Nintendo stock is worth more now than it was during the Pokémon GO launch

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If you’re Nintendo, you probably have a huge smile on your face right now. And you probably should, as Nintendo is enjoying one of the best financial years it had in a long time.

It’s official: Nintendo’s stocks are worth more now than they were during the Pokémon GO launch hype. But don’t believe us, take a look for yourself: Nintendo Co., Ltd finance profile.

Nintendo Stock price, 2016 up to today
Nintendo Stock price, 2016 up to today

Following the release of Pokémon GO, Nintendo’s stock went down from the initial spike, disappointing investors and the wider audience. The stock value picked back up in September and kept a relatively steady valuation throughout past autumn, winter and early spring.

Following the March Switch release, Nintendo’s stock has picked up a steady pace and hasn’t stopped growing ever since. With the today’s Pokémon Direct show, the stock price is expected to go up again, just in time for Nintendo’s 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

A redditor named UnicornsExist shared the following summary of interesting things about today’s direct:

  • The really old Pokéball artwork on the official announcement
  • The Japanese Pokemon account have been tweeting Red/Green screenshots with no context over the last few days
  • The amount of Kanto references in Sun/Moon
  • A stupid amount of Lillie (Who, spoilers for those who haven’t completed Pokemon Sun/Moon, was last seen going to Kanto) merch is coming out in Japan this November

In conclusion, if you wanted to buy Nintendo’s stocks, now is probably not the best time to do so, but they will only get pricier from now on.

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