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Our community is growing bigger every day and we already received a lot of questions on our Fan Page and Twitter on how to contribute to GO Hub.

This page details how to submit your articles to GO Hub, what are their required elements, how much we pay for articles and how.

A guide covering any aspect of Generation III in Pokemon GO. HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER GUIDES ON THE HUB.

A Raid Guide is a guide specialised in covering various aspects of Pokémon GO Raids, from finding a group, to solo raiding. We are looking for guides and articles on all of aspects of Raiding at the moment.

A Local Guide is a guide specialised in helping fellow Trainers around the world understand your country, city, county. Pokémon GO in Montreal is a typical title of such a guide.

Submit a guide

We are now using e-mail ([email protected]) to accept User Guides and Articles! GO Hub does not guarantee that your article will be published. We publish high amount of daily content and we tend to publish only great user submitted articles.

In order to submit the guide, it needs to be 300 – 1000 words long and needs to fall into one of the following categories:

Required information and payment info

We require each user submitted article to have at adhere to the following:

  • Your submission e-mail has to
    • have 2 tags at the beginning of your title, for example:
      • [Guide][Gym] How to counter Vaporeon in 0.67.1
    • have your article attached in .doc, .docx or .pdf
  • Your article has to
    • have a minimum of 300 words 
    • have a clear descriptive title
    • have at least one image inside the article body (hosting pictures on imgur is prefered)
    • have as little as possible grammar errors
    • have as little as possible slang terms

Even if your article adheres to all of above, we still may not publish it. If the content you are writing about was already well covered on the Hub, we will almost certainly not publish your submission. Use the search box.

Payment info

We pay on the following terms:

  • every 5 articles will net you 30$
    • every 4 articles for seasoned writers
    • only published articles count
  • we pay via PayPal (you can receive money even if you don’t have a PayPal account)
  • we pay as soon as you reach the above mentioned limit
  • we no longer pay in Gift cards, as our local Tax Office is giving us hell about it