Pokemon Stars

Pokemon Stars is a rumored Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch and 3DS consoles, set to be announced in 2017 on a Nintendo Direct.

There has been no official confirmation about the existence of Pokemon Stars, but rumors are running rampant ever since Pokemon Sun and Moon were released.

There are a few speculations on the plot of Pokemon Stars, with some fans claiming that it will probably be a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, while others say that it will continue the story and plot from Sun and Moon, focusing heavily on the Ultra Beast universe.

Again, nothing is yet known, but a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake is way overdue in the Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon Stars design

This image has been often rumored to be the logo of Pokemon Stars:

Image credits: PokeJungle

However, as nothing has been announced, it is still unknown how Pokemon Stars will look like.

Pokemon Star speculated features

PokeJungle, a fan ran Pokemon portal, speculated that the following features could be coming to Pokemon Stars:

  • New Alola Forms and/or Mega Evolutions
    • Quote:  The game could add up to 20 (a number dropped by Laura Dale, gaming journalist) brand-new Pokémon or forms/evolutions to Alola. Whether or not these will be compatible with Pokémon Sun & Moon is currently unknown. PokeJungle
  • Graphical improvements and Switch Exclusive Features
  • Compatibility with Sun and Moon