Pokemon GO AR Garden is taking place at Mori Gardens Oct 12 – Oct 21

Pokemon GO AR Play ground
Pokemon GO AR Play ground

Niantic is holding a special AR event called “INNOVATION TOKYO 2018 – AR PLAY GROUND WITH NIANTIC” at Roppongi Hillis from October 12 (Friday) to October 21 (Sunday) 2018. The event is sponsored by Mori Building Co., a young development company that features innovators from across Japan.

Visitors can live through few special AR experiences created by Niantic and event partners. The experiences are special as they feature new technologies and sound interaction.

Pokemon GO AR Garden

Dr. Willow received a request to collect traces of Pokemon hidden in the Mori Garden, which for the first time includes a sound experience available for trainers with special headphones. The headphones allow listening to both natural sounds of Mori Gardens and to Pokemon cries in the wild.

At the garden, Pokemon are expected to be appearing in realistic fashion, moving and hiding in actual real world objects, bushes and plants. The experience is powered by new developments in Niantic’s AR platform, which was recently featured in this video:

Pokemon GO AR Garden – Let’s climb the gym

Cooperation: Nagao Ryohei + The University of Tokyo Hirose, Tanigawa, Narumi Laboratory (Infinite Stairs) Lenovo Japan Co., Ltd.

Another experience is taking place in Mori gardens and this time it’s focused on climbing. There is no elevator in the gardens and in order to find a secret Gym in the garden you have to climb an “infinite staircase”.

The experience is as weird as it sounds, and it’s powered by spatial perception, which makes it feel like you’re climbing stairs while actually walking on a flat surface. We don’t know what the reward is, nor how high the Gym actually is, but we know that the whole thing is dubbed “Adventures on Foot”.

Event partners include:

  • Rhizomatics Co., Ltd.m
  • Pokemon Co. Ltd.,
  • Hirose, Tanigawa, Narumi laboratory of Tokyo University,
  • T & S,
  • Softbank Corporation,
  • Ambie Corporation,
  • Lenovo Japan Co. Ltd.