A love letter to Niantic

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Dear John,

we’ve been following your work for months. We’ve followed you in London, Austin, Barcelona and Korea, we’ve followed you online and offline. We’ve seen you smile, we’ve seen you stress out.

Now, we want to share something with you. Maybe you already know this, maybe you don’t.

Your work, Niantic’s work, is in many ways a wonder.

When you created Ingress, you showed us that there is more to the world around us. When you created Pokémon GO, you managed to create a new world around us. A world like no other, created with respect, magic and care.

A social glue for the misfits, a Tinder for nerds, a remedy for families and friends estranged. You created something that never existed before.

You created a game. A flawed game, but a brave game.

A game like no other, challenging both technology and our understanding of the world around us. With incredible ease, you created an experience that was thought to be impossible before.

To create, you used tools made for an era before Augmented Reality. To create, you had to rely on devices that were never designed to be pushed as far as you pushed them.

To create, you used the world as your toy box, like no one ever did before.

You created an experience that made us feel again, far from the comfort of our living rooms. You made something that made us smile, rage, laugh, run, talk and share like we were kids again. Millennials, seniors, teenagers, families and friends. We were one, especially when the occasional Snorlax (or Lapras, or Charizard, or Dragonite) appeared in the street.

Thank you for that Dragonite two blocks away (never running bare foot again!).

Thank you for that cute girl or boy we met outside.

Thank you for the meetups and the fun.

Thank you for the smiles.

Thank you.

Hope this letter reaches you in time,
GO Hub staff

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