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Secrets of the Jungle 2021 Event

After dropping teasers on social media, we have more info about the upcoming Secrets of the Jungle event! You can read our Zarude Meta Analysis:...

A PvP Analysis of Zarude, the Grass Monkey!

With apologies to The Beastie Boys, but go ahead and sing along... you know you wanna! 🎼 Graaasssss Monkey ♫ That funky Monkey! 🎶 Grass Monkey junkie ♬...

Zarude Meta Analysis: The new best Grass Attacker in Pokémon GO

In celebration of the 'Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle' movie release, Zarude, the Rogue Monkey Pokémon, will be making its Pokémon GO...

Nifty Or Thrifty: Ultra League Remix 2.0 (Season 9)

The "Nifty Or Thrifty" article series takes a comprehensive look at the meta for PvP limited metas: Ultra League Remix (2.0!), in this case. The NoT...

Zamazenta Make-Up Raid Hour

Trainers, an official announcement from Niantic has just been made public regarding yesterday's raid hour. In some regions around the world, there seemed to be...

Welcome to the Season of Mischief!

Ever since the addition of Hoopa in the current loading screen, Trainers have been wondering how and when it would be introduced into Pokémon...

Behind the scenes with the Niantic Task Force

As you may be aware, the Pokémon GO team has just announced that from now on, 80 meters will be the base interaction radius...

Dragons of Galar Meta Analysis

Niantic threw us a curveball by taking us straight to the Galar region as a part of the Ultra Unlock Part 3. This was undoubtedly...

Nifty Or Thrifty: Ultra League Remix

The "Nifty Or Thrifty" article series takes a comprehensive look at the meta for PvP limited metas: Ultra League Remix (1.0?), in this case....
GO Fest 2021

GO Fest 2021 – Our Verdict

GO Fest 2021 has come and gone. We at the Pokémon GO Hub hope you had the greatest time catching, raiding, hatching, grinding, and...

Regigigas Raid Guide

Best Regigigas counters are strong Fighting types like Machamp, Hariyama, Blaziken, Focus Blast Mewtwo and Emboar. Regigigas is weak to Fighting type moves. Regigigas...
ho-oh release raid

Ho-Oh Raid Guide

Best Ho-Oh counters are strong Rock type attackers that utilize Ho-Oh's double weakness to Rock moves. Ho-Oh raid boss is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss...
Pokémon GO Articuno

Articuno Raid Guide

Articuno is a Legendary Level 5 Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. Best Articuno counters are strong and attackers. Articuno is an and ...
Suicune October quests

Suicune Raid Guide

Suicune is a Legendary Tier 5 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, part of the Johto Beasts trio, with a boss CP of 37761. The best...
Mewtwo | Psystrike By ishmam

Mewtwo Raid Guide

Mewtwo is a legendary raid boss available from Tier 5 legendary raids. Mewtwo has been released in raids with two separate Raid Boss CPs;...

Palkia Raid Guide

Palkia is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon GO (54793 Combat Power). Its best Palkia counters are strong types like Rayquaza,...
Lugia Raid

Lugia Raid Guide

Lugia is one of the Legendary Tier 5 Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO. Best Lugia counters are strong Electric type Pokemon like Zekrom, Therian...
Thundurus Therian

Thundurus (Therian) Raid Guide

Thundurus Therian forme is a Tier 5 legendary raid boss in Pokémon Go and will mark its debut in the game on March 16,...
Pokemon GO Zapdos Raid

Zapdos Raid Guide

Zapdos raid is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokemon GO. Zapdos Boss CP is 46418 and it has only two weaknesses due...
Pokémon GO Moltres

Moltres Raid Guide

Moltres is a type Legendary raid boss with a boss CP of 45609. Best Pokémon to counter Moltres are strong type attackers...

Heatran Raid Guide

Best Heatran counters are strong Ground types like Garchomp, Groudon, Rhyperior and Excadrill. Shiny Heatran is available from raids. Heatran is a Generation 4...

Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Preparation Guide

Well, it’s almost that time of year again – Pokémon GO Fest! With the second at-home GO Fest coming up tomorrow, we here at GO...

Great League Remix 2.0 PvP Meta / Budget Analysis

The "Nifty Or Thrifty" article series takes a comprehensive look at the meta for PvP Cup formats: Great League Remix (2.0!), in this case. As...
Tepig Community Day

Tepig Community Day (July 2021)

Tepig Community Day takes place on Saturday, July 3rd 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. Shiny Tepig will be making an...
Summer Field Research

July Field Research Tasks 2021

Complete list of new and returning Field Research tasks available in Pokémon GO during July 2021. You cake take a look at the July...

Bidoof Day Special Research Tasks and Rewards

BIDOOF is a new special research quest line that is available during the Bidoof Day event in Pokémon GO. This is the first Special Research...

Nifty Or Thrifty: Element Cup

The "Nifty Or Thrifty" article series takes a comprehensive look at the meta for PvP Cup formats: Element Cup, in this case. As is...

Slowpoke in Element Cup: Under The Lights

The "Under The Lights" article series provides some deeper dives on Pokémon of particular interest in PvP. In my last article, I highlighted the...

A Very Slow Discovery Event Guide

The Season of Discovery kicks off with "A Very Slow Discovery", a special event featuring Slowpoke, Galarian Slowpoke, Mega Slowbro, and Galarian Slowbro. The...
Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Season of Discovery

Season of Discovery is the next Season that takes place in Pokémon GO, lasting from June 1, 2021 to September 1, 2021, and picking...