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Analyzing potential future Community Day Pokemon

Community Day was only introduced back in January, but it feels like its been a part of the game for a while now. With talk amongst communities about who they think will be the next Pokemon to be featured as a Community Day Target or how many Shiny Pokemon were caught.

We here at the Hub decided it would be a nice to take a look into who we think would be the next likely candidates for future community days.

Pokemon Reasoning


With March 2018’s Community Day being Bulbasaur, its a case of “when” not “if” with the other starters. Lots of people predicted the starters to be released at back-to-back CD’s but Niantic surprised us all when announcing the next target: Mareep. This makes us believe that we will get the remaining starters every other month (May for Charmander and July for Squirtle.) We can all hold out hope for the Squirtle-Squad.


Eevee has been widely speculated to be the craziest Community Day if it happened. Trainers frantically running around making sure that they caught enough shinies to have a whole set of Shiny “Eeveelutions” (both current and future.) With the release of Gen IV speculated for the end of this year and bringing along with it two more Eeveelutions, having an Eeevee CD later this year would be perfect timing.
 Machop Machop (or more specifically Machamp) is one of the very few relevant non-legendary Pokemon currently and could have access to Focus Punch or Superpower as its exclusive move.


Magikarp seems like a No-Brainer as it was the first ever Pokemon to have its Shiny form released in the game last year during the Water Festival event it would be fitting addition. There are plenty of trainers out there who still do not own a Golden ‘Karp or Red Gyarados and with the absence of the event this year we think it would make for a great target. This would also give Trainers a great opportunity to work on their fisherman medal.


Another case of “when” and not “if” in our opinion. With the previous CD being Dratini (a strong 2-stage Pokemon, 10Km egg hatch and 5Km buddy) paired with Mareep being the next CD, we think it will likely get a feature of its own soon. Niantic have previously switched between starters and strong Pokemon making Larvitar a great candidate for perhaps June.


Due to Mareep and Dratini having their time in the spotlight we think its only a matter of time until these Pokemon get their own day. They are amongst some of the more interesting shiny Pokemon forms in the game and might make for an interesting Community Day. Gardevoir could have Future Sight, Slaking could have Body Slam and Earth Power for Flygon.

Beldum /

Probably not going to be in the near future and therefore might be a great candidate for a 2019 Community Day but Salamence with Dragon Claw or Outrage or a Metagross with Meteor Mash or Hammer Arm would be a great addition to anyone’s team. Silver Metagross and Lime-green Salamence look amazing also!


The ugly duckling of the Pokemon World. Feebas has always been a great shiny (especially in the main series Pokemon games, due to how hard it is to find, let along hunt) But giving it its own community Day would allow players to slow down abit if they had to walk it 20Km to evolve within the 3-hour window. It could also have the exclusive-move Scald.

Crazy Possibilities

Some Pokemon that are less likely to be featured but we think would be very fun if they were.



Unown Unown has been heavily speculated to be featured in a community day. With the fact its such a rare spawn and also that it only seems to be encountered in larger numbers during special events, it would be the perfect candidate! We imagine in 3 hours most people would be able to catch the whole alphabet.

Pidgey / Rattata

We know of several players in our local communities that have enjoyed the recent addition of Murkrow as a shiny as it gives a reason to “shiny-check” a Pokemon instead of ignoring it. Adding Pidgey or Rattata to the list of useless shiny Pokemon to have (Like Murkrow or Poochyena) would give them a second wind amongst communities. Also a great opportunity to work on the tiny-Rattata medal. Could possibly be added a “Bug-catching contest” themed day or event.


Meowth with the move Payday could potentially make for a great event. Imagine for every Meowth caught you gained 1 PokeCoin. This would certainly encourage FTP (Free To Play) players to get involved. Although we admit, it wouldn’t make much business sense for Niantic to give PokeCoins away for free…

Overall Verdict

We here at the Hub feel that any of the above Pokemon would be great additions for future Community Days, the crazier the better in our opinion.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section Trainers.

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