More New Pokémon Revealed in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Trailer!

 A brand new trailer was dropped for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet today, that not only revealed a brand new Pokémon, but teased at some more. We also had a new Pokémon announced last week via a ‘World Pokémon Ecological Society Webinar’, which was unexpected. Let’s take a look!


That’s right folks, Girafarig is getting an evolution! Girafarig who live in the Paldean region can evolve into Farigiraf. Sticking with the palindrome theme for names, and a similarly hilarious design. Known as the ‘long-neck Pokémon’, it is a Normal and Psychic type, and it has two brand new abilities:  Cud Chew and Armor Tail. For Cud Chew, when a Pokémon with this ability eats a berry, it will eat it one more time at the end of the next turn, while Armor Tail makes opposing Pokémon unable to use priority moves.

In this evolution, the two heads of Girafarig have formed together to become one, increasing their psychic ability, with the former tail head protecting the other head.


While Wiglett may look like Diglett, it isn’t a regional variation, or evolution of Diglett. It’s similarity to Diglett is simply a coincidence! Wiglett is a pure Water type, known as the ‘Garden Eel Pokémon’. It has the abilities Gooey and Rattled, and we have no idea currently how long Wiglett may be, or what it may look like under the ground. It is shown living on beaches, and is said to have an amazing sense of smell.

Opinions are divided on Wiglett, with some instantly falling in love with their design, and others thinking it is too silly. How do you feel about them?

Teased Pokémon

Credit goes to Serebii for their eagle eye and the screenshot, but it appears additional Pokémon have also been teased in this trailer, with tiny sprites shown on a mini map. There appears to be several different Pokémon here, some sort of white mice, a mushroom, a green bird, and what appears to be Rookidee hidden behind them. The appearance of Rookidee definitely hints towards the others being Pokémon we’ll find in game, and we’re excited to discover more about them!

Similarly, a vehicle has been shown in earlier trailers, that Serebii have noticed has an eye, so could in fact be a Pokémon! It was shown being used by Team Star, with an eye that moves and a tongue that comes out of the top. The cover art legendary Pokémon Miraidon and Koraidon can be ridden as motorcycle inspired designs, so could this be an actual Pokémon too?

We’ve also seen hinted right in the background of some of the footage shown in the trailers, what is being speculated to be pre-evolutions for Ceruledge and Armarouge. There are only incredibly grainy screenshots of these available currently on twitter, but keep an eye out in the background of the trailer when Torkoal appears on screen for a peek at them.


Keen eyes on social media have spotted all sorts of tiny clips of Pokémon behind menu loading screens and more, so the trailer is well worth a watch!

You can watch the full new trailer below:

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