Pokémon Duel, had a new update which brought the Water Gym Cup event. Event rewards include Trophies and [EX] Kyogre is a possible reward again.

This event has all Water-type Movement 1 & 2 figures get an increase of 1 for movement and Grass-types getting an Attack increase of 20 for each attack. It lasts until May 10th at 04:59 UTC with Booster Redemptions until May 16th.

This image is from the official Pokémon Duel Japanese website:

Official tweet from the Pokémon Duel JP account:

Reddit had some interesting commentary:

This is maybe my favourite gym so far. Good balance between water and grass. Lots of fun figures to use (cacnea, lilligant, manaphy etc). Lots of evolution opportunities due to high number of karps. No stupid 3mp infiltrators (edit…except leafeon vs grass). Long challenging matches. I’m not doing as well as past gyms and not even mad….

Edit. And of course no reuns and hardly any deoxys! Hurrah!

Edit 2. Also feel that this is reasonably accessible. Cacnea is pretty good and everyone can run 3 of those. Most people will have at least 1 karpdos from the past gym. Leafeon and whims not bad either. So you can run a zero ex deck and be reasonably competitive.

Edit 3. Also the length of gym/energy/50 wins is, I think, well balanced now. You can definitely get to 50 with a decent team without having to use gems/wake up in the middle of the night, with over 100 games worth of energy available.