Deoxys Shiny Error Compensation for Affected Players

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On September 1st Niantic Support tweeted the following:

‘Trainers, as of 9:30 a.m. PDT, we have resolved an issue where the shiny versions of Attack Forme Deoxys, Speed Forme Deoxys, and Defense Forme Deoxys were unavailable. We apologize for the issue and will be following up with additional information for impacted Trainers.’

It appears that while the Normal Forme of Deoxys had their shiny turned on, none of the other formes did. With many trainers raiding for those shinies specifically, we have been awaiting news of compensation since the initial tweet.

Today on 7th September Niantic Support announced the compensation:

‘Trainers, if you completed a raid with any of the Deoxys Formes during the impacted time period, we would like to make it up to you with a bundle in your Shop containing 3 Remote Raid Passes. Make sure to claim this bundle before it expires at 5pm on September 13th local time!’

This bundle appears alongside your daily free bundle in the in-game shop. You will only be able to claim this bundle if you have space for the remote raid passes in your bag, otherwise the ‘free’ button will remain greyed out. Typically when you had 3 remote raid passes you cannot obtain anymore, so once you have used one, check back and see if you can claim the bundle then. Be sure to claim it before 5pm local time on September 13th!

If you believe you were impacted by this issue, but you do not have access to the bundle in the shop, contact Niantic Support either on social media or in the in-game chat.

Unfortunately for trainers who did more than 3 raids, Niantic are only offering 3 remote raid passes as compensation, rather than replacing all passes used.

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