the Japan Special Weekend. Finally, participants in the event will unlock double XP!

As linked above, Seven-Eleven had tweeted alongside the announcement to say, “Sign up for seven-eleven app!! Get a point!! Let’s join the special wikendeue at Pokémon g! For more information, here!”

So Seven Eleven requests you sign up for their app, meanwhile SK Telecom was more generic stating in a tweet, “Now you can visit the #t-World Official Market, and we’ll give you an invite to sign up.”

For those in Korea looking to participate, the official announcement covers some basics, as well as linking to a support page that covers check-in procedure, getting an invite, and other frequent questions. Additionally, they had composed this handy graphic:


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