Trainers, second part a the holiday box sale is now live in the in-game store. In this article we are breaking down the value of each box and analyzing who is it targeted at. The new boxes are based around four popular items: Star PiecesSuper Incubators, Premium Raid Passes and Lucky Eggs.

All singular item prices used in this analysis are the cheapest possible prices for that item, achievable only when buying in bulk. For example, we price 1 Lucky Egg at 50 Coins (instead of 80) because you can buy it for that price in a 25x bundle.

As a result, our discount percentages show the least amount of savings possible and your actual savings will most certainly be better.


These are the prices we used for this analysis:

Item Coins
Super Incubator 150
Raid Pass 100
Lucky Egg 50
Star Piece 50

Box comparison

Feature Box
Winter Great Ultra
Price 480 780 1680
Incubators 2x 6x
Lucky Eggs 4x 8x 16x
Raid Passes 2x 3x 10x
Star Pieces 5x 10x 20x
Value 650 1500 3700
Discount % 26% 48% 55%

Unfortunately, the potential value of these boxes has been heavily diluted by the addition of large quantities of Lucky Eggs, which in turn has raised the box price significantly.

This is how we value the new boxes:

  • Winter Box is a bad deal overall. If you care about Passes, buy them on their own and if you care about Star Piece, go for the Great Box. If it was priced at 360, it would be a solid deal.
  • Great box is a solid deal, but only if you care about Star Piece – this is a heavy Star Pieced box. Only one extra raid pass is a disappointment but two Super Incubators are fine.
  • Ultra Box is a good deal overall, as expected. Just buying six Super Incubators and ten Raid Passes for this price is a deal on its own and you still get twenty Star Pieces on top of it.


If you are willing to spend, buy an Ultra Box. We understand that its a hefty amount of Coins, but it is the best deal if you’re in the market for Raid Passes.

If you’re in the market for Star Pieces, buy a Great Box, but only one. Buying two to get 20x Star Piece costs 1560 Coins, which is almost the price of an Ultra Box, which also has the same amount of Star Piece and 4 additional Raid Passes.

Avoid Winter Boxes.