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See Aripant’s Origin at the bottom of article for details and clarification.

The Panda Ant Pokémon

Aripant is a dual typed Bug/Dark type Pokémon created by Papa Jorro, Rogue (two discord mods) with art by Myst Saphyr on twitter. It does not evolve to or from any known Pokémon and is known to be 100% male. It can only be obtained by a special gift distribution, though there is only one in existence, and it belongs to a young trainer named Anthony. Aripant has a Max CP of 3020, paired with an ATK of 280, DEF of 200 and STA of 110. As mentioned, it is unobtainable as of now.

Aripant in the Meta

Aripant, having a Bug/Dark typing, is going to take heavy amounts of damage from Fire, Flying, Rock, Fairy, Fighting, and other Bug types, which makes him an easy target for many strong attackers, however because of this; Aripant is a precise attacker, excelling in very specific battle situations and conditions.

If Aripant is used wisely, using its best move set, can become a powerful cannon. If Aripant uses a set with a Dark type move, and either fast moves, he will be most effective against Ghost and Psychic type Pokémon (although both fast moves are not very effective against ghost types). If Aripant decides to use a Bug type move set, we can expect it to be a worthy opponent to Grass, Psychic, and Dark types in game. Overall, no matter which move set it uses, it is a worthy counter for most Psychic type Pokémon.

The combination of Aripants’s base stats and his move sets, not only makes him a great attacker, but when compared to other Pokémon, proves him to be one of the best attackers in Pokémon GO, being a great counter to even some Legendaries, including Mewtwo.

Aripant’s Movepool

Aripant has access to a very wide variety of STAB fast and charge moves. All of the following are a part of its movepool:

  • Present (Normal, fast)
  • Fury Cutter (Bug, fast)
  • X-Scissor (Bug, charged 3 bars)
  • Night Slash (Dark, charged 3 bars)
  • Cross Chop (Fighting, charged 3 bars)

Its best move set is its double Bug move set, Fury Cutter and X-Scissor, thinking about its best niched usage, having a double move set of the same type is always beneficial. There is one exception, as Fury Cutter and Night Slash (which is slightly better than X-Scissor) would work just as well against Psychic types such as Mewtwo.

Weather Boosted Aripant

Aripant’s favorable weather conditions include Fog and Rainy weather, boosting Dark and Bug types respectively. This table below will illustrate how Aripant will fare competitively under all the different weather conditions.

Weather Pros Cons
Partly Cloudy Boosts Normal move, Present Boosts super effective Rock moves
Sunny No pros Boosts super effective Fire moves
Cloudy Boosts Fighting move, Cross Chop Boosts super effective Fairy and Fighting moves
Windy No pros Boosts super effective Flying moves
Fog Boosts its Dark move, Night Slash No cons
Rainy Boosts its Bug moves Boosts super effective Bug moves
Snow No pros No cons

Shiny Aripant

Shiny Aripant makes only a few subtle but amazing changes from its original sprite, as all the black on its body turns into a bright blue. The red accents on its back and eyes stay the same color as the original.

Normal Aripant Shiny Aripant

Aripant’s Pokedex Entry

“Aripant has endured its life through many hardships, making it stronger than average, it’s ant-like capabilities allow it to slash and protect itself from foes.”

Aripant’s Origins

Now I bet you are all wondering what Aripant is and why it is a new Pokémon on this database. Anthony, the trainer mentioned above, is a young boy, the son of one of the mods in our Pokémon Go Hub moderator family, who was diagnosed with a terminal heart defect. This Pokémon and article are dedicated to him, for hopes that in the coming years he can get the surgery he needs to overcome this.

In addition to this Pokémon, the Hub mod and writer teams pooled money to buy Anthony a Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey, as well as sending different assorted goods such as candies or stuffed animals from the various global locations of our writers and mods.

We care a lot about our Hub family, and we hope you enjoy this addition to the Hub database as much as we do <3 #ForTheHub

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