Introducing Pokémon GO Fashion Corner

As 2019 wraps up, we want to share an idea that emerged in our local community: Pokémon GO Fashion Corner! Fashion Corner is a special WhatsApp group that’s used to share your Pokémon GO outfits and participate in Outfit contests.

Players are tasked with a simple objective: create an outfit that matches your Buddy’s color scheme as close as it can. Group administrators organize a weekly contest, members submit their entries and vote on Sunday eve. The winner gets glory and eternal fame, and the winning outfit is chosen as a cover image for the group throughout the next week. Intriguing? Wait until you see the outfits!

Sounds silly, I know, but this simple contest has brought so much joy to our local community! Put your IVs and Lucky trades aside, and bring forward your best shirts, glasses and shoes.

The rules are relatively simple:

  • Your outfit screenshot must include a Buddy Pokémon. This is rule zero.
  • You can wear entire sets, or just pieces of a set. This is not regulated by rules, but often people dislike outfits that don’t mix and match.
  • Each person can submit only one outfit entry each week / month.
  • You are allowed to vote on only one entry each week / month. You can’t vote for your entry.
  • In December, there’s a special voting session for outfit of the year. You vote for the best outfit overall. Only winning outfits from previous months are allowed in this voting session.
  • Contests can be themed or free form, but people prefer free form.

We’re quite sure this idea is popular elsewhere, but just in case it’s not, we’re sharing it here so our readers can draw inspiration and try it out!

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