Nintendo prepares for a record breaking November: Pokemon GO, Sun and Moon and NES Classic

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Nintendo is finally on track for a record breaking pre-holiday season.

Sun and Moon is coming on Nov 18, NES Classic goes on sale on Nov 11 and Pokemon GO is once again racking good revenue.

Pokemon GO revenues and Sun and Moon pre-orders are on the rise

Judging by Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-orders and 3.5 million times the demo was downloaded, it’s shaping up to be the best selling game in the core series.

Although it did not disclose numbers, Nintendo referred to the pre-order figures as a “historic milestone.”

Nintendo has long experienced the ups and downs in its revenues, especially following the Wii U market failure.

This year is looking far better, as Sun and Moon excitement is going off the charts. Hey, even Pokemon GO is doing really well again!

Niantic has been pushing hard to re-engage the enormous Pokemon GO player base with a series of good updates:

  • Halloween event brought tons of players back and increased their daily revenues by 133%
  • A recent change to common spawns like Pidgey, Rattata and Zubat made it more lucrative to play again
  • Even the nests changed recently in the so called The Sixth Big Nest Migration

Correct us if we’re wrong, but every Pokemon GO victory is also a reasonable bump to Nintendo’s incomes.

NES Classic and Nintendo Switch improve Nintendo’s hardware offering

Now, following the latest hype, NES Classic is going to be a huge market hit. At only $59,99 it’s the perfect holiday present for anyone looking for some retro gaming.

Nintendo is also reviving the Nintendo Power hotline you can call and get tips on the NES games bundled with the Classic.

Let’s also not forget the newly announced and exciting Nintendo Switch. The Switch is not coming anytime soon (April 2017) but the news and hype that got generated are helping sell more 3DS units.

Overall, Nintendo is all set to go crazy for November and December shopping spree. You probably want a copy of Sun and Moon and you’ll probably get the NES Classic for yourself or someone else. It’s just that affordable! Hell, we’ll get two if we manage to get our hands on it!

Well played Nintendo, well played.

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